The Amperior and The Momentum (and The HD25-1)


A while ago when the Amperior was announced and launched, I realized I actually never owned its predecessor the world famous HD25 I-II and so I decided to add it to my collection. At the same time our good friends from Sennheiser were so kind to send me the new Amperior for a few weeks. They also sent me a review sample of the brand new Momentum and so I’ll be throwing the Momentum into the mix as well, even if that isn’t that obvious as it’s so different from the other two Senns. Enjoy this 3-way closed back portable headphone shoot-out!


Look and Feel

Sennheiser first launched the sealed, on ear HD25 around 1989 if I’m not mistaken. Lots of our readers are probably even younger than that. Since then Sennheiser has released several variations of this headphone, the Amperior being the last “variation” though it’s noticeably quite different than the previous versions. Meanwhile the Momentum also is a closed on the go headphone but that’s about the only similarity it shares with the HD25 and Amperior.

For starters I should state that my HD25 is perfectly burned in while the Amperior and Momentum were brand new out of box. At first glance the HD25 and the Amperior look as good as identical and at a second glance they still do. I’m exaggerating of course but my point is that these are no new design, there are some differences in the pads, the cable, plug and cups.

They both have the same excellent and comfortable split headband but the padding material is different. Where the HD25 has this pleather-like material the Amperior’s padding and ear pads feel like the softskin material used in the Sennheiser HD700/800 and they do make the Amperior even more comfortable. When I say that I am of course forgetting the death grip both of these headphones have. I’m not a big fan of on ear headphones, in fact the only in ear headphones I ever enjoyed are the discontinued AKG K414P, the good old Portapro and the PX100. Both of these two Senns unfortunately put quite some pressure on your ears, so they start hurting pretty soon in my case, the HD25 even quicker because of the pads. Isolation-wise I think they do more or less the same, maybe the Amperior is a little bit better but these both don’t isolate perfectly and someone sitting next to you will hear your music at louder volumes. The other way around, you won’t fully block out sounds from your surroundings either but they will be tuned down. The HD25 has a much thicker cable than its new family member and it is a “1-piece cable”. The Amperior comes with a partially interchangeable cable with a mic/control and a metallic L plug you can fold.

The HD25 has already proven its durability and all over the word it is used by DJ’s, TV reporters out in the field, in TV studios or on the street. The 20 year old design is almost indestructible and it looks industrial and cool although some might call it basic. The Amperior looks more or less the same but it is just that tad more stylish with the pads and the aluminum ear cups. Ah, the aluminum ear cups, the biggest sound impacting modification. (Do check Innerfidelity’s excellent “One guy 2 cups” video on youtube)

The Momentum is a whole different looking headphone, a so called “street style” headphone. When I first saw and tried the Momentum in a Sennheiser booth at a local show I wasn’t too blown away with its looks. It looked a bit too stylish and feminine at first sight but when the review sample arrived at my place my opinion quickly changed. I’m a big fan of the Sennheiser design and build quality but I have to say that the Momentum is one of the best they have made up to today. The combination of leather and the aluminum slider is just perfect and it looks and feels absolutely elegant and classy.  The Momentum is very light and comfortable and the pads are wonderfully soft, LCD3 like even. I could have lived with a different color as brown isn’t my thing but luckily I can’t see myself wearing the headphone (In the mean time the new black & red version has been shown). The only negative point I can find in the size is the size of the circumaural pads. They do go around your ears but they do are reasonably small. I can very well imagine people with bigger ears having some problems with these pads and what’s the point of a circumaural pad when you ears are touching the cups the whole time. If the Sennheiser HD700 gets a perfect score, the Momentum would get a 7,5. The Momentum does have a (very thin)detachable cable and you can choose to use one with or without iControls. The Momentum is made for portable use and it comes with a perfect hard case for storage. It also isolates better than the other models, which is quit logic as this is a closed over-ear design.

As a street style headphone the contrast couldn’t be any bigger compared to the HD25/Amperior. Where those last ones are like the tough looking evil knight, the Momentum is the elegant princess.


