Yanyin Moonlight Ultra Review

Today we review the $1,289 USD Yanyin Moonlight Ultra Tribrid In-Ear Monitors.


Disclaimer: Linsoul sent us the Yanyin Moonlight Ultra IEM for this review, free of charge. As always, I am here to honestly convey my thoughts about the product to you.


Yanyin Technology Co. Ltd. is a reputable audio company located in Fuzhou, China. It was founded by experienced enthusiasts with a strong passion for audio, with the aim of providing high-quality in-ear monitors (IEMs) at reasonable prices. The company has quickly made an impressive mark on the industry, gaining a global reputation for its unique product designs. Our article today will focus on the Moonlight Ultra, the company’s latest high-end IEM offering. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at it.

Yanyin Moonlight Ultra Tribrid In-Ear Monitors

The Moonlight Ultra, Yanyin’s latest flagship, has arrived with an impressive design that sets it apart from the competition. This tribrid monitor bears an impressive configuration: 4 electrostatic drivers (EST) from Sonion, a balanced armature (BA) assembly of 4 drivers with 3 from Knowles and one from Sonion, plus a single dynamic driver (DD). This 10mm dynamic driver, a proprietary bio-diaphragm creation of Yanyin, marks an upgrade from its predecessor seen in the previously reviewed Moonlight (non-ultra) IEM. 

The Moonlight Ultra, with its two tuning switches on each shell, offers a quick way of customization. These switches allow you to adapt the sound profile to perfectly suit your preferred music genres, or to enhance the IEM’s synergy with various audio sources. 

According to the company, the Ultra has been fine-tuned to perfection with feedback from hundreds of customers and reviewers. This process did not happen overnight; their engineers devoted over six months to the task, going through three iterations before the Moonlight Ultra was deemed ready for audiophiles.

Reflecting its heritage, the Ultra also retains the four-way crossover found in the original Moonlight. In addition, Yanyin continues the industry trend of prioritizing comfort. The earphone shells are made from medical-grade resin and shaped based on extensive human cochlear data.

The Moonlight Ultra also comes with a significant cable upgrade. It’s bundled with a new cable composed of 26 AWG single-crystal litz copper wires and 26 AWG pure silver litz wires, braided together.

The Moonlight Ultra is available from Linsoul at $1,289 USD, and you can customize your cable termination from options of 4.4mm, 2.5mm, or 3.5mm.


Driver Configuration: 9-driver Tribrid – x1 DD, x4 BA, x4 EST

Features: 4-way Crossover + Tuning Switches

Socket: 0.78mm – 2Pin

Housing: Medical-Grade Resin, Custom Faceplates

Cable: 1.2m Graphene Silver Plated Copper Litz

Impedance: 27Ω

Sensitivity: 112dB

FR Range: 20Hz – 40kHz

Packaging & Accessories

The Yanyin Moonlight Ultra is presented in a simple white, strip-open cardboard box, reminiscent of Apple’s packaging style. Upon opening, you are welcomed by a black, croco leather bag with gold accents. The interior of the carrying case, lined with a smooth-to-touch feathery texture, safeguards your earphones or portable sources from any scratches. This case leans more towards a handbag aesthetic, given its substantial size.

Alongside the carrying case, the Moonlight Ultra includes a soft, velvety drawstring pouch, an airplane adapter, a 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter, and a tip tray featuring three pairs of wide-bore silicone tips. These eartips from Yanyin are notably comfortable, crafted from high-quality silicone and ensuring a snug fit in my ears across their product range. Additional options like foam tips or double flanges would be a welcomed addition, however.

Further enhancing the experience, Moonlight Ultra comes with an upgraded cable, woven from 26AWG 6N single-crystal copper wires and 26AWG 5N pure silver wires in a hybrid design. The shielding layer of the cable utilizes 24AWG oxygen-free copper. Its 4-braid twisted braiding style, complemented by Yanyin’s custom Bispa plugs, is aesthetically satisfying. The cable sheathing is made from fabric, minimizing any microphonic effect. While it’s not the most flexible cable you’ll find, it certainly looks great.

Overall, both the unboxing experience and the quality of the materials are impressive. However, it would be beneficial for Yanyin to include a tool enabling effortless adjustment of the tuning switches located on the rear of the shells. Furthermore, I would appreciate a broader variety of ear tip options in Yanyin’s future offerings.

Design, Build & Fit

Just like the non-ultra Moonlight, the Moonlight Ultra’s shells are made of high-quality medical-grade resin. In keeping with Moonlight‘s galaxy-inspired aesthetic, Yanyin continues the tradition of space-themed design, with galaxy artwork delicately hand-painted on the faceplates. The shell body is tinted in a deep blue that is non-translucent, while the faceplates are opaque black, sprinkled with shimmering flakes set against a star-like powder background.

These radiant flakes display an array of colors, transitioning from blue to green and violet, depending on the direction of light, thus creating a breathtaking visual appeal.

The shell size of the Moonlight Ultra is large, on par with other seven-plus driver tribrids like the Monarch MKII. The inner shell is shaped to mimic the natural form of the cochlea, ensuring a comfortable and optimized fit. Yanyin utilizes human cochlea data sets to shape their shells for utmost comfort.

Yanyin’s signature logo, a unique intertwining of three squares, is also found on the faceplates. It’s worth noting that the logo lends a certain niche appeal to the overall design. Like other monitors we’ve reviewed from them, the Moonlight Ultra too is free of visual imperfections. The areas around the nozzle joints, tuning switch cuts, and DD filter holes are seamlessly finished – smoothly sanded and lacquered. Additionally, the Moonlight Ultra incorporates non-recessed 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and is compatible with numerous aftermarket cables.

In terms of comfort and fit, the Moonlight Ultra is on par with its predecessor, which was one of the most comfortable In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) I’ve experienced. Despite its larger size, there were no issues related to seal or comfort. Furthermore, its larger shell and optimized fit offer good passive isolation.

Overall, we can say that the Yanyin Moonlight Ultra showcases a union of design and functionality, following its predecessor’s footsteps. 


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