AKG’s New Reference: The K550

Amplifier Pairing

One area where the K550 deserves a spotlight is in the driver efficiency rating. 114dB/V makes it the easiest to drive full size headphone that I know. And that’s with a 50mm diameter driver.  What that means is that the K550 is almost as easy to drive as ultraportables like the PX100. Pretty amazing accomplishment from AKG in my opinion.

It does benefit from an amp, however, as the K550 is very resolving to the quality of the amplification and the source. But even more, that bass impact I was complaining about, does get better with a good strong amp. I enjoy the K550 with almost anything I use it with. From the Fiio E10/E17, the CLAS/ALO Rx Mk3-B combo (single ended), the Bottlehead Crack, to the RSA Dark Star. The Dark Star’s high gain level does lead to some hiss in the sound, but otherwise it gives the grandest sound that’s hard to beat with the smaller amps.

Build Quality and Ergonomics

I think we can all agree that the K550 is one of the most handsome looking headphone in existence today. The headphone has been high on my listening list from the first moment I saw its photos. That matte black and graphite look with high quality plastic, leather earpads, and metal headband looks extremely slick. Holding the headphone in my hand, I can confirm that all the publicity photos are indeed telling the truth. The build quality is first class, and except for the faux leather pads, should be compared to the best headphones in the industry. Sennheiser HD700? Shure SRH1840? I’ll take the K550’s build any day. The fit of the K550 is also a big improvement over the K701. The pads rest very well, and the overall headphone felt a lot more comfortable than the K701 is. Not only excelling in terms of design and build, the K550 is also one of the most comfortable headphones in existence today. Combine that with the excellent sound, and if I was doing a point-based review, the K550 would’ve come out with a near perfect score.

End Words

The K550 has received my respect from the first moment I’ve listened to it. Burn in time was very brief, and in a matter of hours the bass cleared up and I was hearing the K550 in its best form. I can tell immediately that it was an improvement from the K701 as I’ve never remembered the K701 sounding so clean and with such a black background. But it was not until I went and did a direct comparison with the K701 that it really occurred to me how far the new AKG is from its predecessor.

While I’ve never been a big fan of the K701, it was mostly due to sound signature and I’ve always acknowledged it as having a very solid technicalities in the $300 price bracket. I may have described the K701 as being ambivalent and lacking musicality, but I never really associated it with words such as fuzzy and grainy. And yet, next to the K550, the K701 becomes just that: fuzzy and grainy. It was more open sounding, but the much improved instrument separation on the K550 made the K701 sounds like a vintage headphone. I think these comparisons with the K701 should give you an idea of how much of a better headphone the K550 is. I can’t even imagine the price tag being $300 as I can imagine the K550 competing with Shure’s new $700 SRH1840.

At the end I just want to congratulate AKG for bringing such a technological leap into their new headphone. The K550 should be on the list of everyone looking for a new $300 headphone. I can’t praise it enough, and indeed this review is definitely the most positive review I’ve written on an AKG.

Gear Used for Review

Source: Ipod Classic, Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo, Fiio E10, Fiio E17, KingRex UD384, Altman Tera Player, HRT HeadStreamer, HRT iStreamer. Amplifier: ALO Rx Mk3-B, RSA Dark Star, Bottlehead Crack, JDSLabs C421 Headphones: AKG K550, K701, Sennheiser HD650, HD580, Hifiman HE-500


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AKG’s New Reference: The K550
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  • lumberjake

    Dang, I read really good reviews on these but one thing that worries me is the mixed responces regarding bass. While not a bass head I really like bass impact and to feelmit when its meant to be, otherwise the headphone is just not engaging. Some say the bass is better than the Denon 2000 regarding quality and less in quantity yet not lacking at all then I read it has no punch? I assume this has to do with the seal. Another issue that bothers me is some say it has incredible detail but some complain of harshness which I dislike. I have read somecgreat stuff aboutvthe new Soundmagic hp100 but its very rare. I would love to read some more reviews or even better a comparison of these closed cans.

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  • SixFlags

    From my long journey of finding a closed headphone, I finally found my perfect headphone. This is my most expensive Headphone I have ever owned (coming from the Portra Pro), so the search was not that easy. My Idea was to get a headphone, which lets you experience the old songs in a new way, by discovering new details, especially in classical recordings. It had to be closed however since I was planning to use it for trainrides home and take it with me on travels. After browsing the forums, I tried out the Beyerdynamic DT 660. Classical music sounded great on it, but the bass was basically non-existent for me.. so I had to return it. After this I tried out the beautiful Phillips L1, but somehow the sound didn’t gave me that wow effect I was longing for… so I listened to the Ultrasone HFI 780 afterwards, which unfortunately had very detailed but piercing highs, but was otherwise a nice headphone (The bass sounded awesome on it). Then I discovered this website and the nice photographs drew me to the AKG K550 Review. After reading the review, I was sure that it meets my most important needs for a headphone. So here I am writing this while listening to my K550’s, which are exactly what I searched for the past months! (Though they are quite borderline for a good fit on my relatively small head) During this journey I learnt that neutral Headphones seem to sound the best to me. Long story, short: Thank you very much for the review!

