Celebration Giveaway 52: The $10K oBravo Audio Ra C Cu!!

We END our $50k gear giveaway with the oBravo Audio Ra C Cu IEM! Just keep reading and enter the giveaway!


Last week’s Winners

The Cosmic Ears CIEM giveaway is now over! The lucky guy/girl this week is Daan van Duijvenvoorde from The Netherlands. You will be contacted very shortly by email (check your spam folder), so make sure to get in touch.

Number 52 – The End

Today is the very last giveaway, number 52, and we’re ending the year of giveaways with a bang. For this 52nd and last round of the biggest audio giveaway the world has ever seen, we’re giving away the oBravo Audio Ra C Cu!! The Ra C Cu is worth $10.000USD, so you might want to read this post carefully, as the rules this time are a little different.


This excellent IEM can become yours but this time you have to do a little more then just leave a comment.

In order to enter this giveaway and have a chance of winning it you have to do the following:

1. Leave a comment on this post, explaining

– What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with

– Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

– Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

-> You comment has to answer all these questions. A simple “I’m in” comment/entry will be ignored

2. Use the giveaway app and sign up like you’ve been doing up to now.

The full Headfonia team will go over all the entries and then will try to decide who replied best and deserves this $10K IEM most, majority vote wins. If we can’t choose, random.org will help out.

But first, let’s look at oBravo Audio and the Ra C Cu you can win.

About oBravo

You can find oBravo’s website here: http://www.obravoaudio.com/en/

Over the last few years the Taiwanese oBravo quickly got even more popular with a series of really good in ear monitors. Next to that oBravo also has a range of full sized headphones but for some reason we haven’t gotten to review these yet. For those of you who don’t know oBravo yet, here’s a little intro.

At oBravo Technology music and sound are not only our passion, but our mission. We know that quality audio is like the air you breathe. You want it with you morning, noon and night. At home, at work and at play. It interprets, reflects and gives meaning to your mood and provides you a canvas to paint your feelings. oBravo has developed a full line of speakers, headphones and unique, innovative amplifier products and technologies. oBravo’s products are as unique in design, style and build quality. Fine audio is not just a feast for your ears, but your eyes as well.

oBravo was established in 2006, dedicated in the research and development of audio systems and professionally focusing on technological advances of audio speakers, computer speakers, peripherals and Apple accessories. The company is dedicated to its core value of professional excellence, design, innovation, high quality, attitude and change.

OBravo is also known for their extensive research development on the application of the Mylar ribbon and air motion transformer. At oBravo, technology, music and sound are not only their passion, but their mission. By using the uniquely developed air motion transformer, ribbon technology, quality materials and external enabled audio amplifier, making those small sized audio speakers produced by oBravo equivalent to the high-street standards, producing fabulously detailed audio entertainment! 

“ Music Is the Passion That Runs Through Your Life.”

If you want to enter this giveaway, then click here to go to the next page and keep reading on how to enter!

Celebration Giveaway 52: The $10K oBravo Audio Ra C Cu!!
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Lieven is living in Europe and he's the leader of the gang. He's running Headfonia as a side project next to his full time day job in Digital Marketing & Consultancy. He's a big fan of tube amps and custom inear monitors and has published hundreds of product reviews over the years.


  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Anatoly Volochay

    I plan to use this equipment on stage, as I am a concert musician. My setup (audio interface, macbook, synthesizers) is very suitable for me, because I can compose music at a decent level without leaving home. I believe that deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu because I have been making music all my conscious life and it would be nice to get something worthwhile in return)

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Francisco Urteaga

    Right now I have a FiiO X5ii that I would use as a DAP for this IEM, but if I won, It´ll be the perfect excuse to buy a Chord Hugo, that I´d also use as DAC for my home set up, with my KEF R300´s.

    Since I have use of memory I´ve loved music, so much. I was born on 1989, and the first recolections of my childhood are beig in my house with my older brother listening to Pearl Jam, Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins. My dad died when I was 8 years old, so everytime I want to remember him I put on that music, and it just takes me back.

    I´ve always been a lonely kid, everything I ever had is music, to this day, I turned 30 a couple months ago, and my favourite hobbie when I get home is turning on my speakers or my HiFiMan 400i and listening to the new albums TIDAL recommends.

    I don´t think I deserve this IEM, I don´t have golden ears, but I´d love to have this, I´d love to hear what a top a the line sound is. I live in a small city in México, so I don´t have a lot of chances to listen to Hi-Fi gear, actually everything I have bought has been blindsided, just trying to make it right. So far I think, I´ve guessed right.

    • Reply September 10, 2019

      Wills Chiu

      Currently I am only using my ak70mkii, but I’ll be changing my source after it breaks down (as its starting to be). I had the chance to demo the RA C before and found out it is not easy at all to drive well, and it seems like my ak70mkii may not get the job done. If I am lucky enough to get this RA C CU, it may be the best timing for me to get a better source like woo audio wa11.

      Although I’m planning to change my ak, it doesnt mean that I dont like it. In fact it is the opposite. I’ve been using it since I bought it after reading your review of it, which I thought would be suitable for me, which it turns out to be more than that. I’m always an IEM type of person and I uses multiple earphones with it and I absolutely loved it.

      I dont think i deserve to have this, nor i think anyone is “deserved” to get it. Everyone should have an equal chance hence no one should be deserving to get the prize.

      I want to win the Obravo is because I enjoy the obravo house sound. I am using the Obravo Cupid (which I think you guys should definitely check out) and it is so good. While it is cheaper than some of my other earphones like Fitear Universal and my 64Audio A3E, it competes with them quite well. So when the lower end Obravo product can be this good, I am very willing to win this! Enjoy your holiday, Lieven! And goodluck to everyone

    • Reply September 15, 2019

      Joshua Gutierrez Bonayon

      I’m just a simple man who has really poisoned by music not by high end audio gears cause i too can’t afford them. I’m only using vido and qkz ck5 iem but it doesn’t matter as long as i’m enjoying the taste of hapiness i want 🙂 the dap i used is just an android phone. I really like travelling on a bus with my qkz ck5 in my ears. And just a snap forget the world, forget the problems im currently thinking, forget the pain and sadness. Just me and my music. My out of tjis world journey 🙂 i deserve to win this cause i havent tried a decent iem befote if i’m lucky this will make me so happy 🙂

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Abraham Tili

    – I (generally) would be using this with my Astell & Kern DAP

    – My current setup is delivering good sound quality on the go

    – I might not deserve these super IEM but it would be great upgrade to my current IEM

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Marco Tanamal

    Greatest giveaway EVER !!!

    I will be using super high end IEM with my beloved Chord Hugo 2.

    I love my setup so much because of great resolution, dynamic, soundstage, and musicality that will blow you away !!!

    I deserve to win this oBravo Ra C Cu because I think this IEM will increase my satisfaction to audio to another level…

    • Reply September 10, 2019

      Ishmael Micosa

      I will be using this iem with my Opus#2. I would love to win this IEM, and if I do, I’ll be comparing it with my KSE1200, my actual end game iem, and in my belief right now, nothing beats it on all price points. Having this iem would either prove me wrong, or prove me right, and I am definitely sure that it would be one heck of a showdown, with two titans of high end IEMs, with very unique setups. Currently, I love my KSE1200 due to how effortlessly detailed it is, while still being wonderfully musical, and would love to find out if it is worth triple the price of the KSE1200.

      • Reply September 10, 2019

        Ron Tan

        I’ll be using them with the se100. The se100 has been my fav dap, and still has been even after the release of kann cube. I really think it will synergize well with the ra based on the excellent review by headfonia and i cant wait to try it when i win it LoL. 😂

  • Reply September 10, 2019


    Wow this giveaway prize is absolutely insane this time around! Best of luck to everyone and congrats to whoever wins!

    I don’t have the money to afford super high-end DAC/AMPs to use with this, but I’d be happy using my Fiio Q5! Not the most proficient of course but for my line of work (lab research) which forbids me to keep my phone in the same room for risk of contamination, having bluetooth is a godsend.

    My setup is a simple Q5 paired with an IMR R1 Zenith, which is spectacularly versatile due to the diverse filters, giving me something more analytical when I’m in the mood, or more fun when I’m craving more bass and listening more passively! Again, not the best setup out there, but saves me from having to buy a ton of IEMs and it doesn’t hurt that they sound quite nice as well. Bought them on headfonia’s original IMR R1 recommendation and haven’t looked back! 🙂

    I don’t think I deserve to win the oBravo over all the contestants, as I’m sure there are some others who have a better trained ear who can appreciate the even finer details more than I can, but I can definitely say that because of all the time I spend in the lab working overtime and weekends when need be, I don’t think there’ll be many others who’ll listen to them as much as I!

    Best of luck to everyone again! Headfonia, keep doing what you’re doing! You guys have been amazing!

    • Reply September 11, 2019

      Jerome Yeo

      Have to say, i have never expected to come across a $10,000 Giveaway in my lifetime😄.
      This Ra C Cu would be paired with my FiiO M11’s, which is currently driving my Moondrop Blessing’s.
      My current portable set-up is used during my spare time when i am travelling around and at home whenever i have free time. I am currently still persuing my further education and don’t really have anything else to enjoy other than my current gear, which was close to impossible for me to get considering my financial situation, but i somehow made it!(Totally worth it 😄).Like many others, the feeling of Rediscovering and Realising the music i have in a whole different light again is something i hope to be able to achieve with this IEM, and hope to get this huge opportunity to appreciate this with the IEM for as long as i can! 😄

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Bharat Venkatesh

    I will be using this pair of IEMs on the go with my phone and Topping NX4 DSD DAC/Amp. I used to be more of a full-sized cans kinda guy, which is why my main DAC/Amp is currently a Topping DX7S at home, but I have never had IEMs that surpassed my circumaural headphones (Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pros, Sennheiser HD 650s, Focal Clears and HiFiMan HE5SEs) so I never used one at home. I would definitely do so if I got this pair!

    The second question pertaining to why I love my setup is much more difficult to answer. It depends on what I’m listening to. I’m practically always listening to music with TIDAL (for MQA) and Spotify (for playlists), and even keep my IEMs on until I sleep (currently TinAudio T2s after my SE215s broke), so music is essentially a core part of my life. My setup keeps upgrading when I can afford it to give me the maximum satisfaction I can achieve.

    No one can really say they deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu unless they did something for oBravo or Headfonia (or something that the latter acknowledge as deserving). As for me, I’ve begun to travel a lot more, and my portable setup only consists of my Topping NX4 DSD, a pair of Meze 99 Classics (when I can bring them, as they’re not really that portable despite being closed) and a pair of TinAudio T2s. Both are reasonable pieces of gear but I’d love to add a really good pair of IEMs to my portable setup that can maximize my musical intake experience and that I can take everywhere with me without fuss.

    • Reply September 14, 2019

      Bharat Venkatesh

      Having read your review of these again, it seems that a DAC and Amp upgrade is in order, especially for portable use. I was about to purchase a used RME ADI-2 DAC this weekend for my home setup (I’m going modular) — would that suit these? I guess I’ll wait until Monday. 😉

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Maarten Schneider

    I would be using the Ra C Cu with a Sony WM1A wich I think would suit my personal preferences very well if this IEM sounds only slightly as good as it is described.

    My setup right now is the WM1A which I use with the RHA T20 because my UE5 are broken and I haven’t had the money to repair them yet. Both IEMs aren’t the best but they are special to me because the T20 were the first better IEMs that I owned, the UE5 were a present my family made me when I turned 18 and I saved all the money I made since then to finally afford a good player in form of the WM1A. Luckily this setup also fits my preferences in how I like music to be articulated.

    I am a Student and when I am not at University I have to work to finance my living here. I don’t have much money to save, but all I can spare I put aside to finally be able to afford a really good (C)IEM (like the A18t or VE Elysium). Winning the Ra C Cu would give me a setup I am satisfied with and I could put more time into my studies and enjoing my music because I would not have to work so much besides anymore. I don’t know if this qualifies me as “deserving this IEM” but it would really take lots of pressure of me wich would be a great relief. Apart from this, I really want to find out what is possible in high end audio reproduction.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Rafael Adonay Tinajero San Emeterio

    I use the Ra C Cu with my D-250 Vintage Sony CD player

    I love this setup because is simple and I think it will show me the musicality of these fab Earphones

    I think I Not deserve it, but I will blown away if I win it 🙂

  • Reply September 10, 2019


    I will be using super high end IEM with Cayin n6 ii .
    I love my setup because of great sound stage, and musicality.
    I want to win this giveaway because I want know what is the top sound.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Paulo Ribas

    Wow, what a GAW to end that sequence!

    I) My setup isn’t all that great, my only source and amp is the Chord Mojo, which isn’t super high end, but infinitely fun and quite detailed for my uses.

    II) I used to be a mastering engineer, it was great being able not only to help music sound better but also teach people new things. I loved spending my time talking to people and working with them to get where they needed/wanted their music to be. So for me, I connected to a lot of people through music and it remains very special.

    III) I don’t think I deserve such a high-end IEM, I do have the KSE1500 right now, which is, for all purposes, pretty much my endgame. But also I know I won’t ever stop trying new gear, so who knows what will be the next!

    Finally, even though I haven’t won anything (and not even entered many of those GAWs), it’s great to see someone who actually cares enough for its readers to give so many things. Thank you for all you have done for the community, all GAWs, all reviews, even the pictures are amazing, love reading all here.

    • Reply September 11, 2019

      Davina Medina

      These look awesome!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Jacob Chen

    I would use it with my current ifi nano black label linked up to my smartphone or laptop. However, winning would certainly open up my wallet and I’d maybe throw some cash away at getting a AK DAP and maybe the Chord Mojo.

    My gear really connects with me. Well, it literally connects my ears to that audio output😂. But it has allowed myself to truly enjoy and appreciate my music, which has been a source of joy and relaxation away from work.

    We are all equally deserving of this. Regardless, Headfonia was really where I started knowing more about audio gear and winning would really make my day.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    David Neil

    David Neil

    Greetings from Australia. My setup is more mid-fi than the Ra C Cu deserves – DAPs are iBasso DX120 / A&K Jr (really love the muscular warm presentation fo the Wolfson DAC) and Cowon Plenue D2. Desktop is an iFi Nano iDSD.

    I love my gear because it’s my aural history. It’s the equipment on which I learned (am still learning) to hear. When I upgrade I will love that gear for the same reason. Your hi fi equipment is a vehicle – it’s your way in to the music. So your question: “how does your gear connect to you” is not quite how I think of it. My gear is the connection between me and my music.