Sound Impressions: Amperior and HD25-1

I’ve known Mike for over 2 years now and ever since we started working together we have always agreed on how a certain amplifier, dac or headphone sounded. Now for the first time in 25 months this isn’t the case with the Amperior. We’re quite surprised about that and this does kind of complicate the review. Of course we didn’t listen to the exact same headphone so maybe the answer is there, we don’t know. As a result I will give you my impressions first and then Mike will add his.

The different pads/material , the new cups on the Amperior and the new driver do have quite an impact on its sound. Of course the Amperior and HD25 both share the same recognizable sound signature but the differences aren’t that subtle. The Momentum’s sound is completely different from both and direct comparison to the other two isn’t that obvious.

The HD25 is known to everyone as a forward and aggressive sounding headphone but to be honest, compared to the Amperior I found the HD25 the laid back and relaxing one of these two. The Amperior is the more aggressive one of my samples. And that is exactly what I was talking about earlier, my unit sounded like that while the general opinion actually is the other way around: the Amperior is said to be the warmer, slower paced headphone.

Let me try to explain how my review samples sound. The HD25 to me focuses on bass and treble and the mids are a tad softer sounding. The lower bass of the HD25 goes deeper as the Amperior’s bass (the general opinion is the Amperior’s bass goes deeper) but the Amperior’s bass does have more punch to it.  It has a better definition and body as the HD25 and it definitely is sounding tighter.  The bass experience with both headphones is also different because of the mid section of both. The Amperior emphasizes the mids more and makes it a more linear headphone as the HD25.

The HD25’s mids are less pronounced but good and neutral with an excellent separation. The Amperior sample’s mids are far more aggressive than on the HD25 and a bit too aggressive even for my personal likes. However they grow on you really quick and after 10 minutes however you don’t notice the aggressiveness anymore, until you switch back.

More or less the same story happens with the treble. I found the Amperior’s treble more forward sounding but overall less peaky as the HD25’s treble. I do prefer the HD25 in this area as I found the voices to be more enjoyable (and I can take the harshness from time to time). Overall the Amperior is the more linear headphone of both in regards to lows, mids and treble.

Sound stage wise there isn’t too much of a difference between both, and as lots of you already now, there isn’t anything specular to tell either. The HD25 and the Amperior aren’t sound stage kings, by far. It’s not deep or wide but it does the job. Same goes for the isolation aspect of both, it’s not good or particularly bad, it’s in between. Somehow I know that the HD25/Amperior owners, me included, don’t really have a problem with the sound stage or the Isolation. It’s just part of the experience. I wouldn’t advise either of these two headphones for all musical genres: classical, jazz or any vocally strong music might be better on a different set. Of course you can use it as an all rounder but you won’t get the best results.

So the biggest difference between my Amperior sample and the general consensus about the Amperior is the aggressiveness in the mids and treble in stead of it being warmer and slower paced , it’s a lot more forward sounding than the HD25. I can’t explain why that is, maybe it’s an awkward sample and it doesn’t make me comfortable writing this review so here is Mike’s take on the HD25 and Amperior which you should really base your idea on:


Like what L said, somehow without any pre-determined arrangements, me and Lieven have always shared very close impressions on headphones that we listen to, despite we living halfway across the world. So I was surprised to read his impressions on the HD25-1 vs Amperior. 

To me the Amperior is an attempt to mainstream the HD25-1. Those familiar with the HD25-1 know that this is the “Grado” Sennheiser, the non laid-back Sennheiser. A bit bright for Sennheiser’s standard, a forward aggressive sound with extremely punchy and tight bass. With the Amperior that sound has been changed to be less aggressive though still quite forward overall. The sound is warmer, you get fuller mids and bass body than compared to the HD25-1. I think the result is quite welcome and the Amperior is definitely the one with the wider genre bandwith. However the enthusiasts I talked to don’t seem to like the Amperior as much as the HD25-1 and it’s not because of the price. I think what happens is that people who know the HD25-1 from back when there was no Amperior, love it for the unique sound that it represents. Even now a lot of people still  tell me that they love their HD25-1 and are looking for a full-size upgrade with a HD25-1 sound signature. So the HD25-1 is definitely a classic and irreplaceable in that sense. 