    • Thank you SixFlags! I hope you are rediscovering your music with the new headphone!

  • i got a chance to listen to the k550 last saturday, at that time, i havent read your review or any other review. i was so amazed, especially at the clarity. immediately i thought its a really solid 300 bucks headphone though honestly i havent listened to that many headphones. i preferred the k550 than the denon d600 next to it which costed more.

    • Thanks, Jonathan.

      I think everyone agree that the clarity is amazing

      • mike do you know what is the difference between the k550 and the k551? even though im not really in need of closed full sized headphone, i may still pick it up sometimes in the future because it sounds amazing.

        • Trent_D

          The K551 has an inline mic for using with an iphone, or something like that. I don’t believe any changes have been made to the headphone part.

  • coverguy88

    what do you mean by “The overall sound is quite laid back and I don’t think it plays well with fast-paced music” ? im sorry but im a noob in this field 😀

    • Fast paced music is like Rock
      Slow paced is like slow jazz

      • coverguy88

        thats not the problem here 😀 -i mean, why isn’t this go well with faster musics? and what do you mean by “sound is quite laid back”

        • That’s not so easy to explain at the moment, and I’m at my mobile phone.

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  • vick_85


    K550 vs the sennheiser momentum, which is better??

    I want to buy one and will be using them exclusively with the audioquest dragonfly. The headphone will be a part of my desktop setup & will be used for listening pretty much everything from music to youtube vids.

    P.S. what is your take on the audioquest dragonfly??


    • L.

      The K550 and Momentum are so very different. Read both reviews and go with your preference in sound. We haven’t reviewed the dragonfly yet, sorry.

    • That’s really hard to say. Both are good headphones. The AKG is more technical and naturally more technically impressive, the Momentum more musical.

  • GrizzlybEast

    I have a powerful amp on the way. A budget speaker amp that is known to drive the hard to drive headphones Emotiva. I bought it to pair with the he-500. You were saying that the akg k550 is technically superior to the he-500. So that means I would be able to hear more transients and detail. But this had made me reconsider because I already have the amp on the way and wanted a technical can since I have the momentums for a musical can.

    In short…what ways are the he-500 better than the k550. This made me seriously reconsider saving up for them because you said the k550 responds to amping very well.

  • Ryan

    Do the AKG K550’s have more bass impact than the Shure 940s?

    • The Shure has more.

  • Eric Thompson

    Did you guys not notice the “tizzy” treble that tyll on inner fidelity mentioned? I tried these next to the D600’s and Momentums and I liked these being more forward sounding and cleaner but I also immediately noticed the “tizzy” treble it’s like metallic and shiny sounding like buzz or something.

    Still deciding what to get, I like the momentum’s bass but it is a little laid back for me.

    • Treble can be metallic but if it’s a literal buzz I haven’t heard it.

      • Eric Thompson

        It’s not literally a buzz but it sounds like a buzz, kind of like the guitarist has some fret buzz going on while playing or something.

        I was just wondering because I had never heard a word made up to describe a sound of headphones so perfectly, like I said as soon as I tried them on I knew exactly what tyll was talking about, and you don’t seem to mention anything about it in your review about the treble sounding off, but he also likes the UE6000/9000’s better than the 550 which I couldn’t demo back to back but the UE6000’s just sound like a regular headphones to me, sort of congested sounding like cheap sony’s or skullcandys, don’t get me wrong they are better than those but the mid’s have the same fuzzy congested sound.

        I like the Momentum’s the best but I listen to a lot of rock and metal and I’m not sure if they are the best for that.

  • Gos

    So I purchased a pair of these about one month ago and have really like them. My first impression when placed on my head was that the band was too big for my head. I still feel that way but they do not shift on my head so I can’t complain. I wore them for THREE hours and did not feel fatigued in any way which really surprised me. The sound is still being analyzed by my mind and will take some time but so far, paired with my Fiio E11 amplifier they are worth the price paid. Fiio EQ set at “1” is perfect for that initial lack of bass which truly depends on the engineer that mixed.