    Why do I deserve to win? I suppose I don’t deserve to win any more than anyone else. A fair chance is all you can ask for. But I would cherish these iem’s because I am sure they could teach me things about how to really listen, that I haven’t learned yet.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Peter Invan

    What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with:
    I will use these with my Hiby R6. I imagine I would treat my ears to a level of appreciation never before experienced.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    The Hyby R6 offers excellent sound quality in balanced mode. I only have Shure 215 era phones, so I would expect an order of magnitude improvement.

    My speakers are KEF LS50W. They provide such a realistic soundstage, with pinpoint isolation of voices and instruments that I and close my eyes and picture the band or orchestra before me. It’s an emotional response.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I am retired, and am privileged to be able to listen to my music many hours a day.

    I don’t deseve them any more than the next contestant, but it would sure bring me more listening pleasure while using my DAP.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Phong Ngo

    Can’t believe it’s been 52 weeks! Thank you to headfonia and to all the manufacturers participating in these giveaways!

    I hope to use the Ra C Cu with the Massdrop+THX AAA 789 which I expect to get in November, along with my Sony ZX2 & FiiO X7 II.

    I listen to my music every morning & evening during my 1-hour subway commute. It helps me ease into my workday as well as deal with the horrendous NYC MTA subway system; so I can go to work in a cubicle where one day blends into the next and the only reprieve is that I can occasionally listen to music at my desk. My gear doesn’t connect me so much as disconnect me. On late nights & weekends however, it’s not so much about escaping from the drone of life, but just losing myself in the music.

    I don’t think that I “deserve” these any more than anyone else. What makes someone deserving of $10k earphones? Everyone deserves to have music in their life, whether it’s from $10k earphones or free earbuds that came packaged with your phone.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Pierre Duduche

    I would use it for listening to precise click-based music using my ibasso dx200. Superbe…

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    David Kim

    1. Will be buying a dedicated DAP – WM1Z – soon (saving $ is hard with this hobby), currently just using my phone because it’s easiest to carry.

    2. Daily commute (bus and train) and in my ears all day long at work. Music makes the commute enjoyable and monotonous work bearable. Having a favorite song playing at all times makes everything better.

    3. Do I deserve to win? Yes. More so than everyone else here? Also yes (I hope, I would treat these better than most people treat their own children, which doesn’t really mean much). Really appreciate these giveaways, offering people who would never otherwise be able to purchase these premium products a chance at owning one for themselves.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Eric Jarrell

    I would be using my laptop, using either Tidal or JRiver, connected to a Pro-ject Pre Box S2D. I like this setup because it’s simple, like me, but the sound is complex. Do I deserve to win? Yes, just as much as anyone else does; but not moreso. I’m a man of meager means with four children and a not-so understanding wife, so I’ll NEVER be able to afford anything like these IEMS. However, I’m certain that other have more dire reasons.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Silviu Lapusan

    It would be a dream come True!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Samuel Chee Tze Yit

    1) What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    I am currently using the Cayin i5 DAP with Sony IER-M7 for my portable setup. However, if I manage to win the oBravo Ra C Cu, I might consider upgrading my DAP!

    2) Why you love your setup so much/ Why does your gear connect to you?
    I loved the Cayin I5 DAP because I felt that its performance was well worth its price. I also bought the Sony IER-M7 because I loved Sony’s tuning of its newest high-end IEMS ( and I also got it at a very good price!). I have other DAP/IEMS on my wishlist, but due to budget constraints, I chose these as my go-to setup after many considerations.

    3) Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I love to try on and listen to any audio gear which I can get my hands on, whether be it in a store or borrowing it from a friend. When I got the opportunity to hear the oBravo Ra C Cu for the first time, I was blown away by its performance. However, I was even more blown away by the price of these monster once I learnt about it! If I manage to win the oBravo Ra C Cu, it would be a dream come true and definitely be my end-game IEM as I probably won’t get a chance to own a pair of these in my lifetime!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    ted allen

    1. astell and kerns KANN thru 2.5mm balanced.
    2. i make OCC cables as i’m a silver guy. the kann is the best i can afford and i’ve not heard better YET. music has put me in my place in life as it is real and keeps me grounded mentally. usually while making cables i use my denon ah-d2000 heavily modded (custom mango cups, fo.q vibration damper, ring of cotton and yes an OCC silver type 2 litz cable.otherwise i have modded ciem jh16fp internally rewired with my OCC silver litz.
    3. why would i deserve an awesome oBravo Ra C Cu? honestly i don’t for any special reason over anyone else. i do a lot of simple “free” things for others every day smiling,greeting,holding doors and offering advice (mostly on meat deals @ grocery stores lol) BUT in doing these things i have already been rewarded by the act of being in a position to do for others. its an ALOHA thing. freely given with no expectations except hope that others might pay it forward. very simple.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Aliyu Idris Mustapha

    – I will be using my Astell & Kern Ak70 with them if I win.

    – I love my current setup because of the option and portability they provide me. I use Ak70 and Master and Dynamic MW60 when I am home because they sound very natural and I use my Ak70 and Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 when I am out because of how gorgeous they look and for noise cancellation.

    – I deserve to win because after reading your review I fell in love with them.

  • Reply September 10, 2019


    I hope to use the Ra C Cu with the Massdrop+THX AAA 789, along with my Cayin N8 & Fiio M11.

    I listen to my music every morning & evening during my 1-hour subway commute. It helps me ease into my workday as well as deal with the horrendous NYC MTA subway system; so I can go to work in a cubicle where one day blends into the next and the only reprieve is that I can occasionally listen to music at my desk. My gear doesn’t connect me so much as disconnect me. On late nights & weekends however, it’s not so much about escaping from the drone of life, but just losing myself in the music.

    I suppose I don’t deserve to win any more than anyone else. A fair chance is all you can ask for. But I would cherish these iem’s because I am sure they could teach me things about how to really listen, that I haven’t learned yet

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Indra Yudha Kusuma

    I don’t have any high end audio gear right now, only my smartphone.
    Why I deserve to win it? Because I’d like to win a giveaway at least once in my lifetime

    • Reply September 11, 2019

      Jerome Yeo

      God, this IEM looks Sooo beautiful with the well crafted wood faceplate with the many microdetails on it!
      This Ra C Cu would be paired with my FiiO M11’s, which is currently driving my Moondrop Blessing’s.
      My current portable set-up is used during my spare time when i am travelling around constantly and at home when the opportunity presents itself. I am currently still persuing my further education and don’t really have any time or anything else to enjoy other than my current gear which is probably why i’m so connected to Audio. My current set-up was expensive(To me) and was close to impossible for me to get considering my financial situation, but i somehow made it possible with many other sacrifices!(Totally worth it 😄).Like many others, the feeling of rediscovering and realising our music in a whole different light is the main reason why most of us will never be able to find Endgame and will never be able to.
      Hope to be given this huge opportunity to be able to own this high end IEM, and to have a taste of “Endgame” sound while being able to appreciate the beauty of this iem which has the build and function which many of us constantly search for, and is a answer to many who seek a balance of both!
      I don’t have high hopes of winning this giveaway, but i hope the lucky winner of this giveaway would take this opportunity to appreciate the Ra C Cu for as long as she functions! 😄
      Good Luck To All! 😁

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Roman Sergeevich Roy

    Bravo, Obravo! =)

    Thanks for a chance to win OBRAVO AUDIO RA C CU.
    I wouldn’t be able to afford it myself, but if I’m lucky enough I would use these IEM with my favourite dap Sony NW-WM1A.
    I have settled with Sony daps about 2 years ago. First I really liked the compact Sony NW-ZX300a, then changed it to the “older brother” finding the upgrade worth for me.

    To be honest, I can’t find a competitive successor to WM1A for myself. I love it’s sound signature. The build and the ease of use is top notch! And there’s no need of streaming services for me, I’m kind of an old-fashioned player user: I prefer to upload the music files myself into the memory of my device. For me it’s even a some kind of a ritual to prepare to the joy of listening to music, hah!

    So as said above the Sony player is my final stop in personal audio.
    The Obravo IEM could be the same in terms of the end-game earphones for portable use.

    Thanks for you attention,

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Andrew Ong

    I am currently using onkyo DP-X1b and Shure SE846.

    I have been listening with this setup for over a year now, and wanting to upgrade to something newer and better.

    If I am to win oBravo Ra C Cu, I will be reading thru more on headfonia past and present infos on which DAP to get that will be the true champion for this superb iem.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Len Kiat Leong

    What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?
    If i win this superb IEM, i wish to drive it with Cayin awesome HA-300.

    Why you love your setup so much / why does your gear connect to you?
    Currently, i’m using ifi micro black label to drive Audeze XC headphone. Love this setup but could be better with higher end amp and oBravo Ra C Cu IEM. It would be ultimate and my search for greater IEM will end if i win this fabulous IEM.
    As i’m using headphone for more than 4 hours a day, i’m sure oBravo IEM could bring me nirvana.

    Why you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I first audition Ra C Cu IEM at Singapore CanJam 2018. Mr David Teng explained to me his amazing innovation using 2nd generation 8mm AMT tweeter + 16mm Neodymium dynamic driver. I could tell the obvious difference between this IEM and other IEM/headphone on that show. Nothing compares to this amazing IEM. It opens up everything beautifully and the sound is extremely balance. I can hear almost all frequencies as low as 10 Hz to 15 -18 kHz. This IEM really brings out the music of any genre. And i can appreciate all that.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Bojan Imperl

    Wow, what a giveaway!!!

    Currently I´m using a Fiio x7 MKII with Beyerdynamics Xelento. Fiio is not really on the same level as the oBravo Audio Ra C Cu, but it seems to match well with oBravo according to the Headfonia review. I´m happy with my setup for now, but it’s an ongoing process. It´s way better from my previous setup, and it really lets me dive into the music and shut everything else out. I´m usually listening to music late at the evening, after taking care of my family. Then it´s just me and the music. This is my way of coping with life and I really feel recharged. I´m listening to wide range of music – from rock, blues, jazz to classical. Most of my Albums are hi-res and every time I change my gear, I get to hear something new in the albums I´ve been listening for years, some of them for decades. My big desire is to get a real high-end gear sometime in the future. Winning this giveaway would be a dream come true – honestly, I don´t believe I´ll ever be able to afford this kind of gear. Do I deserve these more than anybody else? Well, no. I guess all of us reading Headfonia are sharing the same passion for music, for high quality gear, which other people find totally irrational.

    Good luck to everyone!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Balaji Ramachari

    1. I will be using it with my ifi micro idsd BL, Quloos QA 361 & my Hiby R6. I also intend to upgrade my R6 to some thing more neutral like Fiio M11. I also got other desktop gears like Airist R2R DAC, VE Defiant Amp, Quloos QA890 which I had purchased and will have access to it only when I get back to home in December.

    2. Because it takes me closer to the music I love, I listen to music at bed time every day and on weekends. I cannot engage in physical activities when I listen to music as I pay closer attention to it, my personal audio gears are more than anything in my life.

    3. I am not an out & out IEM guy and always keep a limited budget for the same, most of my IEM purchases are under $500, I went ahead and bought Andromedas onetime and sold them immediately as it did not meet my expectations. I currently own Mrspeakers Aeon closed and it is my own little bench mark for exciting sound, IMO the choice of drivers sucks with most of the high end IEM manufacturers and that’s where Obravo is quite different. I bought the Obravio Cupids recently and all I can say is I am mighty impressed with it and I had already thought that my future upgrades will be with them even though I cannot afford them immediately 🙂 Headfonia’s review on OBravo RA C CU was such a spoiler you will feel like buying it the moment you read it if you had such money in your hand and I am sure the sound was very exciting to make the reviewer write like that. Obravo’s high end IEMs are definitely on my wish list even if I don’t win this contest. This will be the best gift I can ever get in my life if I win this 🙂

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Jeff Geer

    #1I would use my Lenovo Yoga Book that has dolby atmos for headphones.. or I would listen online to streams that are flac or hd.. and or to hd files on pc

    #2 I don’t have that much else to listen to or with for the foreseable future until I win a lottery or find employment/ Listening to what I love keeps me young inside and out

    #3 I have no real idea how to answer this.. I feel that anyone is deserving of better for themselves and their lives. Being honest with yourself and with others is the best way to deserve anything in this life.

    GIven the chance to enjoy something of this epic caliber would be a dream come true and never achievable under current circumastances.

  • Reply September 10, 2019


    Simple is many times the best solution, have been through many gear, but… it wasnt about the music anymore.
    So I sold everything and now I just enjoy music with my LG v30 and Westone um 30 pro. I just love it, because I have it always with me, everywhere I go.
    To be honest, I don’t even want to win this crazy expensive iem, it’s a bit sad, if I would win, I would sold it and give money to charity.
    Cheers guys

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Ioannis Zacharopoulos

    If I’ll win this, I’ll get the best available DAC, this is the only way to truly enjoy from such IEM. Sound at its best, with beautiful really unique design, compared to the rest in the market. For the real audiofile like myself, these are the holy grail.

  • Reply September 10, 2019


    Looks great!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Todd Hodgson

    It’s hard to believe we’re already on the last hand of the game! What a run it’s been, eh?

    In compliance with the special rules on this hand of Mexcan Poker…

    I have no audio gear that is truly worthy as a ‘mount’ for this IEM gem. My budget is seriously limited due to health issues. Hopefully that will change soon. So, I would likely have to use my xDuoo XD-05 (first release) with this beauty.

    The reason for choosing my XD-05 is because it has better support for sensative headphones, unlike my tube amps. I also feel like my XD-05 is currently my best DAC. I like the warmth of the mids produced by its AK4490 DAC chip and it has gain settings and bass boost. Also, I replaced its stock Opamp with a Burson Audio V5i-D, which made it shine! In fact, I like this little portable DAC/Amp so much that I often swap it in as a DAC with my tube amps that sit on my desk shelves.

    So, that’s what I would use with this IEM and why I love this particular audio unit. It connects with me because, unlike my other DACs and tube amps, it’s portable. I can easily take it to the hospital, to bed when I need to rest, or wherever I must go. It supports all of my headphones, even the 600 Ohm models. I suppose one could say it has become my audio companion until I get back in the game again and can finally afford to get my audio gear back up to date.

    Why do I do deserve to win this giveaway? I would not say that I do. I mean, who really deserves anything? And yet, who doesn’t? So sure, I deserve to win it just as everone here deserves to win it!

    Also, I want thank you-all for conducting these 52 weekly giveaways regardless of who has won or who will win the very last one!