The Amperior, on the other hand is a newcomer and despite the pleasing tonality, doesn’t really have a unique selling value. The mainstream consumers would probably like the Amperior better due to the warmer, more all-rounder sound and better materials, but I can imagine the Momentum will be even more appealing for them. 


Momentum Sound Impressions on the next page…


The Amperior and The Momentum (and The HD25-1)
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Lieven is living in Europe and he's the leader of the gang. Coming from a musical family he's always been interested in good sound. Unlike his family members the only musical instruments he plays are amps and DACs. He loves playing with old tubes and discovering new products while staying faithful to the good old Sennheiser HD650.

  • Very nice review. Good job!
    Can’t wait to hear the momentum!

    • L.

      It’s hard not to like unless you only want a very neutral and analytical headphone

      • Thanks for answering Lieven. I already have AKG K550 for work, and I think it great, but sometimes it lacks warmth and euphony.
        How would you compare Momentum towards the k550?

        • L.

          Mike can probably answer you better, he’s the K550 expert 🙂

  • A good read!

    I have no idea why Sennheiser decided to go 18 Ohms on the Amperior. There are so many combinations of amps that will sound different depending on the output impedance. Heck, 70 Ohms would’ve been enough. My HD25-II never had any shortage of voltage from any of the portable devices.

    • L.

      Thanks R. I doubt the Amperior will get the same track record as the HD25. We’ll know in about 20 years 😉

  • Did you just call the momentum a ‘princess’


    • L.

      I certainly did. Elegant, sexy, girly :p

  • Does a slight treble boost do anything for the momentum’s? Like 2 or 4 on an E17 ir the first click on the headstage arrow?

    Even with the great mids I doubt the momentum would be very good for pop rock and metal? Like symphonic metal?

    • dalethorn

      Treble boost on the Momentum is tricky. Some of it higher up is recessed, but apply a treble boost and the sibilants get too strong.

  • Lieven, what kind of pad did you listen to the HD25-1 using pleather pad or velour pad during review?

    • L.

      Hi Danny, it is the pleather pad on the HD25

      • Have you tried to use same “velour” pad on HD25-1?I just guessing about what makes your impression are differ from Mike is because of the pad…CMIIW

        • L.

          No I haven’t. I’d rather try an all different amperior

  • Michael

    Can you please give a comparison of the three and the 770LEs? Thnx!!!

    I have auditioned the 25 1-II for quite some time (I don’t own them) and I generally agree with Mike’s impressions. I like them very very much despite their completely different character from the 770LEs, wich I also own and like very very much… two different but quite pleasing music worlds!

    PS: I love the way the 25’s reproduce the mid and low bowed string instruments (cello and bass) … I want to get them some time just for that…

    • L.

      what do you want to know exactly?

      • Michael

        sorry for the delayed answer
        hmm.. well nothing specific to be honest
        some more words regarding a pair of cans I know compared to the Momentum and the Amperior mostly

        • dalethorn

          My experience with Momentum and Amperior is take away some of the Amperior’s upper bass to lower mids emphasis and you’d get close to the Momentum sound. And the Amperior should be very similar to the 25-1-II, according to Innerfidelity.

  • So which of the three is best for rock music?

    • L.

      Depends how you like your sound. I’d say HD25 or momentum, ause on the Momentum more genres will sound better

      • I want tight, punchy bass, forward mids and aggressive treble but not overly bright. I like modern and classic rock.

        I’m a little confused by the two reviews because one person feels the treble on the Amperior is too bright while the other feels it is laid back compared to the HD25.

        • dalethorn

          Having had both, neither has a forward midrange, not even close. The description above sounds like a Soundmagic HP100 possibly. I have a HP200 on the way, if it arrives. Hopefully it will have the forward or balanced mids where these others including the DT770 are recessed.