    • Dave Ulrich

      I’m glad you liked the K550. I liked this headphone as well.

      • George Lai

        The only issue I had with these headphones was that for such a large ear pad, the ear cavity was relatively small. The driver housing at 110 mm diameter was larger than the usual and more common 100 mm headphones so alternative ear pads were rare. Eventually I found that the LCD2/LCD3 ear pads were a perfect fit so the AKG K550 stays in my collection.

        • Gos

          Really? If you don’t mind my asking where did you purchase the ear pads from? Also do the pads change the sound of the cans in any way?

          • George Lai

            Hi, you can buy the ear pads direct from Audeze’s website. To me I can’t discern any significance change in the sounds since I don’t have golden ears. It was the larger ear pad cavity that attracted me. Now the K550 is a lot more comfortable. At least to me.

            • L.

              You can only buy the LCD2 pads, right?

              • George Lai

                That was the old policy. You can now also buy the LCD3 pads. That’s how I had to do something with my LCD2 pads.

                • L.

                  Do you know if you can get the LCD3 headband too George?

                  • George Lai

                    Hi, I just looked at their website and previously the headband was not there. Now it is so I don’t see why they won’t sell to you. Audeze shipping rates for the ear pads to Singapore was USD6 which was reasonable if you compare with, say, MrSpeakers or Lawton Audio who wanted USD14 for their ear pads. In addition, Audeze’s customer support was very fast when I first asked them whether an LCD2 owner could buy LCD3 ear pads.

                    • This is great information George. So now everyone can buy LCD-3 padS?

                    • George Lai

                      Yes that would seem to be the case. Better get some before they change their policy 😉

                • Nice!

  • Khloe85


    How does the AKG k550/551 compare to the HD598 if we keep the open & closed thing out of the picture??.

    I want to buy one.
    Which one works better with modern music especially rock, classic rock, electronica, pop & hip hop.
    It should do bass well.

    Music Player: JRiver media center 19
    Dac/Amp: audioquest dragonfly.

    • Dave Ulrich

      Neither of those headphones are known for bass. Maybe the X1? What say you Mike and L?

    • Ah, don’t go with either.

      Try the Vmoda M100

  • Day deSIANG

    Personally, I prefer K240 Sextett (I owned both EP, MP) over K550..

    K550 may sound better than many AKG (when come to balance sound).. but again it still not natural sounding.. this headphone reminds me of Sennheiser HD250 with weaker bass.. the treble just too ‘much’ and sharp like a sword.. it just kill the whole music experience..

    but again most AKG headphones are create for studio use..

    • I thought that the 240 Sextett is nothing more than the average vintage headphone with limited frequency extension and smooth warm mids.
      It got a strong following definitely, maybe because of the Sextett name.
      Sound signature differences aside, the K550 is leaps ahead in terms of technicalities, obviously being the newer headphone.

      • Day deSIANG

        when come to technicalities, yes i agree the newer headphones is a huge leap ahead.. but at here when comparing AKGs I personally would take one aspect into consideration is the overall sounding and the music sensation..

        i bought an AKG K550 from Austria dealer for euro130.. never regret it (cheap and gave to my brother who loves it) but is just an opinion that the overall sound of the this headphone – grainy sound and sharp treble that kills the music..

        and mayb i have alot of vintage headphones which makes me sounds like im bias towards vintage headphones.. but here im just address the issue of overall listening sensation of k550 compare to Sextett (ya i agree its a strong name)..

        • Yes I notice that people who’s into vintage headphones are sort of tuned in to the vintage headphone sound.. They do sound nice

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  • David Clarke

    Thank you for the great review Mike!

    I just picked this up nice and cheap, will burn in tomorrow. I mainly listen to Electric Blues, do you have any thoughts on whether these will be a good match for my music taste?

    Thank you in advance.

  • My comments keep getting removed? Weird!

    Thanks for the great review Mike.

    I have these, got them cheap, am going to burn in tomorrow. I listen mainly to Electric Blues, how do you think these will match up?

    • L.

      David, I can’t see any of your comments were deleted. Must be something else

      • Sorry, should have clarified, I don’t think it is a site/moderation issue, just Disqus being weird 😛


  • Vaibhav Pisal

    I currently own a sennheiser hd518. drive it using audinst hud
    mini. i really enjoy its warm, smooth sound. i was planning to upgrade
    to something with a bit more treble. i zeroed on akg k550. will it be a
    good match with hud mini. I don’t want a system with too much treble
    energy. just a bit over hd518.