    And to everyone else, GLHF (Good Luck and Have Fun)!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Feng-wei Yeh

    If I will this , I prefer to use it in Cayin N6II with T01 player to listen classic music , especially bigger and wide stage can be feel through Ra-C-Cu.Nice detail and warm sound will make Ra have more feeling. It´s a ultimate earphone portable with N6II dap.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    W M Hafez W S

    I’ll be using Cyrus SoundKey Mobile DAC to compliment the sublime audiophile oBravo Audio Ra C Cu IEM. This setup is mostly for mobility; as I travel a lot and at the same time, I require soundstage perfection on the move. Compact IEM and miniaturise DAC is the small form I need for an audiophile experience in jet setting lifestyle. To be able to win and use the high end oBravo Audio Ra C Cu IEM — perfectly crafted audio engineering encapsulated in rustic form aesthetic — is to reverberate this motto: “Music Is the Passion That Runs Through Your Life.” My passion for music on the move will worth a ‘thousandfold’ experience.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Jarod Basti Roa

    1. I’ll be using it with my Cayin N5iiS, and SMSL Sanskrit 10th DAC + Prototype Amp

    2. At first, I was contented for using the cayin n3(I got it for cheap). The dap that convinced me to upgrade was the N5iiS. I love my current setup as it made me enjoy my music even more.

    3. I think everyone is deserving to win. Though I would say that I deserve to win the obravo ra c cu for me to enjoy listening to music even more.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Zul Helme Othman

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with

    I’ll be running them from the Topping NX4 DSD.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    Different from IEM/Headphones, I’ve always been more partial to how a source can measure. Originally an engineer myself, I appreciate the amount of proper engineering and design that have been put into the NX4 DSD and how well it outputs. Ever since I’ve gotten the NX4, it has never let me down, driving anything I tested on it with ease. A literal workhorse.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    If I were to say for myself? Its because I’d appreciate a lot more, with how penny-pinching it comes for me when picking out audio gear, arranging a demo whenever I can no matter the hassle. Hence audio review sites like yours are valuable to consumers like me who might not be able to directly test gear themselves.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Anthony Thompson

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    with a 6mm to 3.5mm adaptor, my main system from a Lehman Audio headamp

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    i’ve spent many years with it, progressively upgrading parts of the chain, and spent many years fine tuning speaker placement to optimise my system’s tone and the holography of the soundstage. I love it because it raises hairs on the back of my neck regularly!

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I’m broke, I have highly needy dependent family members, I have a stress full job, I have a family that don’t appreciate me blasting my home system through the speakers when they’re home (hence need buds), I need music to relax, destress and decompress, and I’m in Australia and I think it’s time one of your giveaways goes to Australia, Sydney, Davidson, my address specifically!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    W. F. Jiemy

    As of now, my main setup is Fiio X5iii with iBasso PB3 with UM mentor V1. I will be using the same setup for this IEM for the time being.
    As an academic researcher, I am dealing with constant stress of repetitive experimental failures. My mental healing drugs have always been music. Every single night I sit down and have at least an hour of listening session, the only time I can forget everything about my job and recharge myself.
    Working as an academic researcher, I will never earn enough to splurge and afford TOTL audio gears such as the Ra C Cu. I think with the effort and time, even my life that I poured in as a medical biologist to help improve patients’ life, I deserve at least a chance to win this IEM which would help me in recharging myself, be more productive and therefore hopefully increase my research impact and ultimately the quality of patient life.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Leonidas Kostopoulos

    I will be using this amazing pair of IEMs with my newly acquired and amazing headphone amp DAC from Auris Audio the Euterpe!!
    Music speaks to my soul feeds my very existence and even helps me reach moments of “Homeostasis”..
    Music source will be a fairly good selection of uncompressed files and or CDs that I’ve collected through my years of being involved in this passion of mine!
    Why should I win this incredible prize?
    Well..let the one who has a higher level of passion for MUSIC LISTENING than me WIN..
    Yes I’m convinced that it’s going to be very difficult to beat that..
    Luck alone should NOT be the factor in this competition..
    I mean..come on.!!!!!
    Anyway I’m hoping that someone who has an appreciation for such a wonderful piece of equipment will be using it as a bridge or a stairway to heaven or nirvana or..
    Good luck everyone!!!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Saurabh Ashtamkar

    Whoa!!! What a perfect way to complete the 52 week giveraway. It hardly can get any better than this and certainly the best and biggest give away ever.

    Coming to the main points, the gear with which I will use this if I win these beauties. To start with I will try them straight from my Cowon Plenue 1. If I feel they are not able to drive them well I will add dac / dac+amp to my Plenue 1. I will audition multiple options such as Headlamp Pico, Apex Glacier, HUM, Orioluls etc. before jumping to buy one. But going by reviews, I know it would be nice excuse to foray into portable amp/dac to own a nice sounding chain.

    To answer the second question, I love my gear so much because I have bought it after saving my hard earned money for something I am passionate about & have spent almost a month on going through reviews and opinions on internet and doing auditions to finalize what to buy. Music is my favourite way to unwind and after listening to my chain after day at work, the warm, intimate, relaxing sound experience that I get from chain makes me relaxed and connect to the performers. It also helps me get out of low/bad moods when I have them makes me connect with my gear even more.

    For the third question, honestly I won’t be able to afford oBravo Ra C CU, hence an opportunity provided by Headfonia is my only chance to own something which I would otherwise would have only dreamed off. With never having won any of such giveaways I hope to break my losing streak in grand fashion in this mother of all giveaways to have first iem which can happily be the last iem for me.

    Hope my honest answers help me win. Cheers to Headfonia and oBravo. Best of luck to all!!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Suhail Yusufzai

    I have not used any high end IEM other than my mobile ear phones. So I don’t have any dedicated gear for this stunning device. However, from now on it is a matter of research for me to find out the best possible match for oBravo Ra C Cu. Also, it would be great to have your word of advice regarding the same.

    To answer second part of your question, I would like to borrow your tag line “ Music Is the Passion That Runs Through Your Life.” yes indeed!
    My music setup is my most prized possession. I have invested lot of time and energy to create this heaven for myself. Most of the things like isolation blocks, spike stands, placement etc. are done by myself and I am proud of my creation.

    Do I deserve to win? I will leave that to your descreation. However, if I am lucky enough and deserving enough to win this magnificent jaw dropping beauty; it will be my lifetime achievement award.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Jester Eusebio

    I have may daily DAP(Sony A45) it’s all i’ve got and afford.

    For its reliability and cost wise, I think it gives me a decent sound that I look for.

    Well I haven’t own a gear that exceeds $100 except for my DAP, I guess it will be like a lottery for me, if i win this. 😊

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Kim Enrico Jumarang

    I will be using this with my A&Norma SR15 and the Chord Mojo as this high-end IEM deserves to be played on high-end gear though even if this is all I have, I also believe that a good music library is what takes my whole setup to another level. Flagship hardware is nothing without an excellent software to back it up.

    I love my setup because I earned with passion what I have saved to build this. Every second I listen with these takes me back to my audio journey starting from lowly Sansa Clip players, entry Fiio E5 amps and Koss PortaPros to what I have now which is sort of like me – jack of trades but master of none.

    I’d like to think I deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu as this would be a heck of a first custom IEM but rather I would like to see as earning it by expressing wholeheartedly how my humble-but-competent setup will make this IEM sing and make any listener other than myself smile to a point that I will not let a day pass by without a listening session with this oBravo.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Zephon Chia-Yu Wu

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    A: If I win the Ra C Cu, I would not hesitate to purchase the Sony NW-WM1Z to hopefully bring out the full potential of the Ra C Cu, and because I really adore Sony’s sound signature.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    A: I am currently using FiiO M11 + FiiO Q5 with Sony IER-Z1R. I like the balanced and neutral sound of FiiO’s DAP and its DAC/AMP Combo along with Z1R’s wide sound stage and crisp sounds. I am a professional translator who sits in front of the screen in my office most of the day, and I desperately need an escape for my mind from the exhaution to transport me to another realm to take a much needed breather; I find that good music is my muse.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    A: As previously stated, what I seek in audio, is an escape from reality, a place I can relax and be inspired.
    I do not believe myself to be a hardcore audiophile on a holy pilgrimage in the pursuit of the ulltimate fidelity in sound; I simply crave a sound signatures or characteristic from my audio devices that affords me a mental space of my own, an everyday escape.
    My cherished IER-Z1R brought me close, but not yet there; I hope oBravo Ra C Cu would bring me one step closer to actually be in that mental nirvana. Aside from that, the thought of Acacia Wood’s gentle touch on my ears already soothes me. : )


  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Lucerne Loke

    I’ll definitely be using the oBravo Ra C Cu together with my Astell & Kern SR15, especially since I travel within my country quite a lot.

    I love my Astell & Kern SR15 as it is the first audio player I have, and it brings me into a new realm of music. It makes my music sound more analog compared to the more digital sound I get when listening on a mobile phone or a laptop. Currently, I’m using the NAD Viso HP20 along with my SR15 and the soundstage and tonality of my music sounds really good, and I feel it has a pretty flat sound signature, which I like.

    I would like to win the oBravo Ra C Cu as I feel that it would allow me to connect with my music on a deeper level, and transform my audio listening experience once again.

  • Reply September 10, 2019


    I only have m2x for dap, but it’s good enough for me

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Prayogo Hartono Surya

    Maybe I will be using them with my Hiby R6 SS.

    Hiby R6 SS is sorta “love at first listening” for me, though I didnt instantly buy it after I listened to it the first time.

    I don’t know if I deserve to win this IEM, other than I want to know how a ten thousand dollar IEM sounds. 😅

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Eero Vuorinen

    – I would most likely use them with my audioquest dragonfly black (work) or Marantz HD-DAC 1 (home).

    – I like my both setups as they work well with so many headphones – at work I use cheap or mid-tier headphones like ATH-M50X or Porta Pro’s, at home HD 650 most often.

    – I have been interested in higher-tier IEMs for a while and these would definitely be end game tier equipment – I could use the saved money for full size headphones

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Chris Lin

    I currently have the Fiio M9 DAP so initially I will use it with this DAP, however this would give me a good excuse to look at upgrading my DAP or get a standalone DAC/Amp 🙂

    My setup must be portable as I take this with me to work, and I don’t want it to get in the way. Clarity and dynamic sound is what I like. Currently using my M9 with the Fiio FH5

    I don’t know if I deserve it but I sure would like to make this my new IEM for sure and I will make sure I get a source that would do it justice. Thanks Headfonia!! Can’t believe it is Giveaway #52 already

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Jonathan Shirts

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?
    I haven’t made any purchases yet; if I do win, I’ll be pouring over this site to find a suitable DAC/Amp so these truly shine.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    I don’t really *love* my setup right now because I’m just getting started into quality audio. I’ve had enough of the Skullcandy and gas station headphones, I need something more.
    What makes gear connect with me is quality. Price is important, yes, but quality means so much more. I’m looking for gear that shows pride in its craftsmanship, something I would be proud to pass on to my children as they grow up.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I honestly can’t think of a reason I *deserve* to win these IEM’s. I’ll be frank – if I were to win, I would find a way to resell them. I have student loans to pay off. But I wouldn’t use the entire price of these towards those loans; I’d donate a portion (at least $1,000, maybe more depending on the final price) to some of the mental health and suicide prevention non-profits in my area. I believe that if we take care of each other, then each of us will have someone to enjoy the music that drives us, that lifts us up, that makes us feel alive.
    That might not be the answer you were looking for or expecting, but it’s an honest one.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Kenneth Lee

    1. Hopefully will be using it with a Fiio M11 once I can find one. At home, I will be using it with my JDS Labs Atom and Topping D50 DAC.

    2. It gives a quiet noise floor and neutral sound for relatively affordable price

    3. I feel I deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu because I can bring to the table the love and warmth that a nice pair of iem deserves. I nurture it with tender loving care. It will follow me to the ends of the earth and sing to me in harmonious tunes that no other brand can provide. I will praise it and introduce it to friends and family so they themselves can find love eternal like I did.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Bren Arden

    1. Use with: Ibasso Dx200, Violectric V850-> Headamp Gilmore Lite mkII and Garage 1217 Project Ember

    2. I love to space away with great ambient and techno sounds. Just lie back close my eyes and float away. Good gear does help with this but, high-end is NOT a neccessity. I also fall in love with the PCB layouts and creative workings of designers when i see opened up caseworks of high end products. I guess my connection with gear is the ability to render the gear invisible and just enjoy, great gear DOES help with this.

    3. I can not agree with the concept of “deserve to win” something in a free contest as it requires exactly no hard work, discipline or willpower to achieve. To me we only deserve the things we are willing to work hard, make sacrifices and fight for (fighting in the possitive, figur of speach, sence). But i do deserve because i am bigger, the best, better than the rest.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    David Nelson

    I have an ifi Micro IDSD Black Label connected to my computer. The computer uses the Audirvarna software to stream Hi Res music files from Tidal and Qobuz.

    Listening to music takes me to my “Happy Place” where I can leave the world behind for a few hours every day.

    I don’t know if anyone actually deserves to win these wonderful IEMs , but I know that I would feel very fortunate indeed if I did win.

    Even if I don’t win this past year has been a lot of fun. Thank you Headfonia.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Wim Cumps

    I’m not so much of a writer, if its good, it doesn’t need much text is my believe …
    -I’ll connect it to my dragonfly and Tidal High res .
    -I m listening them already every day, and after winning this pair, it will only be more..
    -Its my 40e birthday next week so i definitely deserve these… Otherwise i need to buy something else for my midlife crisis

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Ferdinand Adriano II

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?
    —- I’ll be using it with a Cayin N8 when I’m at home or when I’m relaxing at a local cafe.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    —- I’m a sucker for details as well as natural sound. The Cayin N8 (and the rest of my gear) provide me with the detailed, neutral, and natural sound that I yearn for whenever I listen to my meticulously chosen tracks.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    —- I deserve to win the oBrav Ra C Cu because I love music. I used to play in a band, but went on another path because it wasn’t a lifestyle that I could have since I have a wife and daughter to take care of. A musician friend of mine mentioned something to me before I left. He said, “Music is already in your bones. It won’t ever leave you. You’ll always be with your music regardless of the method you use to appreciate it.” I believe that the oBray Ra C Cu will be an excellent partner to my Cayin N8, and that it will bring the best out of the songs that I love listening to.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Andras Rev

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?
    – Hiby W5 Bluetooth receiver and DAC + Vorzüge VorZAMP Pure II+ mobile amplifier
    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    – At home I am using a Bluesound Node 2 streamer DAC + a Feliks Echo tube headphone amp/ preamp. I love this setup since the tube amp gives a very natural, almost analog like timbre to most of the albums.
    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    – I deserve this honor because I am an audiophile blogger sharing my experience with a huge number of people, giving them the chance to enjoy better quality music then before…

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Jason Kang

    -Will be using with my Astell&Kern SP1000M.

    -I love every equipment of mine because of the history behind each one, starting with my entry into hifi audio with AK240 & westone 40’s, spending countless hours reading every blog impression/post and reviews before finally purchasing my first customs (A12 from 64 audio), subsequent purchase of my zeus XR’s, and getting coiled up in cable obsessions before finally investing in the Mars & Heracles.