          • L.

            As Dale says, the HD25 doesn’t have forward mids. I wouldn’t say the HP100 is the perfect rock headphone (review next week). DT770 AE’s mids aren’t that recessed though Dale.

            Have you tried the HD600?

            • dalethorn

              I do enjoy my 770LE – it just seems the mids are less prominent because of the large presentation. Certainly not a problem. I had a 600 and 650, and when the 650 first came out it sounded almost identical to the 600 (or Senn slipped a 600 to me disguised as a 650). The 600 at least is an excellent and very flat headphone, and deserves a good amp. I was using a headroom portable that cost $400 back around 1998 – maybe a better amp would make the bass even better.

          • dalethorn

            HP200 arrived 10 days ago. It’s too good, so nobody will believe me. My Momentum and Amperior will be staying in the closet now. That’s all I can say that makes any sense, but you’ll probably be getting one of these soon.

  • Knlegend1

    What about studio work?

    • t1tan1um

      Sennheiser HD25-1 II is still regarded as the best solution for studio use between this 3 headphones. Sennheiser recommends in a Momentum commercial on youtube that you buy HD25-1 II for professional use.

      In the “About” area you can read:

      For the professional DJ´s we recommend the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II headphone:

      • Thanks titanium!

      • Knlegend1

        I think i’m going to buy the Amperior’s for casual listening and Audio Technica M50 for studio work.

        • That sounds good!

    • What titanium said, or you can also look at the Beyer DT770 line up.

  • Sennheiser makes A and M be two new stars. But I don’t think they’re that great. A is bad for big head due to the earcups can not be uptilted enough for spreading the presure averagely on whole ear,but upper ear. That gets worse when you’re wearing glasses. Increasing the weight of earcups is not wise for an on-ear headphone, especially a tight one. M is bad for big ears cause the small size earcups. The advantage of full-size headphone is killed, no longer universal.The major axis of M’s earcups equals to PXC450’s minor axis. Actually I believe Sennheiser can make some perfection that looks like PX100 and sounds like HD25. But they just chooses to “pursuit”.

    • dalethorn

      There’s a terrible irony in marketing headphones. Let’s say Senn makes a new headphone, the HD25xx, and makes the price $125 USD and physically identical to the PX100 but sound identical to the HD25-1-II. I would buy one and a few audiophiles would buy one, but most potential buyers would say “It’s an over-priced PX100”, and so Senn would probably lose money on it. Corporate costs are very high for all the things that go into an item like that.

      • Fabio_Rocks

        That’s why the Amperior selling are very poor compared to the Momentum. Something new is better than an old upgraded.

  • Matt Smith

    “The lower bass of the HD25 goes deeper as the Amperior’s bass (the general opinion is the Amperior’s bass goes deeper) but the Amperior’s bass does have more punch to it. It has a better definition and body as the HD25 and it definitely is sounding tighter. The bass experience with both headphones is also different because of the mid section of both. The Amperior emphasizes the mids more and makes it a more linear headphone as the HD25.”

    I got a bit stuck reading the above. There seem to be a few uses of the word ‘as’ that need replacing with ‘than’ or something. Examples: “deeper as,” should that read, “deeper than,” or “as deep as”. I wonder if you’d mind clarifying that passage at all please?

    • L.

      Sorry. that really is a part you should not pay too much attention too. The problem was that the review sample didn’t sound as it was supposed to sound. Amperior’s bass should be deeper. If you’re in the market for one you should probably base your decision on Mike’s part lower in the review.

  • Fabio_Rocks

    I just ordered the Amperior! There is a stellar deal on 194 EUR! I am happy so far:)

  • Fabio_Rocks

    I think the Mike impressions are right on the Amperior. The sound is warm full bodied not particularly aggressive. The pace is moderate, I don’t think it’s lightning fast and the sound is kinda forward. I never heard the original hd25, so I cannot make comparison, anyway the Amperior is a Killer headphone. The Amperior easily bests all the headphones I own (including the HD 650 on 300 $ setup) Cons: the mid-bass hump can bothersome, and sometimes I feel bass is too much veiling the sound. It’s very important to get the right fit. I think sound signature wise they share many similarities with the Px100ii, but of course, the Amperior are a lot better. Highly Highly Recommended for me.

