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We had about 100 people entering the giveaway which is lower than our normal number of participants. Of course this unit doesn’t make sound, it actually blocks sound and I guess not everyone is as conscious about protecting their hearing.  I quite like this product and this giveaway, people really should protect their hearing better. The good news also is that we weren’t flooded with cheaters and fake entries. Happy Lieven, Happy Flare Audio!

The review of the Flare Audio Isolate Pro can be found here:

If you didn’t win this Flare Audio Isolate Pro in Titanium, you can still buy one from the Indiegogo campaign that is currently running. The Isolate might not offer the same level of comfort and isolation as custom hearing protection does, but it certainly is very good at its price level and I can nothing but recommend this unit if you don’t want to spend the extra money for customs.

Sound wise these kind of surprised me. I have to say I was quite skeptic about the concept of plugging a foam tip on a piece of metal  into my ears. It seemed to me that it would just block the sound like the cheap foam plugs do, but for some magical reason (it’s all explained on their websites) it doesn’t do that. The Isolate simply turns the volume down but still lets you experience and enjoy the sound or music around you without it being too loud and harmful. You keep feeling a good sense of the bass and the music in general and there isn’t too much quality launch. Price quality-wise the Flare does score best. These don’t even cost half what I paid for my customs.

I fully recommend the Flare Isolate Pro to protect your hearing. Your ears are so extremely important and protecting them is an absolute must. The Flare Isolate Pro does the job, they’re well built and very affordable. I can fully understand why the Kickstarter blew up like that and those people haven’t even heard them yet. Once these are on the market I think a lot more people will order them, so I suggest you get them now before the wait gets too long.



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