    I got the SP1000M after 4 good years of using my AK240’s and I just really like how palatable the sound through the SP1000M’s are to my ears. The SP1000M’s capture a lot of the reasons why I chose the A12’s over the Noble Kaisers, and I guess just match my preferences well.

    -I think I deserve the obravo ra c cu’s because I try hard at sharing my experience with music. I really enjoy meeting someone who spends a lot of time curating a spotify/apple music playlist, passing along my iSine 20’s to let them hear their music in a new way, and trying to convince someone that yes, you can hear the difference between mp3 and 16-bit flac. I don’t have any universal IEMs, so the ra c cu’s would be the first top of the line IEM that I can have others listen to through my SP1000M’s. Since I know how much healing music did for me, having a good set of universal IEMs would really help me give someone the chance to do nothing else but listen to their favorite song. Of course, I’d also like to listen to a pair of 10k IEMs.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    emin haluk orhan

    I am currently using ibasso dx120

    There is a musical interpretation that does not tire, I can use anywhere ..

    my headset SoundMAGIC PL21, it would be nice to have a better headset…

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Adam Goldsmith

    Those look amazing! I would love to hear them.

  • Reply September 10, 2019



  • Reply September 10, 2019

    JEan JEan

    This is an excellent giveaway, thank you

    1. Chord DAVE
    2. The emotions….
    3. I won’t lose it.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    David Medina Pedron

    Woow incredibles earphones. I need it. I love it.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Samuel Cho

    1. LG V20 and iBasso D14
    2. It’s portable and I can use it anywhere, anytime
    3. I think it’d be cool to hear something far outside my current college budget

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Peter Mogish

    – Unless I Win something better, I’ll be using my Computer (Or a my LG-G6 Phone) and my IFI Micro iDSD Black Label DAC/AMP !!!

    – Love the clean clear sound from the Black Label, and it’s powerful enough to bring out the best bass of any IEM or Headphone. And it’s just as good at home, and out while taking a hike and enjoying nature.

    – I suppose that I’m not any more deserving than hundreds of others. But I do LOVE music of all types; and being retired I would never be able to afford something like the oBravo Audio Ra C Cu ! This is my opportunity to raise my music enjoyment beyond anything I could dream of.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Julian Li

    -With my DX200 + AMP4s, maybe I will manage to pair it with a Paw Gold Touch…

    -I really love my setup (Eamt-3a + 1960s 2wire + DX200) right now cause they provide a
    natural sound with great details. Though they are not the best all-rounder, I can always finding
    some spark in the music, from rock to classic, they all sounds charming, smooth and a little bit warm.

    -I am not sure I am deserve to win these gorgeous copper beasts, but in the deepest of my heart there is a strong desire for them since 2 years ago. It’s been a dream of mine to find a perfect all-rounder, which can deal with any kind of music, and make them sounds wonderful. For few years, it is sort of a ridiculous fairy tale, even to myself, until I met Obravo. The first time I heard the brand, they are not so popular in my country (even though Daivid, the owner of the brand is my compatriot), the image of the brand in our circle are
    some odd-looking earphones with strange sound field performance. Then I got a chance to try them in an exhibition in Taipei, and I were really impressed by how good they are, and how much they cost. A few months later I contacted David for another chance to find out more, and thanks to him I had a great afternoon immersed in the ocean of melody. And on that day, I met the ULTIMATE goal of my audio life. It’s a bit ashamed to say I am still far from the goal, so I am surprised that Headfonia and David are willing to offer an once in a lifetime chance, and I really hope I would be that lucky one!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Andre Birrenbach

    Hi, lets go for the oBravo Ra C Cu

    First – I will use them mobile with iPhone XS and Audioquest Red. At home there are going to connected with Linn Akurate DSM or a Meridian Explorer.
    Second – it’s mobile for the iPhone and Audioquest combo – nevertheless it’s high quality. At home High End on the Linn and practical and good sounding while working for the Meridian Explorer.
    Third – like to go High End on the Headphone side and enjoy my music with those great equipment.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Vincent Garcia

    Right now I am trying to wrap my head around this insane giveaway. I’m probably not worthy of winning, but I know if I did the RA c would be going to any head-fi meet I can reach.

    I have now a Cayin n5ii, which was a gift from my wife. She always saves up her pennies to get me a good gift.
    I’m also in the market for a hp amp/preamp to connect to my record player.

    The connection is all about the memories/emotions. Shows I have gone to, people I listened to music with, jammed with, or introduced me to bands. Even the buying things like the iem I got in Tokyo.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Joshua C Slone

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with

    I’ll be using my Schiit Stack (Modi/Magni 3), Vali 2 (got a really nice Raytheon and Amperex tube), A&K XB10, and Fiio Q1Mk2. The Monolith THX DAC is on my short list and the next amp I’m getting.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    My Schiit Stack is what got me started, actually with a Fulla 2. It’s powered everything I’ve thrown at it and has been utterly reliable. My XB10 is special since it’s got wonderful detail, rock solid connection quality, and it’s super portable and discrete. I’m able to lose myself in the music and just be happy.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    Music is literally my therapy. I’m a veteran with some gnarly PTSD that flares up every now and again and my music has been one of the only things that calms me and helps me feel safe and secure again. It’s an integral part of my life and I wouldn’t be here without it. I’m genuinely thankful to ChiFi and the budget brands for allowing me to explore my hobby and passion without breaking the bank!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Josh Harris

    Apologies in advance for the long winded nature of this post. I could write a great deal more on the subject, it’s one I think about a lot.

    I got into headphones seriously in 2003, but have always had a love of music. The reason headphones were and are appealing to me is probably because of my hearing loss. I have some minor congenital hearing issues, mainly some missing low frequencies and generally poor dynamic range. When using speakers or at live venues things are usually either too quiet or too loud. Headphones allow me to enjoy a lot of music that might otherwise be difficult for me.

    Over the years I’ve gone through a lot of gear. A lot of it has been trial and error or changing life situations, but I’ve come to realize that I just like a lot of different headphones. Sometimes I want to hear something the way the ATH-EW9 presents it, other times the TH500RP will scratch the itch and every once in a while it’s nice to pull out the PFR-V1 for something completely different. That said, I think I’ve built a pretty solid front end over the last several years that lets me enjoy a wide variety of headphones.

    At home, I have put together a dedicated music PC based on the ASUS PN40. It’s not fancy, but works very well and can be controlled from a phone or tablet. I have a Fostex HP-A8 serving as DAC and until recently headphone amp. It’s getting a little long in the tooth at this point, but it sounds really good and I don’t have any plans to replace it for at least a few more years. Just a couple months ago I added the Aune S7 Pro to take over as main amp and it’s extremely good. Clean, neutral power for anything in my collection. I’m still getting used to it, but so far it’s been a joy to use.

    At work, I use a GPD Pocket 2 plugged in to a FiiO K3. I also have an Audio Technica HA26D on my desk, which doesn’t see a lot of use, but is actually a decent amp. Nothing I currently take to work needs that much power though. I also occasionally use the Pocket and K3 at coffee shops or the like, it’s a nice transportable setup.

    For walking around and actually mobile use, I have been using a Musiland MU1 connected to my phone. It’s a little noisy with very sensitive IEMs, but sounds quite good otherwise.

    I’ve actually been putting a lot of thought into my system lately and why I like it so much. It comes down to the experience of using it. I’ve been building everything up over an extended period and each piece is special to me, so when I sit down to listen, just turning everything on helps engage me with what I’m doing. The other thing I’ve been working on in the last few years is growing my music collection. I’ve added at least five hundred albums over the last year and actively trying to expand into new genres. For some reason I’ve been focusing on violins when I can. And the vast majority of it has been Japanese, but that’s for other reasons. The thing I most love about headphones is how much they’ve helped me discover and connect to new music over the years.

    I don’t think I would say that I deserve to win, but I would certainly like to. I’ve not yet heard an AMT tweeter and will almost certainly never have the chance to own a ten thousand dollar pair of earphones. I also have a bit of a predilection for unusual models and the RA C CU definitely fits in that category. If I did win this, it would certainly see a lot of use for a long time. My current overall favorite headphone is still the W2002 I’ve been using for a good sixteen years.

    • Reply September 10, 2019

      Josh Harris

      Also, should mention that my birthday is October 1st and this would be a lovely present 😉

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Matthew Bayer

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    Stationary the PC just got upgraded from the Asus Xonar DX (which has a software bug with loud static noise randomly appearing – thus hearing health is at risk) to a temporary ES9018K2M (via USB) –
    but in the long-term will go for an additional external AMP (since the Ra C Cu is mentioned to be picky with sources, AMPs, etc. – that’ll require some longer research to get the best possible match – your review is a great help with that, btw !) to drive it properly 182 ohms aren’t trivially driven with everyday mass sound hardware on onboard soc – in addition to that (super) high end IEMs deserve just the best – background noise, hissing (which is the new “normal”, not sure how much burn-in would be required) and unclean sound is just a PITA.
    Plus at some point I’d like to give them some pampering and get one of those Dragon upgrade cables.
    On the go the DAP currently is the LG V30 with the es9218p in HIM, I’m curious how well the Galaxy S with the wm8994 would still cope with it though.
    Both of those probably won’t do the Ra C Cu justice so a new audiophile grade DAP will have to come 🙂
    It’s crazy thinking about being able to carry that kind of quality in sound in the form factor of an IEM !
    Also since I got sensitized via the NiceHCK NX7 to be picky with source material, gear, etc. (already hearing compression artifacts in lots of YT vids, MP3s, etc.) currently in the process of switching the whole (or biggest part) of the music collection to FLAC; also listening to it on TIDAL and Qobuz already.
    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    In fact I’m not really content with my current setup – been getting more expensive chi-fi earphones (NX7 the most expensive to date – upgrading from Philips she3580 and Creative EP630, Senfer DT6 which sound rather muddy or a bit piercing in the case of the Philips, etc.) but each of those have some kind of shortcomings (timbre, piercing highs, bit or too much recessed mids, soundstage, “hot”ness, etc.).
    *BUT* the current setup is also pretty great since I’m able to discern way more details as never before – it feels so much better and closer to reality (concerts, live play, etc.) also the horrible v-shape and times of piercing treble is close to gone – the excessive loudness and masses of people is what is scaring me currently off of real concerts. Having concert-class / super high end IEMs would allow to either listen to the music or vids of concerts without compromising hearing health or getting panic attacks.
    Though I’m not greedy (my current “end game” would be the T800 or P1 from Tin HiFi at some point) there’s always the wondering what true TOTL (top of the line), innovative musical gear, would sound like with e.g. listening to 24bit FLAC live recordings of Bob Marley and other legends. That price is sadly out of my reach (and probably will be for a very long time considering triaging of finances).
    Since planar drivers have been recommended multiple times already, getting the AMT would be at least one level (or even multiples) upgrades in superiority vs. the “regular” planar drivers, I assume – which would be a nice treat.
    The gear with the obravo though would connect to me on multiple levels:
    – music – more closeness depth and realness to the experience, artists and connection to music itself,
    – better focus on the experience itself – most, if not all, current earphones are uncomfortable after a few hours due to the characteristics of my ear canal so, assuming the Ra C Cu would deliver better in fit, that would also put away with the hurt and uncomfortableness.
    – east (Taiwan) and west (Germany, AMT) [also through personal bonds, reaffirming and strengthening those] – finding balance and getting best of both worlds (in terms of music, spirituality, mindset, technology, knowledge, etc.) – balance is ultimately what we’re striving towards in life
    – classical/steampunk (at least it looks a bit like that) and avantgarde – don’t currently really have any of that but really like those directions,
    – rediscovering music when it’s presented “realistic and rich[ly”: most of the music I listen to is either through low to mid-class headphones, loudspeakers, the TV, car radio and other average sources which doesn’t do it justice – thus I don’t really know how most of the music of artists truly (“life-like”) sounds – the Ra C Cu should “fix” that
    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    Honestly there might be folks in the comments / replies that might deserve it more as it’s in line with their profession and life’s passion – however Music also was and still IS “my first love” thus all of us indiscriminately truly deserve those.
    With the advances in personal growth Music simply isn’t just Music anymore – it’s an expression of our deepest core and nature. It can trigger long lost (forgotten) memories of the past (perhaps even past lifes), facilitate processing childhood and adolescence traumas (with lots of crying and reflecting during emotional, instrumental “Epic” music songs or also movie and game soundtracks) – help with growth and balancing, meditating (Marconi Union Weightless, e.g.). And that’s what I’m currently using it for: growth, expression, healing – and this I can pass on in the medical field, in the practice, to the persons I’m working with via my being – striving to become a role-model on all levels that others can grow and learn from.
    On that note – I’m contemplating on making those a present for my parents who helped me with making it through my education – only the best is “good enough” for the best dedicated parents on earth !
    In short: because most of the time we can’t have truly “nice things” – and with nice things come other nice things, it’s like a butterfly effect – towards a better earth …

  • Reply September 10, 2019



  • Reply September 10, 2019


    My personal favourite dap/audio source has been an old Beosound 2 mini MP3 player. I lost this one a while back and couldn’t find a replacement. The closest I could get to the black background and luscious sound was a tiny little slider phone sporting the B&O ICEPower amp – Samsung sgh F400. So this will continue to be my favourite source.

    – While I do have a wide list of sources – ipods with the Wolfram DACs, Samsung galaxy phones, Fiio X5 Ii, lotoo paw, LG v30+, my favourite is still the Samsung sgh f400 phone. Combined with the many hundreds of hours of listening, building in muscle memory to drive the tiny buttons and painful interface of the phone, and forgetting all that over the music starts flowing in its velvety trail.. magical.

    Deserve is a very strong and pompous word. I will be very happy to win the giveaway. I don’t think that anyone can qualify to say that they deserve to win. You people choose the lucky (indeed) one.. hope I happen to have the luck for the same!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Dragan Kostić

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with

    I will be using it strictly on my custom made 3.5mm jack out on the back seat of my Rolls.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    The gear doesn’t connect, it’s the music that’s doing the connection.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    Because it mates well with mahogany interior in my overpriced car.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Marc Vitug

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    On the go, i will be using my M11 and on my desktop, it will be with the ifi Nano BL

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you.
    My setup is nothing special or over the top but nonetheless, these are the items i found performing way beyond their cost. These two are special as they are the first two audio gear i bought aside from iems.

    – Why you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu
    Everyone is deserving, it’s just a matter on who is luckier.

  • Reply September 10, 2019


    What a Great give away!