    • Thanks for sharing, Fabio

  • I have read the reviews for the SoundMagic HP100, Senn Momentum, Senn Amperior, Senn HD25-1, V-moda M-100, Beyer DT770 LE, and Beyer Custom One Pro, and I can’t decide which would provide a good closed-back design for my needs. My musical tastes are pretty wide – classical/jazz/blues/pop/rock/metal/country and in rare cases rap/RnB. My HiFiMan HE-400s are a great all-rounder, so I am basically looking for a closed-back headphone that compliments my HE-400s sound signature and works well across many musical genres. Any suggestions?

    • L.

      I’d say DT77 AE or COP if the majority of your music is bass heavy

  • Jonny C

    Hey Mike and L,

    I’m in the market for my first closed headphone, and have been reading your blog a bit. I’ll probably end up buying the Senn Momentum, Senn Amperior, or Beyer DT770LE. I listen to just about all kinds of music, but a focus on rock and hip-hop. Will be powering them from a Fiio E10. Do you think the Momentum would be a bit too relaxed for rock and hip-hop? Is the Amperior too uncomfortable for all-day wearing?


    • dalethorn

      The Amperior pads are on-ear and they’re fairly stiff, so they could hurt some people’s outer ear parts after awhile. I got used to it for maybe up to 2 hours without a break. The Momentum has good presence energy and warmth. It might not be ideal for rock and hip-hop, but if you use a headphone that’s harder hitting than the Momentum, it might cause fatigue after awhile. So for me it’s a trade-off between those factors.

  • Yiğit Ünlü

    Hello very professional review there.But i have to ask which one is the best option for rock,alternative rock, metal genres for example i listen to hardcore rock band like system of a down.Also AC/DC Led zeppelin and such. What would you suggest?

    • dalethorn

      If you like your rock harder, in a mood for high energy etc., then Amperior for sure. If you want mellow, more of an introspective listen, then Momentum. I like both, for different moods.

      • Yiğit Ünlü

        Thanks but are there any other big differences like clarity of sound, overall quality of other facts? I wonder if the bass of amperior overpowers the whole thing or too weak bass for the momentum?

        • dalethorn

          The Momentum bass is unique – when I first heard it I thought it was a very lush sound, not bassy. It’s just an emphasis in the low mids that gives it an impact – I can’t explain well – an impact that makes the very warm sounding Momentum seem weak by comparison. The Amperior has a treble that’s similar to the Momentum, but Amperior is stronger in the upper treble, where Momentum is slightly recessed. Both headphones are made by Sennheiser, both are $350 MSRP, and both came out about the same time. Those are the only similarities. If you wanted a more linear more accurate sound than Amperior, Momentum is not it. In a closed headhone around $350, that would be ummmmm, Beyer DT770-LE, Beyer COP, B&O H6, B&W P5, Philips X1 (semi open?), GMP 8.35D, to name a few.

    • I would go for the HD25-1.

  • rob

    I thought that Momentum’s bass sounded too artificially enhanced; that it needed to be more in line with rest of the music. Articulation and detail were great overall, but i was really surprised on the bass presentation.

    • dalethorn

      Interesting observation. Sometimes it sounds warm and good, and other times like it’s not quite there. I’ve seen test graphs, which look normal enough.

  • Juan David

    hi, I just have a question, I have the hd25 adidas and the amepior, when connected to my phone or ipad it sounds much better than the hd25 due to the low impedance I suppose, but when I connect it to my computer using loseless files the amperior sound much lower and distort quite easily while the hd 25 performs much better, sounds more detailed to my ear and the bass I much stronger, can you explain to me why is this? would very much appreciate it.

    • L.