  • George Lai

    After one and a half years, the rubberized coating on the outside half of the ear cups (the part you put your hands on, the other side being your ears?) started getting gummy, attracting lint etc and they couldn’t be cleaned. I called the local distributor (Singapore) and they replaced it with a brand new pair. Apparently the latest ones have a less gummy (or not) rubberized coating. Good service from AKG.

  • xenig

    I agree with the review,I did buy this headphone in november 2013 and it’s really an amazing gem! Did someone try to compare the AKG k550 with the sennheiser hd650? Woult it be a fair match? The reviewer said it is better the AKG. Any suggestion?

    • L.

      If I remember well this has been discussed here before 🙂

  • Andrew Makous

    Would you be able to help me out with something? I bought these headphones (well, I bought the k551) a while ago, and while I am very pleased with them, I have one major complaint that is pretty much a deal-breaker. I find them to be extremely uncomfortable after even a relatively short period of time, sometimes under an hour. My ears are pretty large, and because of this they press into the driver and are pressed into by the top of the pads. Not only that, but because of the pleather, it feels as though my ears cannot “breathe,” and so I often take breaks and sometimes don’t even bother listening to them at all. This is extremely unfortunate because I actually really like the sound and they fit my needs virtually perfectly.

    So my question would be: is it worth buying $80 dollar replacement LCD-2/3 ear pads, or instead upgrading to something $80 more expensive than the k550? If the ear pads were just a bit deeper and an oval shape, these headphones would be pretty much perfect. However, $80 is a pretty hefty price, and I figure I might as well upgrade instead.

    • sk1n5

      You could try what I did. Take out the foam rounds and stuff the pleather with teddy bear stuffing. I get a much better seal and the drivers are farther away from my ears.

      • Andrew Makous

        Hey thanks for the reply, although when I initially left this comment I was hoping for a response before the return deadline, which was the tenth of April, I think haha. However, I ended up keeping them after doing something somewhat similar to what you did. The ‘mod’ (I’m hesitant to assign such a lavel to something so crude) was merely taking a paper towel sheet (yes, a paper towel), folding it into a thin strip sort of thing, then wrapping the length of the towel on the inside of the cup.
        This extra one or one half centimeter actually made a very strong difference. It wasn’t painful to wear anymore, and while I still sometimes have to take “breathing breaks,” they are very comfortable for extended periods of time.
        Recently, I finally decided to replace my paper towels with a hairband kind of thing, and so it’s a bit less noticeable although I have to say that it might be a bit hotter. With your modification, do you feel like the heat has increased significantly? I may opt for your technique, if that is not the case.

        • L.

          Sometimes we miss a question and we cant answer everything ourselves. sorry

  • Jp Carlos

    What would you guys recommend as a complement headphone to the k550? I’m thinking of getting my 2nd headphone and try something different from what the k550 has to offer. Something I can use when I want to switch moods 🙂

    • L.

      Open? Closed? Music? Budget? Preferred sound?

      • Dave Ulrich

        Blond? Brunette? Tall? Short?

      • John123John

        Safe guess, a Grado (LOL)

      • Jp Carlos

        I guess its better to try Open, since the k550s are closed.
        My music preference is diverse, mostly rock/alternative/jazz with the occassional hiphop and rap.
        budget is around 200usd(although here in the Philippines, price trends of headphones are very different from the(US/Europe)
        Thanks 🙂

        • dalethorn

          Open for $200 USD you won’t find anything besides Grado. Better idea for great sound and better bass may be Yamaha MT220, Sennheiser HD380 Pro, or Beyer DT770 or Custom One Pro.

          • Jp Carlos

            Thanks man!

  • Vaibhav Pisal

    thanks for great review guys. just got akg k550. with Audinst hud mini it makes a musical pairing while remaining detailed. good stuff.

    so obligatory question : if you have tried, does it scale well with further improvement in chain? Is it transparent enough to make difference if I add a tube amp like pan am? Please suggest good pairing without going deep into diminishing returns curve.


  • joms

    What would be the best desktop amp for the K550 that is around $300?

    • Vaibhav Pisal

      i am also looking for answer to this. i am using audinst hud mini. it pairs very well right now but I think I can do better.

      k550 does not require much power though. it does require good dac and quality amplification.

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  • Gogu

    I have had the K550 for 3 years. It’s a sweet pair of cans and recently purchased the HE-500. There is absolutely NOTHING to be compared between the 2. The HE-500 simply DEMOLISHES the K550 on any aspect.
    I don’t know what you drove your HE-500 with but I am willing to bet that even off the iphone -the HE-500 would be miles better. It’s like comparing a VW Golf with am Audi A8.

  • RockStar2005

    Great review! Thanks Mike!