    I’m a real noob in everything that has to do with high end IEM!
    I guess I’ll have to ask Some friends to help me with the set-up, nevertheless I’m intrested in all kinds of music and I would love it to explore a whole other level of sound experience when I would win this Great price! Nevertheless I’ll have my fair shot to enter this contest to win this super high end IEM! Fingers crossed!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Matt Boyce

    I would use this with my SMSL-SU8 DAC and THX AAA 789 amp using mostly Tidal and mp3/FLAC files. I love this gear because anything with aplomb and is audibly transparent with no distortion or noise introduced that would be perceivable to the human ear. This gets me as close as possible to hearing what the artist intended.

    I honestly don’t think I deserve to win these any more than many of the other posters here, but I have loved music all my life. No other form of media provides as much of an emotional connection as music, and this is a level of gear that I would otherwise never experience.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Erik Hajnik

    – I would be using them with my Chord Hugo TT2, which is great to feed most power demanding planar-magnetic headphones, as well as the most sensitive IEMs, like oBravo Audio Ra C Cu.

    – I will use words of one classic: “Because it sounds good.” 🙂

    – Because I would like to fall in love again with some IEMs. Last time it happen with Jays q-jays original and it’s been several years since then. I will treat them best I can and enjoy them every day!

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Paul Healy

    I’d be using the Ra with a variety of gear. iFi iDSD BL would be a primary source, which would provide a good deal of power for them, as they are a bit harder to power than some IEMs. If I still have my Chord Hugo TT2, I would definitely be using that as well, as it is my current reference DAC.

    I love my set up, using the Kinki EX-M1 as my amp right now with my hard to drive planars, and it just seems to work really well. I’ve slowly built up and changed out components over the years, but I am really happy with how things are sounding nowadays 🙂 It just works.

    Do I deserve the Ra? Maybe, but others may deserve it more. I would love to review the Ra for my blog and on Head-Fi, and I would never be able to afford a pair.

    Thanks for the opportunity, good luck to everyone 🙂

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Umut Bugra Kalkan

    Firstly, It’s great to see these events. I think everyone has to join that audiophile family.
    I will be use this iem on Ifi Micro Dsd or FiiO x5iii, i have not decided yet. I’m not into my setup because i use 7 years old Fischer Dba-02 and Kz Zs10 pro, but BA drivers and flat sound makes me happy so im kinda happy with Fischers. The important part is i deserve that iem. First of all i live in Turkey. Its hard to reach iems. Mostly i have to buy iems from abroad and there are so much taxes. I study in a college and its make me have to buy only used iems from anyone else. when conditions are so difficult, i think i deserve this iem and i hope i will get that iem. September 30 is the day for me. Finger crossed 🙂

  • Reply September 10, 2019


    I like to think of myself as simple man who appreciates heavenly sound….but on my budget.
    That being said, I have an iPhone x connected to a Chord Mojo. I can only dream of the sound coming from these sublime IEMS. I am a mobile guy and I have my gear with me at all times.
    I love my set up because it’s small, simple to use and sounds pretty damn good. Like a photographer and his camera, so am I with my audio set up, it goes with me everywhere. My gear brings me to where I want to go. Listening to music is like traveling. Depending on where I want to be, I put on the sounds that bring me there. It’s freedom by way of sound.
    What more could oBravo want that a customer for life, a customer that travels with their IEMS, appreciates the look and sound of beautiful piece of fantastic sounding art. I am not a collector of IEMS, I just want a pair to last lifetime, and I know oBravo can provide that, and I can provide them with the care and attention they truly deserve.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Ohad Maishar

    – I’ll be using a Drop+THX 789 headphone amp with a new soon-to-arrive Schiit Bifrost 2 (or my speaker-ring’s Schiit Gungnir Multibit till then) DAC.

    – The actual reason I love my gear so much is that: 1) I spent a lot of money into it, 2) I honestly think it sounds amazing (at least with my current MrSpeakers Ether CX) and 3) the most important one – I just enjoy listening to music with it.

    – Lastly, I genuinely don’t think I deserve to win this crazy award. But it would be great if I did. Anyway, I pretty much hope that who ever wins it will enjoy it to its most.

  • Reply September 10, 2019

    Tawera Browne

    What I use: Initially, will be using with my Cowon Plenue D but I’ve been looking for a new DAP to push some larger headphones with so having the Ra would expedite that search – also thinking of a Mojo+Poly combo. On the static side I really love my iFi Retro 50 (tone controls!) but I imagine I’d prefer a more silent amp.

    What I love: Both the Cowon and iFi amp have tone controls. I always go back to neutral in the end but sometimes you just want more extension, or the music to rock your very core. Also enjoy my Musical Paradise amp for rolling through various tubes.

    Why me: I really enjoy detail and playing with pushing the most out of my gear. I’ve slowly been going after my end game and recently bought my last pair of speakers (Dynaudio Confidence C4), or so my partner hopes! For headphones I reached the pinnacle with the Hifiman HE1000 and have no desire to upgrade from there. With the Ra’s I’d have everything I could ever need, I would then start exploring the wonderful nuances of amp and dac influences.

    Not sure if I would be the best recipient but iem’s are something I’d happily explore further, good luck all.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Salih Bayraktar

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    Hopefully with the HIBY R5 I will be pre-ordering very soon!

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    For me it all comes down to the feeling I get when I listen to music. Everyone has a different interest in their lives that gives them that extra push in life and for me its spending time with my Empyreans whenever I have a rough day. What I love about my Empyreans the most is that they truly are the most “neutral” sounding headphones I have owned. It made me enjoy so many different genres that I didn’t quiet prefer before, and helped me re-discover some of my all time favourite albums.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I haven’t owned a good pair of IEMs due to a unique in-ear condition I had. Although this didn’t disable me from enjoying IEMs, it made it really hard to look after them and I was too scared to shell out £££ on something I would end up damaging. Although not curable, my condition is treatable and I have been symptom-free for enough time now to seriously consider going back to owning IEMs. I am even in the process of ordering a DAP (most likely the new HIBY R5) , to get me started. Deserve is a big word and I would not say I deserve these IEMs more than anyonelse here, but it sure would be awesome to get back in to IEMs in the most awesome way ever!

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Faiz Mohammad

    If I win this, I’ll get myself a sr15.I currently have pioneer xdp-30r and I love it.
    My favorite band just released their latest album after a 10000 days hiatus,Tool!
    I love my setup because it’s my escape route from reality. Push the iems on your ears and you can gaze through a different world with your eyes closed.
    I think I deserve to win this because I never had a true high end setup, I have participated in almost every giveaway of this website for last 52 weeks.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Emanuel Co

    I’m currently using a Cayin N5ii and will still be using it if I win this Ra C Cu iem.
    I love this DAP because it has the most transparent sound so far in this price range (appx $350). And I think it will have a nice synergy with this iem.
    I just hope I can win this time so I can experience and enjoy this high end iem, because I’ve never experienced any high end gear in my life so far.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Taro Aspiras

    I currently don’t have a set up yet as I’m using my smartphone (Samsung S10e) for music lately as I sold my ZX300 last month. I’ll buy a set up/dap just for this, probably will be back and forth at a store for a few times just to find the perfect pair for this (at least for me).

    Portability and comfort. As I have little time when I’m at home. I’m currently using a local made CIEM. I was just too lazy back then to find eartips that will give a good fit on a UIEM. But if I win this it will start a new journey of me finding a good tips for this (if the tips included doesn’t work out for me or my girlfriend). As this is my first ever CIEM it does have a sentimental value so I wouldn’t sold this even if I was chosen to win this.

    I’ve been sharing my love for hi-fi with my girlfriend for a couple of months now. When I’m checking for iem on a store I let her try things that I think sounds good (so you know, when we live together I wouldn’t have a hard time convicing her when I want to buy a new gear 😁). This will be the first high end IEM that I can share with her if ever.
    I’m also planning to share this with our local community by bringing this to our local meet as the opportunity to listen to something like this doesn’t always come to everyone.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Daniel Zmau

    I would be using these ultimate IEMs with my MojoPoly. I love my mobile setup as because it gives me the best sound per pound without any compromise while on the go. This little rig pours music straight into my soul, it is that good!

    I deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu as much as any of the Headfonia fans running. Good luck to you all and let the luckiest girl or boy win!!!

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Edy Tansil

    Finale with a bang!

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?
    I probably will use the Ra C Cu with heavily modified XDuoo X3 (first gen) with copper casing, matched with this gem. In case it need more power, Lehmannadio Linear stands by.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    I love my setup because it sounds…organic.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    This is hard. I deserve to win this just like everyone else here. Music is one way for me to destress, decompress and wind down. I think Ra C Cu will contribute greatly to my mental health, since it helps me to escape.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Ronnie San Jose

    Wow. This is the grandest of all portable audio giveaways.

    If I am to win this holy grail iem, I would be using my WM1A dap to power this beast on. It’s not the best but I am sure they will pair magically.

    I am so in love with my set up as I do hear the music just come alive when I wear my gears. It’s the closest connection you can have on all audio category being right in your ear and having all the music sing inside your head.

    I deserve it. Everyone does. There is just so much that these babies can do but everyone deserves to hear what the best audio has to offer.

    So Goodluck to everyone and more power to Headfonia.


  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Hil Jacques

    What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?
    With my AR-M2 or my Pathos Aurium

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    Because they are the betters… for me.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    For go an another audio land!

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Anton Borromeo

    – Will be using it with my AK kann

    – Music is my drug, It Helps me ease my mind after a long days work. Listening to music takes me to my “Happy Place” where I can leave the world behind for a few hours every day after work.

    – Tbh, I don’t deserve it, but i do WISH once in my life, i get something for free, especially when that something its related to something very dare to my heart , which is music.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Ali Meriluoto

    I wiil use it with my AK SP15. I was not really bigest fan of IEMs and only IEM that I use is IMR Zenith ( own also Isine 20s, but dont see them as IEM), but recently had a chance to try these very beasts and simply fell on love with them.
    Music is my passion and sound quality matters to me as well. So I love high end gears but can’t always afford them cause I have kids and even though I love music, my kids come first. So I want them but I can’t afford them and I hope that I cn win them☺️

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Joe Gstettner


    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    Well, at the moment, nothing good enough. This will be the start into a new era of “end-game”. Thinking of some vintage premium audio gear, at least my Technics 1200 MKII will remain. And my collection of loss-less audio files.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you.
    The Technics MKII is something special to me. As a child my parents would not allow a TV at our house, so the only entertainment on raining days would be books and music from the turntable. The Technics brings back memories and so this is something very precious.

    – Why you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu
    Well, does anyone deserve to win? We all should have the same chances as we all love high end gear. My reason to enter: at the moment I don’t have any money to afford something like this. Founding a company and working with guys I want to work with, took all my money. And even if we will have success, it wont break the bank to buy in-ears at this level.

    Good luck to anyone.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Teo Yong Shun

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    I will be using this with my current Opus #3 as well as my Lotoo Paw 5000 mkii

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you.
    I love my gear because every part of my gear is funded by my saving. It is my motivation to work and save. I choose wisely what I like before buying.

    – Why you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu
    Based on my saving rate, I would never have the chance to own this so this could be the only chance in my life to win this. I would like to thanks Headfonia for this chance!

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Sean Herbie Chua

    I will be using this with my Note 9 since it is the one i use for listening to music on my commutes, work, home, and relieving stress. When I was young, i hated music thinking it was noise, especially because of my dad who loves playing music at 75% volume. He simply told me that one day, i will also like music. As of now, i can’t see myself living a single day without music.

    I believe that i deserve to win this pair, because i use music to help me get through the day and to focus on the ups rather than the downs in life. In commutes, especially in the Philippines, the traffic eats a minimum of an hour or two, but with music, it makes it a lot more enjoyable. In work, it gets quite boring doing repetitive task, and again with music, it not only makes it more enjoyable, but at times it even boost my productivity especially when you get to listen to a new song you like so suddenly thinking, why is this song not a hit or where was this song hiding that i just found it now. I also let my workmates borrow my gear at times, poisoning their hearing hahahahaha. just kidding, but in all seriousness, i do lend them my gears. When i feel quite depress, listening to music lifts my mood. Doing chores at home, with music, it makes me focus on the song instead of complaining that i am tired. Well, those are my reasons and hopefully i get chosen.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Neo Hock Kheng

    I’m planning to run this out of iFi Micro BL if i do manage to win this.

    My set-up consists of the iFi Micro BL connected to my laptop or just my Samsung S8 if i’m on the go. I find that the Micro BL is powerful enough to act as an amplifier for headphones and i don’t see the need to purchase a seperate amp yet. I like using Micro BL’s Bass+ & 3D buttons to switch things up from time to time and this DAC has given me so much utility over the past year.

    I’m at the age where i’m paying down a lot of my money on expenses – mortgage, child’s education, etc. So don’t think i could ever get to purchase these IEMs anytime soon!

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Tomislav Podnar

    I`m using lovely iBasso DAP.
    Deserve? I just wan`t to immerse my into music with best possible sound 🙂

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Jae Haan Yong

    I dont have any other gear at the moment. But was planning to get a Fiio M6. I could get a Chord Mojo if i win this giveaway. Music has runs in my blood since I was little from performing in Church till deejay-ing in clubs. I had to give up performing due to frequent tinnitus. Now that I fully out of danger and I am more knowledgeable to take care of my ears. I am keen on willing this beautiful pair to hear from distinctive notes from productions.

    Why you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu because, I am no better of a musician or a person on the street. But perhaps i am more passionate about sounds and music.

  • Reply September 11, 2019


    – I (generally) would be using this with my Cayin n6ii

    – My current setup is delivering good sound quality on the go

    – I might not deserve these super IEM but it would be great upgrade to my current IEM

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Inaki Lauzirika

    10kUSD in my ears!! Can’t imagine that!! 🙂

    • Reply September 11, 2019

      Inaki Lauzirika

      I would be using a brand new Chord Mojo with them.

      I love the timbre, detail the mojo comes out with. I don’t really know if I deserve a 10K audio gear set, but this is the only chance to be the proud owner of such a great value iems set.

  • Reply September 11, 2019


    I can’t listen anything with that!!

  • Reply September 11, 2019


    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    I don’t have any high end audio gear but If I win this adorable thing, I take some credit from bank :))

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    My setup really cozy, I love it but need some supply!!