      Cause your iPad and PC don’t have the same output characteristics

    • Hi Juan,
      Different amplifier section on the Iphone/Ipad/Computer leads to different sound output on the headphones. This is why some amps can be excellent for certain headphones but not so good with others.
      Choosing the right amp can be likened to choosing the “perfect” shock absorbers for automobiles. There is no one perfect shock absorber to rule them all. It depends on the car, the road you’re driving on, the goal you’re looking for. Likewise for amplifiers.
      Hope that helps.

      • Juan David

        yeah but the thing is that I’m not using a dedicated amp, just straight out of the audio output, the difference is most noticeable when using vlc+loseless files.

        • Juan,
          Each of the devices you use still have an amplifier module inside and the working principle is the same.

          • Juan David

            Oh I see, so it seems that the amp on my macbook pro goes really well with my hd25 than it does with my amperiors, thanks mike, I would also like to know which portable amp would you reccomend for them fiio e12, e17, jdslabs cmoy or I don’t know, I’m new to a,l of this have never used an amp before so I would like to know if the change is going to be dramatical if it is worth it.

            • Hi Juan,
              The E12 is a high power amp designed to drive Orthos. It’s a bit of an overkill for the HD25-1 as the higher the power output, generally the higher the distortion level — this applies to all amps. SO I don’t think you need to go that way.
              The JDSLabs Cmoy is very smooth and refined but I fear it may not have enough power for the HD25-1, I don’t know haven’t really tried that combo. It may, or it may not. I’m not saying it would not. I just have to try it one day and get back to you.
              The E17 and Fiio’s E7K is a good middle line. I prefer the E07K.

              • Juan David

                Hi mike,
                Why the E07k over the E17? Will I feel a noticeabke diference with my amperior as well as with my m80 and hd25? I listen more often edm, hiphop, rock, salsa etc, I like to have a good bass, also when you say the amoerior is more smooth and refined you mean they are more even sounding or what do you mean with that? Thanks.

              • Juan David

                so? did you try cmoy plus hd25? :p

                • Ah sorry! I missed that one. I’m in Tokyo now and won’t be back till next week though..will you wait that long?

                  • Juan David

                    Of course I will, as long as you don’t forget 🙂 haha just kidding, by the way you said that you preffer the e07kover the e17 why? Have a good trip.

  • Mr.Tingalingling

    For recording and going out on the street, I am debating between these three and the Custom One Pro, would you give me some suggestion on how they would match for the these settings? I recording mostly pop and classical but the music i listen to about range hip-pop to jazz to classical symphonies…

    • COP is definitely not a recording headphone.

      Try Beyer’s DT770 for recording or Senn’s HD380 Pro. Anything monitoring and closed back. Or even the HD25-1.

      • Mr.Tingalingling

        What if it’s for pure monitor/recording sessions? I think I am considering the Momentum for music, but for recording vocal (tenor), piano, and guitar, do you think HD25-1 would be better or the HD380 or the DT770?

        • The 770 should be the standard for monitor/recording.
          HD380 next.
          HD25-1 last.

          I believe the HD25-1’s strength is for mobility, like if you’re shooting camera on the street.

          • Mr.Tingalingling

            Yea, I went to Guitar Center to test them out, I think The DT770 is a little bit more balanced, less bass, and the treble was not as bright compared to the HD380. I am not sure if I am using the right terms though. I think I am going to get the 770 but then what do you think of the M50 compare to the 770, does the $60 worth the difference?

            • Mr.Tingalingling

              For Recording I am mostly R&B/Soul or Classical, Thanks.

            • Yes definitely go for the beyer

    • Though monitoring headphones are usually too flat for music listening. That’s why they brand it as monitoring. Can’t have one headphone that does it all. The HD25-1 is a good compromise for monitoring and music but it’s not the most transparent or detailed.

  • John Junior

    Hi guys… Amperior or ATH M50, I can’t find any comparison. Mind to share some of their sound etc? Recently I found attractive price.

    Newegg: Senn Amperior for $130.

    Sonic Electronix: Red ATH-M50 $ 99

    All I know is on ear vs over ear. Now I’m looking for portable can.

