Softears Studio 4 Review

Today we check out the $449 USD Softears Studio 4 Universal IEM from China.


I received the Softears Studio 4 sample for free from Softears and paid for the customs taxes. This review reflects my personal and unbiased opinion of the product.


Although Softears may be a new name in the audiophile market, it has gained popularity in China since its establishment in 2017. While it has connections to the Moondrop brand, Softears primarily focuses on producing High-End IEMs of premium quality. Recently, they have been looking to expand their business to the Western market, which is why they approached us in 2021. We were pleased to learn about them and agreed to test their products.

Their initial launch comprised two IEMs: the “RS10” and the “Cerberus”. In 2021, I had the opportunity to review them, and they turned out to be two of the best products of the year.

Their Cerberus Custom IEM is also one of the recommended custom IEMs on our site, and the RSV model is one of the best options below 1000$. You might also want to check out the entry-level Softears Volume, and the single DD Twilight.

Softears Studio 4

The Softears Studio 4 is a new, simplistic in-ear monitor (IEM) designed by Softears. This model is perfect for studio monitoring and audiophiles who prefer a flat, neutral sound. It delivers natural, accurate, and high-resolution sound. 

The Studio 4 comes equipped with four balanced armature drivers and a three-way crossover network. The IEMs’ shells are crafted using a 3D printing process with high-quality medical-grade resin material. 

Softears includes a high-purity twisted braided oxygen-free copper cable with the Studio 4. The cable utilizes standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors with 10um ultra-thick plug pins and has a standard 3.5mm termination.

Unboxing Experience

The presentation of the Softears Studio 4 is simple but nice. It arrives in a very compact white-colored box. You open that and inside you see a carrying case, which looks like a studio equipment case indeed. The case has great quality and design, but be aware that aftermarket cables wouldn’t fit this one.

You find the earpieces inside the case, wrapped with soft pouches to prevent any damage in transit. A nice touch there. You have a couple of items too, under the cardboard box when you open the compartment. You have your ear tips, cleaning cloth, cleaning tool, and a carrying strap for the case.

Overall a very nice package that is minimal but quite full at the same time. The ear tips Softears provides are pretty nice as well.

Build Quality and Design

The Studio 4 design is simple and minimalistic, with a full-black color and the “Studio4” and “Softears” logos on the faceplates. Its purpose as a studio tool is evident in the design. The build quality is exceptional, with a premium feel on both the hands and ears. The resin material is smooth and perfectly printed in 3D, and the nozzles are sturdy.

The build is polished and has a shiny, flawless surface. The recessed 2-pin sockets add to the durability and long-term stability of the product. The cable is braided and insulated, with a flexible and comfortable memory wire area behind the ear.


I find the Softears Studio 4 to have an excellent fit, providing a comfortable semi-custom experience with a low-profile design. It feels great in my ear and does an excellent job of blocking out external noise. The fit is secure and flush, and I haven’t had any issues with it. Additionally, the shape and ergonomics are top-notch.

I’ve tried various tips, including Final Audio and SpinFit, and have found that all of them work well with my ear size. Overall, I believe that anyone should have no trouble finding a comfortable fit with the S4.

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