Toslink Connection on the Dr. DAC Prime

I guess we didn’t take a photo illustrating how to use the supplied mini-Toslink connector for the Dr. DAC Prime when we wrote the review.

The Dr. DAC Prime does not have a dedicated Toslink connector, because their RCA S/PDIF input doubles as a Toslink connector. Very clever indeed. Also, unlike the Dr. DAC DX2 and the AMB Gamma2 where the Toslink out only works when the digital input is through USB, the Dr. DAC Prime outputs S/PDIF through both the coaxial and the Toslink regardless of the digital input being used.

Lastly, if you choose to upsample the signal to 192kHz, then the digital out will also be 192kHz, even if your digital input signal is 44.1kHz.

The mini-Toslink adapter enables Toslink connection on both the S/PDIF in and out jacks.


Installation of the mini-Toslink.


Toslink cable attached.

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  • Reply May 5, 2010


    FYI, the same mechanism can be used with mini phone jack, too. It is used for toslink output on the ESI Dr. DAC nano or the JAVS nanoS and my My Xonar DX through a similar adaptor.

    • Reply May 5, 2010


      Thanks for the info, thuantran. 🙂

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