    • The Amperior is more fun for music. More forward sound, fuller mids, better pace. M50 is slower, more bass.

      • John Junior

        So, Amperior better than M50?

        • For music yes

          • John Junior

            I get this headphone mainly for music. And M50 better in what term sir? Just wondering sound isolation and blocking between these two too. Well, some on ear can be better than over ear right?

            • dalethorn

              The Amperior is a much higher quality headphone with less coloration. The Amperior price has dropped because they are being closed out, not because they are low quality like the M50.

              • John Junior

                That’s explain the price tag I guess… Gonna grab that Amperior… Closed out means not gonna produce anymore?

                • Yes Senn discontinued it. HD25 Aluminium in exchange

                  • John Junior

                    But the sound between HD25 and Amperior should be different right? Or premium by aluminum?

                • dalethorn

                  I’m not sure but the Amperior is really an updated HD25-1-II, and that HD25 sells very well and the Amperior does not because of the price, and the Apple store also does not stock the Amperior, so whether it’s being discontinued officially, I don’t know. But if you get one brand new and it’s genuine from an authorized dealer, that’s a good deal.

                  • Yeah its official. They’re killing the amperior.

  • Nik

    Hi MIke
    I already have the Fidelio L2 and the HD650. I was looking a portable closed headphones to use with the Astell & Kern AK120, with or without amplifier (Alo Audio The International).
    What do you think would go better between Sennheiser Momentum (over-ear) and Beyerdynamic DT1350 (or T51P)?
    Thanks as always for your valuable advice.

    • dalethorn

      The new refresh DT-1350 (not the DT1350 being discounted now) could be a great headphone – I need to get one. I have the T51p which is very nasal with a narrow stage, and I EQ it. The Momentum is warm, doesn’t have the best upper treble sparkle, so still is a good portable.

      The old DT1350 being dumped at $180 USD – I had two of those, so many problems….

    • Either the Momentum on ear or the DT1350-T51p should be fine direct from the AK120.

      The T51P is the best IMO of that three bunch.

  • Lars

    Hey guys. I currently own the Momentum V2 (not the wireless), and I like it a lot. Where I previously didn’t like the thickness, I now find I love the warm sound. It is so easy to listen to for a long time. If I were to pick a more HiFi set of cans and maybe a good amp to follow, could you give me recommendation?

    • HE-400S maybe, it’s got the good warmth and thickness but it’s an excellent headphone

      • Lars

        How would you compare their sound to that of the HD650?

        • II think I covered that in their review

          • Lars

            Alright, I’ll check it out. Thanks for the quick reply 🙂

            • Is your budget limited to $300? For a more hi-fi sound I’d think maybe a higher price.

              • Lars

                Hey! Well, being a student i do have a budget, true. I’m willing to save to around $500. After having read the reviews on 400, 400i and 400s, I get where you’re coming from Lieven. But I didn’t specify earlier that I’m looking for something for home, and that I have just ordered an amp/dac. My main concerns are SQ and comfort – but it would be interesting if the cans scaled with amps/dacs.

                The solid state amp/dac combo is Grace Designs m9xx, from Massdrop – it takes from the m920 apparently. It is supposed to be a good enough amp to drive most anything, but it is of course solid state and not tubed. It does not have a tube-warm signature, but still relatively warm being solid from what I understand.

                I listen to rock, mostly. At the moment it’s mostly 70s and 80s pop/rock, like Alan Parson, but I will also listen to Foo Fighters and Green Day for instance. I sometimes enjoy jazz, soul and acoustic as well. And the occasional list pop.

                • My thinking is, if the Momentum 2 is anything like the Momentum, it will be an excellent overall sound, but a little relaxed on the high end where the HD600/HD800 sound bright in comparison. To me, the HD650 would be a sidestep. But the 400 series, to be an upgrade from Momentum 2, would have to have some of that HD600/800 detail without going too far toward bright. My guess is the 400 series would improve on the low end, but not sure about the high end. BTW, if I can clear $500 I’ll snap up that Grace m9xx right quick.