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I trust my musical ear, I can improve with that.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Wiily vlyminck

    It seems the best was kept to the last. I will use my A&K SR 15 as it can deal with any kind of in ear/ headphone for that matter. No idea if I deserve this, but it would be nice to have an in ear that was build without compromise and have the best possible sound.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Jeffrey Chang

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    I will be using it with my audio opus #2 and will also try it out with the Lotoo PAW Pico.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    It’s simple because the opus #2 sound amazing. It’s synergize well with my current Sony IER-Z1R and the combo is addictive.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    To be honest, i have never tried any obravo product before with so many good reviews of it, I would like to try it out for myself to see what it is all about. I know i cannot afford the obravo flagship so maybe i can ger lucky. Nothing to lose.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Jaren Teo

    I dont currently own any high end audio gear but winning this would certainly make me get some. Perhaps an ifi black label?
    I love my gear that I do use because while it aint much, its still what gets me through everyday.
    Why I deserve to win? Seeing stuff on this site is just too tempting to resist buying into these higher end stuff and winning would be my first step towards that endgame.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Elvins Chacha

    I am a home based music writer, singer, but struggling with make-to-do equipment. I currently own a used keyboard and a synthesizer, this would be the best thing ever to happen to me to see my song writing gets to a noticeable level. I could also use it with my phone when travelling or trying to sleep.

    There are many reasons this equipment would fit my setup, first, I live in a communal small apartment where only a thin three-ply wall separates me from the next door neighbour ( I live in a third world slum in Nairobi) and so its very noisy to try to concentrate, with this, according to the reviews I read about it, it will be the cure to that issue. No one I know owns this in Nairobi, I would be the first to have one, and I may even help market them in Kenya if not Africa one day.

    I am hoping to win this because it would be one best thing to help bring a smile to alot of people in my life; my disabled mum loves the inspirational music I write, it soothes her pain away, its hard to find anything to be happy about in this part of the world, this would be the most treasurable and most expensive thing I ever owned.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Wojtek Cicherski

    In my audio family, my ear will be the best partner for oBravo.
    Astell & Kern AK1000, Kann Cube and Questyle CMA600i will help me achieve the best sound.
    These are sound-balanced devices and will allow you to get a good sound.
    My audio is me. Music drives me and audio has been my passion for 30 years. I am 48 years old but every new equipment allows me to be born again. Let me be born again with oBravo.

  • Reply September 11, 2019


    Amazing quality with crisp clear sound would send rhythms to my heart, sweet tunes to my ears.

    • Reply September 11, 2019

      Philip Leung

      – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with

      I have tried the Ra C Cu in an audio show and it’s amazing. It’s out of the world and different from any IEM that I have tried. The more power you give it, the better it performs. I will use my Hiby R6 and aroma audio A100 amp with PS100pro for listening on the street. When at home, it’s definitely better to use a desktop amp. I will drive it with my father’s Oppo HA-1 and Asus Xonar Essence One. Or use the Hugo2 with the A100+ps100pro combo when I am working in front of the computer.

      – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

      I need to travel for long distance to school/ to work for many years. Music helps to wake me up in the morning and to relax after a day of work when I am on the bus. Without music, those few hours of traveling will be boring and lifeless.
      With the advanced technology in portable audio, high quality music is now more easily accessible. Simply plug your IEM into your DAP and you are good to go. I bring along my IEM and DAP whenever I go out. I will also bring a pair of spare Bluetooth IEM in case of running out of juice. To me, music is a significant part of my life and my audio gears are the channel to deliver the music. They are as important as my mobile phone. I cannot leave home without them.

      – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

      I love the sound signature of Obravo IEMs. But the price tag of Ra C Cu is too harsh for an ordinary employee. So I purchased the Cupid few months ago in order to enjoy the Obravo sound at just a fraction of the price. The Cupid is still very well built and produce great sound. But still, the Ra C Cu is the TOTL IEM from Obravo. I still cannot forgot about it. Listening to the Cupid just make me want to own the Ra C CU more and more. If I have the chance to win, I would love to share its unique and breathtaking sound with my friends in the audio world here in Hong Kong, thanks.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Ondrej Melicher

    I will use this hi-end IEM with my OPPO HA2 se.
    My setup is providing me the sound that relaxes me after a long day.
    I deserve oBravo C Cu because i dont own any hi-end IEM

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Ivan Parshenkov

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with

    Currently, my setup is quite below par for TOTL. (Q1mk2 + Billie Jean)
    Given that this is a ceramic version of Ra, something like iBasso DX220 (not sure which amp module, needs testing) or maybe Cayin N6ii would be a good match.
    Although, power might be an issue. Hugo 2? Who knows…

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    I like Billie Jean for it’s dynamics and texture. Whichever woofer Jerry Harvey chose for lows and mids does an amazing job with both, while the tweeter adds sparkle without any offense. My only qualm with it is the lack of energy at around 1kHz, which makes it sound properly V-shaped on some tracks. (as opposed to mild V / U-shaped on most material).
    After listening to it for quite some time, I think I’m ready to move on to something more refined and speaker-like, with better staging and more forward vocals.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    Deserve? I probably don’t.
    But maybe luck will be a lady for a time…

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Sreenivas Naidu Raman

    – I’d be using this with my desktop setup of Topping D50+JDS Atom and my portable setup comprising Fiio X5iii+Fiio Q5. Hopping to add a Monoprice Monolith THX AAA 887 to my collection soon (with a new balanced DAC).

    – My setup is perfect for me because my collection is all FLAC from my own CDs collection. I don’t stream anything. I just listen to my collection on an endless loop when and wherever i feel like it.

    – I want to eventually endgame my head-fi gear. No other IEM can be considered endgame compared to the oBravo Ra C Cu i suppose.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Chase Mosby

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?

    I’ll be honest, I would most likely sell these if I won. I would use the money to buy a Blue Hawaii amp, Dangerous music Convert-2 dac and a set of Mr.Speakers Voce (or Stax 007). This is basically my endgame.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    I don’t have any gear besides a beaten up set of Sennheiser Hd558 but it felt like a pretty potent jump from the cheaper gear that I was using before them. I love reading comments from those who heard exceptional gear that was able to elicit an emotional response. There’s so many cool stories about people being taken back to a particular point in their lives through the magic of music. I long for the day that I get to experience the joy and euphoria that others get from their setups.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    Everyone has the story of starting off with a cheap setup and working their way up. It would be cool to start my story off with my endgame gear and exploring the wild world of audio from that perspective.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Ernie Winfield

    Will use with my roksancd player chord dac and black cube headphone amp I have mid level cans but all bought at a discount or used
    Why I love it – to me I love the clarity of my system
    Why I deserve them because all my gear is second hand and saved up for I would love to have something that was good enough for or better than my system that’s new
    Could never own these unless the lottery dropped for me

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Rob Guzman

    I would be using these with a Chord Hugo 2 and Woo WA7.

    I just got into headphones, DACs, and amps in the past year and love them because I hear news things in music I’ve been listening to since I was a kid in the 80s. I love the experience of music being outside my head and the incredible amounts of detail. It connects to me by sitting on top of my head! However, it also pulls at me emotionally in a way music never did before, and has lead me to explore different genres and artists I have not before, just to have the experiences.

    I have trouble saying I “deserve” these IEMS, but I have never owned anything but cheap earbuds for in-ears, and I have to fly quite frequently for my job doing health education with recently released prisoners with substance abuse issues. Great IEMS would make more sense to travel with than over ears. I would never be able to afford something like these, as I’ve been a social worker my whole life.

    One of the major events which prompted my delving into audio was dealing with the intense stress of 2018. I live on Kilauea volcano a few miles from Fissure 8, which pumped out so much lava and toxic gasses in 3 month that scientists are saying it’s the biggest eruption here in 250 years. There were hundreds of earthquakes per day, including a 6.9 which I thought was going to destroy my home, but only caused a few thousand dollars in damage. I had to evacuate for 6 weeks, leaving my small banana farm to suffer and costing my family $30,000 in lost income. Myself and most people in my area have a bit of PTSD from all of this. High quality audio has been an amazing and beautiful escape! Wouldn’t it be cool to award these to someone who grows 70 types of bananas? Well that would be me!

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Matej Striezenec

    Hi, i just want to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU HEADFONIA, for doing this 52 giveaway.
    it was an amazing thing.

    And good luck to anyone entering.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Skirmantas Milius

    A: I will be using audio gear produced and constructed by my favourite audio engineer, anthropologist, shaman, Bavarian cream enthusiast Vaffliu Byrgagovychzc. The amp / dac combo is code named KishtMisht and is available for purchase to no one other than me and the love of my life starting now. A bottle of Chambertin-Clos de Beze is no longer included as part of the purchase – although previously promised by someone who promised not to break any promises.
    B: I love the setup’s sound. It is rich, full, deep, expansive, but also precise, detailed, clean, layered. The balance is beautiful. Both cerebral and emotional listening experience.
    C: I deserve to win this oBravo masterpiece because it is my duty to experience Keith Jarrett’s piano as only oBravo can render it. There’s also the sound of Lyle Mays’ keyboards that would be pleasing my ears. And Pat Metheny’s guitar would sound great too through oBravo. Les McCann’s groove demands me to employ this earphone. Woody Shaw’s trumpet would sound fantastic. And Freddie Hubbard’s. Michael Brecker, Jan Garbarek, Sam Rivers – their saxophones absolutely must be heard through oBravo. I must then own oBravo benchmark earphone. Claus Ogerman’s strings will sound as lush as fully resolved tannins in Guigal’s La Mouline. I want to hear Elis Regina sing through oBravo. I want to hear Jobim sing. I want to hear Rudy Van Gelder’s production through oBravo. And Mizell Brothers’ also. I will take a wild guess and say I will appreciate the joy, beauty, refinement, elegance and sophistication that is oBravo like no other entity in this realm of ours. I will now quote Gilles Deleuze, but since I suddenly no longer remember his quote, I won’t. I want this earphone to become ineluctable in my life. I have nothing else to add.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Don Puckett

    I am homebound and pass the time with music. A friend loaned me his Denafrips Ares DAC. I am pairing it with my Schiit Magni but know my IEMs are not up to the capabilities of this DAC.

    Deserve it? What does one do to deserve it? I can say that I would love to experience the capabilities of this set-up beyond the abilities of my Tin HiFi T3’s.

    Thank you for a year of diverse products to dream about. 😉

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Ronen Weiss

    ak120 + earphones, or laptop + ifi amp.
    small size and plenty of music.

    Big thank you for all these giveawys.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Brian S

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with

    Let’s be honest, I will use it mostly with my LG V40. I’m not going to hook it up much to my Canamp or my Herus. It’s an IEM. I’ll be listening on my bike as I ride around the lake! The V40’s a fine source. I’m not going to pretend I need something else.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    It’s a PHONE that has a DAC in it! I can organize my library well, my girlfriend doesn’t think I’m silly or nuts lugging a bunch of crap around with me, and when I win these things, I’ll let her try them, and she’ll say something like ‘huh, they feel weird in my ears…I don’t like them.’ I’ve been into headphones for 30 years, so I’d say that is a pretty deep connection!

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    A: My mother says I’m a handsome young man.
    B: I can’t afford them and even if I could I wouldn’t buy them – so logically I should win them.
    C: The last thing I won was a Nintendo. The old gray one. It came with Super Mario and a subscription to Nintendo Fun Club.

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Jon Weckle

    I could use this upgrade. I watch a lot of DIY videos and also workout in different locations while I travel for work. I use mostly apple products. This product could really help me upgrade. Plus I work on military installations and it could give the product some exposure to many clientele.

    • Reply September 12, 2019

      Deni Setiawan

      I’m a diy geek for a long time. I built my system and tune to my most liking on appreciate a music.

      – I would pair the obravo ra c cu to my diy ad1862 dac using nfa iv conv to feed my 2 phase SE outout hpa to sing my 16 bit 44.1khz wav file of my 70-80’s collection.

      – i love my set up so much since it can deliver kind of raw music with a nuance and space of musicality of my collection, its so fluid and bring those joy of music to your soul

      – i deserve to win this baby obravo ra c cu because i can put my highest appreciation on this baby, to be my partner on my music appreciation and joy moment

  • Reply September 11, 2019

    Jeffery M

    1) What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with

    I would LOVE to listen to these IEM’s with both my desktop gear and my DAP gear. For desktop i would use my schiit LYR2 and do a little tube rolling. For my DAP gear, i would use my FIIO M7.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    Great question. I have had a wonderful adventure..first with headphones and then with amps/dacs/daps…each time ive discovered so much more from the music i love and discovering new music. At this point i have gear setup: home, home office, work office, and for travel. I love getting the most out of my music.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    Hmm…ill answer with a story..when i was in high school i heard a song on a bus and it connected with me in a way that none had before..it was before the internet so i scoured record stores till i could find someone to help identify the song (It was Baba Oriley). Since then ive had many similar experiences. What ive come to realize is that while everyone pretty much likes music, for some of us, perhaps a select few, music connects with us on a far deeper and passionate level. Delving into headphone/amp/dac/dap culture has helped me experience that feeling on an even greater level. Therefore I would be privileged, honored, and humbled if i were able to win the Obravo Ra C Cu and have the chance to experience music like never before.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for this series of contests..y’all are a great site!

    Peace .n. “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams” w. wonka

    Jeffery M

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Richard Toh

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with

    Ans: well, being the starving audiophile, I find the best value in Schiit. I bought a used Modi and Magni. As I do most of my listening on the move, my LG V30+ with Tidal with MQA is as good as it gets. I have a pair of large Audio Technical ATH-M50. And when I find the M50’s too bulky, I switch to my Noble Audio EDC.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    ANS: it’s affordable so I can spend more on my Spotify and Tidal subscription.
    I get a kick out of my gear because it’s portable ( LG V30+ and Noble EDC), makes great music and puts a smile on my face.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    I’ m the lucky one ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. I’ve been a loyal subscriber to your page for years
    2. I think your reviews are honest and dependable
    3. I think your 52 week Giveaways are fabulous
    4. Headfonia helps promotes personal audio
    5. Headfonia is one of my daily reads

    Thanks Headfonia

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Larry Hicks

    I am just starting out in the music world. these ear buds would be a great start THX

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Joshua Loke

    My modest desktop setup is a Resonessence DAC
    The Concero HD is its name, consisting half the act
    The other half, Cavalli tuned, a solid tube hybrid
    This rig I love because it gets me tapping on my feet

    This combo’s technically not the best, nor is it very expensive
    But the sound through HD650s is immersive and expressive
    The audiophile seeks something that is not just better sound
    But experiences of music that are waiting to be found

    The oBravo joins the 650 for listening at home
    The Sony WM1A is the source for when I roam
    It’s technically capable yet musically fine
    A clear window into music, in my hand at any time

    I deserve to win the oBravo not by luck or charity
    But through beauty of expression, and the joy of poetry

    *P.S. Thank you Headfonia for all these years of wonderful reviews and great reading! All the gear I’m using is also a result of reading the reviews right here.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Hin Yui Wong

    1. Leave a comment on this post, explaining

    – I’ll be running it with my trusty Chord Mojo/Ibasso Dx200 with Amp1 MK2 on the go, and the Chord Hugo 2 at home with Massdrop THX 789 Amplifier.

