A Quick Comparison: Audio-GD Compass vs HeadAmp Pico

Just for kicks, we decide to briefly compare the venerable portable DAC/Amp Pico against the newer but also equally impressive desktop all-in-one solution Audio-GD Compass. Both units are definitely in the same league sonics-wise: the Compass is more neutral, authoritative and drier while the Pico is also neutral but it has a touch of warmth to it that makes listening pleasant. The Pico is more accurate tonally which is noticable on instruments such as cymbal and midriff of an electronic guitar, it also has a wetter midrange which makes it great for vocals and also it has less grain on its upper midrange and treble. The Compass, on the other hand, is able to extract more micro and transient details which is an advantage in fast electronica and rock tracks, it also has a more expansive soundstage and has a better defined bass response in both impact and extension.

One thing for sure, both gears are worth every penny of your pocket so be rest assured!

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