Blog: Canjam London 2017 – Part 2


A new brand! Roller breaths luxury and the Swiss brand enters the headphone scene with there first model which will sell for around $3000. That’s very daring for the new kid on the block though.

I had a quick listen at the show and they actually pleasantly surprised me. I’m not saying they’re worth 3K bases on a 5 minute listen but each unit do is made individually for the buyer and they come in a gorgeous case with a lot of extras.

You don’t have to be a nuclear scientist to figure out where they got their name from. I do hope I’ll get to listen to them again to find out if they’re worth the price tag.


The Schiit gear certainly was Schiit hot at the showand the fans came to the show en masse. I’m not the biggest Schiit fan, but I can certainly appreciate this Schiit setup with a modified HD800

The distributor also brought the brand new, freshly arrived Vidar in a black finish.



A headphone show without Sennheiser being present, isn’t really a headphone show. Senn Germany did not come to London but they sent their UK representatives.

I always smile when I see they’re still showing the good old HD650 to the crowd. Of course this is mostly because of the Apogee, but still.

The last few shows I noticed that Sennheiser is still promoting the original HD800 more so than the newer HD800s. My preference goes to the original as well…

Mostly Sennheiser of course wanted to promote the brand new HDVD820 “AMP” but I never really was a fan of these series.


I just love the form factor and design of the design of the latest Shanling DAPs, especially the M1 and the M2S.

The M2s is been auditioned by Berkhan and the review will be published on HFN over the next few weeks. A lovely DAP!

I very much look forward to the successor of their TOTL DAP, the Shanling M5

I want more and I’ll happily go to Page Four of the report!

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  • Reply July 28, 2017

    Carl A

    Nice coverage and write-up.
    Many thanks.

  • Reply July 28, 2017


    That Sonoma System is the biggest disappointment i have listened to in the last 5 years. I had a chance to listen to this one at the HighEnd in Munich this year and it was a total letdown. Not only is the amp not capable of driving the headphone to a proper loud listening level, it also distorts really easy. I’m also glad that I am not the only one who thought about this one the way i did. What a waste of money.

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