    I love the chord mojo for its fun yet incredibly detailed signature.
    The Ibasso Dx200 for its versatility (I have 5 Amps to choose from).
    The Chord Hugo 2 for it’s incredible timing and detail.
    Massdrop THX for clean power. Mixing and matching these gear allows
    me to find my ideal sound signature for each earphone 🙂

    – I’ve been reading and following reviews here for the best part of 3 years. I’ve worked my way from cheap 15 USD earphones from Age 12, to using Campfire Andromeda;Ibasso IT04; Flare Audio Pro 2 HD & Sennheiser HD 700 now. The journey has been amazing and I think the oBravo will take it to the next level! I am keen to distribute and spread the joys of portable audiophile, and this is the exact tool I’ll be dreaming of.

    Although I haven’t won anything yet, I think the giveaway is great for bonding and growing the community. Thanks for the great reviews and info 🙂

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Antoine Beaucourt

    – I will be using these gorgeous oBravo Ra C Cu with my DAPs Shanling M5S and OPUS 1.

    – To relax, to discover always new kind of feelings coming from original albums.

    – Just a question of luck, to be able to possess these terrific IEM, but inaccessible for my budget!

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Taku Yamamoto

    – Have a Cayin N5 hooked up to Vorzuge Vorzamp Pure via ALO 22awg. I’d imagine driving these oBravo’s via this setup would be a dream come true.

    – It’s the best setup I have yet. The sound is magnificent beyond belief. Cayin N5 is notorious for the warm yet powerful sound signature which matches with the music I listen on my down time, but when I want to listen to more uptempo music, hooking it up to the Vorzamp adds much more power, drive, and a tad more clarity that brings my music to life.

    – I’ve been an avid headfona reader for the past 3 years. Though I love the content, and drool over all the possibilities I can have, monetary concerns are a drag and I’ve staggered at mid-tier IEMs for the past 5 years now… I am in dire need of an upgrade, and this opportunity would definitely be a killer for my high-end tier entry (an end-game even!)

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Andrey Polikarpov

    I will use it in conjunction with a homemade DAC/Headphone tubeamp.
    Because I live in a poor country and music is one of the only pleasures, if not the only one.
    I really want to win. And to put an end to the search for the perfect sound)

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Indira Ferrin

    WoW, that’s the best iem’s to finish with!!! I Will use it with my fresh new dap ibasso dx220 that I ma sure will be great with the obravo, my setup will be perfect cause reproduce the sound in a reference way bringing out the soundstage and width. I deserve to win cause I never tríed an iem sooooo good and I am not sure to have the chance to listen it in the future. Good luck!

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Asiri Senaratne

    Thank you for the chance to enter. My responses below:

    I will be using this amazing IEM with my Hugo2 which will be fed an eclectic mix of music in any number of bitrates via my Dell XPS-13

    As a music lover first, and audiophile second, investing in components of the quality of the Obravo’s allow me to focus when I want to focus, and lose myself when the moment arises (or artists inspires). I often joke that I’m the person I am today because of the music I listen to, and the level of fidelity I listen to it at. Punching out a 12 to 15 hour day at work wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have the gear I have. My system is a gateway to connecting with the artists I love. It takes me closer to the messages they convey and allows me to hear it how they intended it to be heard.

    I don’t think I’m any different to any of the other hundreds if not thousands of commenters. However, talking purely of my own experience, know that if I was lucky enough to win these amazing monitors they’d be going to someone who listens to music for at least 50% of my day. They’ll be well used and well loved as i’m sure Obrava designed them to be.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Frantisek Formanek

    I will use this wonderful IEM with Steinberg UR22 mkII connected to my laptop for monitoring while making music and for the pleasure of listening to HD FLAC files or CDs. I will also connect it to Hercules DJControl JogVision for pre-listening and monitoring during DJ sets. Lastly, while on the train, I will listen to music through my lovely little friend Shanling M0.

    Each piece of my gear triggers a different memory. My AKG K240s have been the 1st introduction to the sound beyond phone-complimentary in-ears and I still use them almost daily (oh, the sweet memories of exploring the intricately hidden sounds in my favourite songs). A few months ago, I’ve decided to buy an on-the-go combo of Shanling M0 and iBasso IT-01; they’re a perfect pair and when I’m not in the mood for reading after a long day at work, I connect those two and let my ears be washed in colourful soundscapes.
    Every single piece of my gear is valuable for me not only because I’ve bought them all with my savings but also because they’ve all been selected with great care after many hours of researching.

    I do not feel I deserve the oBravos any more than the fellow music nerds who have entered this competition. Frankly, I feel that some people, especially those who are not lucky enough to buy their own gear because they lack the extra money, would deserve the IEMs more.
    What I can say though is that if I win the oBravos, I will not be awe-struck by them and leave them lying in their glossy wooden box; I will put them in my ears and will listen to hours and hours of music until my ears start to hurt. It will be a great reminder of my first days with the AKG K240s when I simply didn’t want to do anything else but enjoy their pure sound.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Nelson Leong

    Currently using the Hyla ce-5 with the Ibasso Dx150. If i win this pair of iems, I’ll most likely upgrade to the Lotoo paw gold. (been eyeing it for a while now!)

    When i purchased the ce-5, it seems to give me the right amount of subbass on the lows together with just enough sparkles on the highs without being sibilant. Paired it with the Dx150 for better imaging and tighter bass.

    Well, in an interesting time where a lot of people seem to be really entitled, I wouldn’t say i deserve to win this really incredible set of iems. However, my wife would definitely be thanking you for gifting me a pair of end game iems. With that, i would definitely spend more time changing diapers, washing dishes and cleaning the house (Whilst listening to them) than reading reviews for my next upgrade! Lol.

    “I’m in!”

    Ps. Hope you don’t ignore this entry. 🙂

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    robert wisker

    To win this awesome prize would answer my prayers. I am currently using an Astell & Kern 70 Mk11which I found on Amazon for the crazy price of $375.00. I also have a Sony NW-45A which I really like. I had head so much about the Astell & Kern I had to try it. That is top of the mark for me as I am disabled from work and live on a fixed income. My wife is very understand about my audiophile hobby but we could NEVER afford 10 grand. Not in this lifetime:) I would use the prize with my current gear. The earphones I use now are a pair of Flares Pro and I think they are amazing but not in the class of the Obravo. I believe I would be the happiest person on earth if I won this amazing prize.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Tomas P

    I will be using it with Jolida FX10, because that’s the best I got. I love it as it brings me the tube sound that may not be to most accurate, but definitely the most pleasing 😉
    And why should I win – I am not sure if I deserve it, but definitely my spending priorities are with my family and kids at the moment and not with audio gear 🙁

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    David Escamilla

    1. I would use it with oBravo Ra C Cu and my DAPs Shanling M5S.
    2. Because I have it completely assembled to my liking and my needs.
    3. Because I participate every week in your incredible giveaways and I need this magnificent prize to increase my work table.


  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Teng Wen Bin

    Thank u for your generous giveaway and good luck to everyone!

    1) For home use, will use desktop -> Khadas Tone Board (DAC) -> Fiio A3 amp
    For on the go, will use Ziku HK-X9 DAP

    2) My setup is mostly budget stuff but I find it is quite good for price to performance ratio. I listen to music for fun, to destress and also I do play in a band occasionally so I require my stuff for stage monitoring now and then.

    3) I don’t have any top of the line stuff costing > $500 USD. I’m just a humble music lover so I’ve not tasted any TOTL gear or recieved any review samples, so would be very honoured to try a TOTL gear like the oBravo Ra C Cu.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    jeannine glen

    i am a music lover but the only pair of earphones that i have cost me 9.99. with the cost of living the way it is that was my budget. can’t even get my head around a pair costing so much. this would be amazing and a dream come true.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Leslie Melo

    1. If I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous IEM tomorrow, I’d honestly be using them with my Topping NX4 DSD. I know, I know, it’s no Woo Audio WA11 Topaz, and I’m sure it would be considered “inferior” for these IEMs in any audiophile circle, but I’m frankly very happy with the Topping. It’s got a great DAC, a clean amp with enough power to drive all of my current gear, and it fits nicely into my college student budget. I love being able to listen to any of my gear, anywhere.

    2. Currently, my setup consists of a modified Fostex T60RP with Dekoni pads for home listening, and a set of Tin HiFi P1’s for on the go listening. I guess if we’re including everything, I have a cheap set of Phaiser BHS-790 IEMs for when I want to listen to music or podcasts while moving about. I listen to all of my gear (except for the Phaiser of course) with the Topping NX4 DSD.

    I think part of the reason I connect with the T60RPs and the P1s is because they make music an emotional experience for me like nothing else can. They reveal music to me in a way that I don’t experience in my day-to-day life (no one else in my family is really into the high end audio scene). Music is everywhere, and it plays a part in almost everyone’s life. But, slipping on my T60RPs shows me music in a way the rest of the world doesn’t. I can always count on the warmth and clarity of my T60RPs when I want to sit down and relax. Plus, I love being able to shatter the minds of people who have never heard anything nicer than their Earpods, and then I watch the look on their face as they realize, “Wait, music can sound like THIS!?”

    I think I also connect with the T60RPs more because I modified them; I tuned the sound to a point that I was personally happy with, and for that reason, they are unique, and special to me. There isn’t another pair on earth exactly like them, and I don’t think I will ever sell them, because they were my first serious over-ear headphone purchase. Besides, not many people want to buy headphones that weren’t professionally modified, so I guess I’m stuck with them :).

    3. Do I deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu? As much as I wish I had a good reasons as to why I do, I can’t come up with one. There’s nothing I’ve done or do that qualifies me for deserving to receive a $10,000 IEM. However, if I was chosen to receive the Ra C Cu, it would be an incredible honor, and I’m sure I would be counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds before it arrived at my door. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a moment of life-changing sound; I’ve never listened to a pair of headphones or IEMs worth more than about $300, and I’ve always wondered what something like this would sound like. Frankly, I’m sure it would break my mind and ruin me for lesser gear for the rest of my life. So please, shatter my brain, and leave me babbling in a mental institution as I cry out, “Nothing sounds as good as the oBravo! Nothing sounds as good as the oBravo! NOTHING SOUNDS AS GOOD AS THE OBRAVO”.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Semih Akaba

    I just wanna say what the fuck is that?

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Zachary Smith

    1. Chord Mojo
    2. Music is the single best thing in life. Why? If you are ever feeling down, music is the remedy. If you need motivation, music is the answer. If your ever excited, you can jam it out. Music is like a different world to me. It is my escape to a better place for me.
    My setup is campfire Lyra 2 + Mojo (stock cable) second hand.
    3. IEMs have been the only way I can escape to this paradise. I don’t have enough room to setup speakers (one day I hope so), and headphones are not portable enough or as isolating at IEMs. IEMs is the only outlet for music listening. I feel that I am worthy because my music connects me in a way that I can’t find anywhere else. I may never be able to afford such a system but still I thank you Headphonia for the chance.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Ryan M

    This looks absolutely Amazing

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Chris King

    First of all, thank you for this amazing and unprecedented giveaway! I know I speak for most of us when I say this product is well beyond anything we could ever imagine purchasing for ourselves. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a truly top of the line piece of audio gear.

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?

    I would use these incredible IEM’s with my very modest setup of Tidal>JDS Labs OL DAC>iFi micro iCan SE. I am a very frugal shopper and always try to find the products that offer the best bang for the buck. I have managed to content myself with getting the gear that gets me most of the way there. I’ve never had deep enough pockets to chase those ever-diminishing returns that high-end products represent. That’s not to say I haven’t drooled over them and imagined their effortless ability to bring me more fully into the music I love.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    I think of my audio gear as a means to an end. That end is, quite simply, the music. In my opinion, the greatest audio equipment in the world should be invisible. It should do it’s best to get out the way of the music. Obviously this is very hard to accomplish and expensive to produce. I cherish my current gear because it’s the closest I’ve ever come to this ideal (and I know it’s not all that close). I think we all try to lose ourselves in the music to an extent, and the better gear makes this easier to do. I love the gear I’ve got and am very thankful to have it, but it would be beyond incredible to win these phones from oBravo.

    – Why you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    One of my favorite things about getting new and arguably better audio gear is it gives me the ability to hear a song I know and love as if for the first time. The upgraded equipment, whether it be headphones, amp or DAC, often opens my ears to some subtleties or details in a song that I have never been able to discern before. It’s as if a veil has been lifted, and there’s no going back to the inferior listening experience of my old equipment.

    I really enjoy giving sharing this experience with others too. I can’t count how many times I’ve sat down a friend or family member and had them listen to one of their favorite songs on my setup. For those of us that have had nice headphones for a long time, it is easy to forget the feeling one gets when hearing your music come alive on a quality setup. The smile on their faces says it all! I think these oBravo phones might be able to give me this magical experience again. Over time we audiophiles get harder and harder to impress as we’re spoiled with better and better sound coming at lower and lower price points. I certainly don’t deserve to win these more than anyone else, but I promise that if I do, I will do my best to share the joy these bring me with countless others. Thank you again for this incredible opportunity!

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Lidson Mendes Ramos

    I will use Xduoo XP-2.
    My setup at the moment is Moondrop Kxxs and Xduoo XP-2, I love why I can use it connected to my smartphone in a portable way.
    Maybe I deserve less than some colleagues, I do not have high-end high-end equipment, I live in Brazil and here is difficult Hobby. If I get this equipment it will be the only way I can try the oBravo.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Manuel Argueso

    Hi guys.

    Ill answer your questions hoping to be lucky this time 😊

    1- I will use it with my xDuoo X20 and so probably with my class A portable amp Aune B1.
    2- I like my actual setup because ive been loving music since i can remember and its the best system i have got, revealing and joyful.
    3- If i deserve to win this (?) is because i need to gear up my system and i dont think i could ever afford this. And because i love the style of these earphones and would like to discover a new dimension in musical experience.

    Wether i Win or lose, thank you for all these giveaways.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    g ma

    not entering this one, but if I were, I’d have to purchase more equipment, proper synergy w/Sony PCM-D100 +maybe another custom copper cable? What really would have been a grand blowout in grander style to this yr long giveaway, that would spread the obravo love much better, imho &make many more friends of headphffonia- would be a grand finally that had same $ value, but many more winners than just *one*…One is the loneliest number…3dognight.

    Not one, but <3<3 Cupid winners, ftw<spread the luv…cupid, get it?<do I win for pithiest/cheekiest comment

    wha… better than billionaire Oprah saying &u get a car, &u get a car…etc.

    real email, can't publish my real name on the internet-that would be stoopid <unrelated pending litigation …btw, autocorrect spelling, is a pita.&"unrelated" is a standard dictionary word.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Nathaniel Estilloso

    My current setup is a Fiio Q5S with the new THX AAA module. Fun stuff. I have it paired with my Campfire Audio Comets and although it is overkill quite a bit, it is also damn fun.

    I’d probably buy a proper amp/DAC like the Woo Audio WA8 (which I am keeping an eye on) or the Chord Hugo 2 which I’ve demo-ed quite a bit with a friend’s Andromedas. (which sounded phenomenal)

    Do I deserve this? By no means am I worthy for something so high end, but I would like a taste of how truly high-end audio sounds like. I’ve only ventured there through some friends who were kind enough to lend me their sets but I would love to one day own anything truly exceptional.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Ignacio Catena

    – I’ll be using S.M.S.L. SU-8 DAC and Massdrop THX AAA 789 headphones amplifier, because this IEM might need enough power, being 182 Ohms and 105dB/mW. Low output impedance from THX 789 also helps with damping factor.

    – I love this setup for its TRANSPARENCY (flat frequency response and very low noise and distortion in both DAC and headphones amplifier) and its VERSATILITY:
    1) Headphones amplifier:
    Single-ended and balanced outputs.
    Low output impedance, three gain settings, powerful amplifier. This allow to use all my low impedance sensitive multi balanced armatures IEMs and all my power hungry headphones.
    2) DAC:
    Many types on inputs. This allows connecting many sources, like TV, players, computer, etc.
    Balanced output in DAC (besides of single ended). This allows to connect my bi-amplified monitors and headphones amplifier at once, using a XLR splitter.
    Remote control.

    – I don’t know if I deserve oBravo Ra C Cu more than other people. But it’s the only chance I have to ever own such top IEM. It would be an stellar gift and help in the bad moments I’ve been spending for last years.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Bo Tao

    I will be using it with my favorite DAP, the Cowon Plenue S.

    This is my ideal audio setup because it allows me to FEEL all the intricacies in the songs I like best.

    “oBravo Ra C-Cu” sounds like a cool product name. I’ve never tried their stuff before, but would be excited to find out–the joy of discovering something new is what keeps me in this hobby, after all!

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Shiva Singh

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    I have a Schitt stack on my desktop, Modi mulitbit feeding and Magni amp, and a Mojo for portable use.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you.
    Having been in this hobby for many years I finally have a setup that I am satisfied with. While not high end compared to many rigs, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything.

    – Why you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu
    I don’t really “deserve” a giveaway like this, but as an owner of several other high end headphones/iems I would never even audition an IEM at this price range. This would be my only experience with something this exclusive.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Bradley Brooks

    I’m in – Sorry I couldn’t resist, hopefully I don’t get ignored.

    Now for the true answers.

    In the last year or so my listening as shifted so I am currently listening 80% off the time at work. The work environment is a FIIO X5III with 300GB of audio files, great variety and decent sound. If I want a little more power or tubeness, or I need some mood lighting, the music gets piped through a little dot amp.

    The setup works well for me in a couple of ways. My work environment isn’t huge and even without a wifi connection I have the option to choose between hundreds of hours of music depending on my mood. Second when I want to tune out the world I can put in my CIEM’s and the world goes away and I disappear into the music. On those days I don’t want to stick things into my ears I can easily switch to headphones and everything just works.

    Deserve is a hard one to justify. I am not sure there are many people that deserve a $10,000 set of IEMs, other than a few of my favorite artists and a couple of people that I respect in the industry. What I can say is that they will get used. I listen to music somewhere between 6000 and 8000 hours of music a year.

    Thank you for a great year.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Erdal Tokat

    I will be using this audio gear in the house. I will not use it outside never 🙂 First I will try it with my laptop, that I have realy good audio cart in it, and then, I will by a proper dac just for Ra C Cu.

    My setup is somehow a basic one but this situation make me want and hope better ones so much. It does not matter how much the setup is expensive. Once you get somehow good output, you are going to love your setup even tough you know there are always better ones.

    Once a person know how to listen the music with a good setup, I think there is no turning back. And in time, people can create enthusiasm to the music gears. So, I think that this type of people deserve this beatiful oBravo Ra C Cu.

  • Reply September 12, 2019

    Anderson Yamamoto

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    My current setup (Fiio E11 + Meier Audio Headsix) isn’t really high end enough to honor this IEM, but having this big of an upgrade is a good reason to improve on everything else.
    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you.
    I love my setup because it was built gradually and required a careful and detailed research on sound quality+cost benefit ratio at a time when importing electronics was difficult and expensive for me. So each step up was a discovery in itself.
    – Why you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu
    I think it is very difficult to reason that someone deserves it more than another. As long as the winner uses this IEM and appreciates it as it is meant to be, then they deserve to have it. So, good luck to everyone!

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Frank Paquet

    I would use the oBravo IEM’s with both my home setup and my portable gear

    Krell KAV300I integrated amp
    Music Hall MMF-5 turntable
    Anthem CD1 CD changer
    NAD C546BEE single cd player with USB
    Nakamichi DR3 cassette recorder (really)
    Schitt Asgard 2 Headphone amp
    Magneplanar MG10QR speakers
    M&K V125 12” powered sub woofer
    Sennheiser HD580 cans
    Grado SR80 cans

    Portable gear:
    Fiio X1 player with Cayin C5 amp
    Klipsh X11i earphones
    Sennheiser HD580

    I love this setup so much for it’s clarity and sense of space. It never ceases to amaze me just how fine it sounds. The Maggies are a constant source of joy. The Schiit/Sennheiser combination is musically very satisfying.

    The X1/Cayin combo allows the X11i phones to breathe

    The above gear (home and portable) allows me to immerse myself in the music.

    Why do I deserve to win? Well, to be honest, I’m not really sure. But, I’d love to win an exquisite set of earphones such as the oBravo just to hear how great high end earphones can sound. Plus it would encourge me to upgrade to a high end DAP

    Thanks for the opportunity
    Frank Paquet

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Erik Labelle

    I’m obsess by audio gear pairing. Okay, i’m obsess by audio gear in general, wich explain why I call myself NymPHONOmaniac and always read your reviews with romantic envy. I believe every earphones, headphones or earbuds have a singular soul, and we most listen to this soul before disovering its true color. If I underline audio gear pairing, its because some iem need proper amping or dedicated setup, like an anaytical or warm DAC-AMP, or very powerfull one.

    So, I do not know right now what setup will fit this supreme flagship iem, perhaps my Ibasso DX90, perhaps the DX90 pluged into my Xduoo TA-10 hybrid tube amp, perhaps any DAP connected to my utra powerfull vintage Sansui AU D-5 solid state amp, perhaps it will sound good directly pluged into my new Xduoo XD-05plus DAC-AMP? I don’t know, but one thing sure, it will became an obsessive quest to find the very best pairing possible for such luxurious earphones….it deserve serious respectful dedication.

    My setup is about versatility, I love it that much because I can always find a way to make good pairing, Even for iem I think you need trustable audio source that can deliver plenty of clear power and pristine clarity. DAC are for subtle sound flavor, AK is smooth, Sabre ES is analytical, Cirrus CS is textured, so having different DAC can be like mixing the right colors togheter to create musical painting. Yes, I love creativity of diversity.

    I don’t really think I deserve this more than anybody that is poorer than me. Here in Canada I deserve it, because i’m poorer than 95% of people, but if I think internationaly, well, i’m surely richer than alot….still, if I will never buy a 1K iem, I will sure never be able to buy those or even listen to those….because, well, in Canada, there no Canjam! Or any important audio show. Yes, big part of my audiophile life is due to luck, should it be buying a TOTL used iem pair or receiving it for review work. One thing sure, if i Win this dreamlike Obravo, I will non stop talk about them and share impressions everywhere I can, should it be headfi, facebook, my website, my friends, the police man that arrest me because i’m biking with them in my ears, I will share THE LUXURIOUS AUDIOPHILE LOVE!

  • Reply September 13, 2019


    — What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    I’m using Opus #1, AK120, DTR1, Nocturnal Atlantis, Customart Fibae2, Shozy Neo BG

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    I love all my gear because I can combine them to listen what I genre want. For example; AK120 and Neo BG great to listen classic, and jazz, Opus #1 and Fibae2 good for EDM, DTR1 and Atlantis excellent choice for serious listening. We are like a family that everybody has their own responsibility.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I’m not special and I don’t deserve more than anyone here. I’ve almost signed up every giveaway that you posted, and this is the last one, of course I would like to win like everyone else. I’m an audio enthusiast, music lovers, audio gears addicted, so I have no more words to say. Good luck everyone.

    Thank you for your all giveaways, it was an amazing party.

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Leandro Berry

    Thanks to Headfonia for 52 weeks of this giveaway – I sincerely hope you have found it rewarding and worth the trouble. I know I’ve had a lot of satisfaction daydreaming winning any number of the assets you put up, this one included

    Should I be fortunate enough to win, the first stop for these IEM’s will be my desktop setup which consists of my likely underpowered Dragonfly. Of course, these IEM’s would demand an upgrade and I would peruse Headfonia’s content accordingly, but have been looking for an excuse to get into Schiit equipment…

    I’m very content with my current setup (Meze Classics, aforementioned dragonfly) as it meets all my humble needs while being compact, uncomplicated, and as far as I can tell very good value. There is a decent deal of wear and tear at this point which makes it easy to reflect on the time and investment made in listening to the music that has brought so much to my life.

    I deserve to win because I complied with all the rules laid before me, and seem to have been selected at random by your giveaway software. No, I don’t deserve to win, but I can absolutely guarantee that I would never, ever, afford myself such a luxury (I have a child and one on the way), so this really represents one of the few chances in my life to hope for this marvel of engineering and artistic expression.

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Ng Pak Tao

    I will use it with my Cayin n6 mark ii (T01 module) since those are the only power sources I have got…? I recently got broken btw.
    Just kidding. The reason I choose these setup with this in-ear monitor is that Obravo Ra C Cu is hard to drive as shown in the review at Headfonia website. For portable daps, Cayin n6 mark ii is one of the daps that has a powerful source yet a relatively small form factor than the flagship N8.
    I love the clear, natural sound signature of the T01 module. I think Obravo’s iem will fit the sound of it.

    The first time I tried this iem can be traced back to last year’s hi-fi exhibition. The sound was a godsend when it was connected to a powerful source. There are no other iem that can produce that airy soundstage than Ra C Cu, then the price tag pulled me back to reality.
    As Headfonia give us an opportunity to get this luxury item to the general public, the impossible wish now becomes true.

    Thank you Headfonia for providing this giveaway to all of us.

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Cheong Joawin

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    I will be using it with my portable gears such as Chord Mojo and the Fiio M11.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    I always loved the sound of the Chord Mojo and the combination an form factor allows excellent audio when I am on the go.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    Frankly I do not think I have much chance to win given that I had never won any of these similar giveaways. I always just purchase the products that I like thru reviews and personal auditioning instead of waiting for deals or giveaways. However, it will certainly make my day and an achievement if I am lucky enough this time.

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Thomas McDonald

    I would connect these via balanced cable to my EarStudio ES100.
    I love and connect to my system so much because it helps me to escape the pain and suffering of each day.
    I deserve to win because I truly appreciate the euphoric audio experience.

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Laszlo Kiss

    I would use this IEM with a Chord Mojo, Ibasso DC01 + iFi Audio iPurifier3 combo, and a E1DA #9038S.

    I have started my audio journey with an AIAIAI TMA-1 (what I still have and adore) and a Fiio’s early E7 DAC/AMP. Since then I changed gear in numerous steps, arriving to the above listed sources that I am very happy to be able to use on a daily basis. I can opt anytime for the MOJO for a very well balanced open sound for almost all genres, and the ibasso DC01 when I am into electronic music or on the go. Recently I have bought the obravo Cupid, and I am really impressed by the sound produced by these beauties 🙂 I also tried the newly rediscovered earbuds starting from the fantastic budget VE Monks through the great Shozy BK to the jaw dropping Simphonio Dragon 3. I really like their open 3D sound through any of my sources. These sources and earphones make it possible for me to listen to my favourite and new music anywhere in high quality, without any noise, to just focus on the music itself.

    I listen to a lot of diverse music, sometimes focusing on a genre, period, and constantly looking for new, exciting musical pieces. Listening to music through earphones is a remote activity, but through sharing great new music found with friends it can become a community activity. That is why I make regular compilations to my friends from great new music found in a year, and also started http://www.audiomuse.eu to share my findings about exciting gear I tried, music found, great concerts, festivals attended. I think listening through the oBravo Ra C Cu would make it even more exciting, and of course I am really interested how it sounds based on my experince with the Cupid 🙂

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Gunnar Faber

    I do not want to win the Obravo’s!
    Let me explain. Until now I have been more than satisfied with my current audio equipment that is predominantly used for listening through speakers (Primaluna HP, Innuos Zen III, Chord Qutest, Sonus Faber Guarneri Evo, Rel G2 and Linn LP12 with ASR preamp). I just decided that spending more would be a waste of money for my 60 years old ears. The music just flows effortlessly and subtle or roaring (depending on the performers) into my listening room. My wife enjoys it too, which is a plus for our relation.
    With earphones (Sennheiser 580, Grado 325 i) I never had the same enjoyment as with speakers.
    But to be honest, when buying the Chord Qutest at a local dealer (earsunlimited in Delft, the Netherlands) I was able to hear the DAC through Mister speaker earphones and a Viva Egoista 845 headphone amp (costing even more than the Obravo’s). In one word: WOW!
    I quickly abandoned the idea of pursuing audio headphone heaven because the combined cost of high end earphones and this amp is -to be honest- excessive.
    So, if, contrary to my first sentence, I would win the Obravo’s I am obliged to buy the Viva amp and would probably only listen to music on my own.
    (For mobile use, the Chord Hugo2 would do for the time being; maybe I can trade in the Qutest)
    Thanks anyway for your excellent website , thorough reviews and for the opportunity not to win this last celebration give away.

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Thaddeus Ong

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?
    I currently have a Dragonfly Red as my dac. However, if I do end up winning the oBravo, I might just have to upgrade to an iBasso DX200 to unleash its full potential

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    I love the DFR’s convenience. I find that it elevates my music quality by quite a bit especially when comparing it to my laptop’s 3.5mm output.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    It’s the stuff dreams are made of. I could stop looking for the perfect IEM and concentrate on upgrading my setup from hereon.

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Petr Blaha

    Amazing iem…

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Kevin Yeoh

    – Klipsch Heritage Amp

    – Because it looks nice / Because it sounds good

    – I honestly don’t think so, my answers are pretty shit. Taxes will cost me $2000+ and for that reason, I’m out.

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Jin Wei Lam

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?
    I am using Chord Mojo as DAC/AMP and going to get Sony WM1A soon as my source. Tried the combo and it works well. I am sure they will go well with the oBravo Ra C Cu even though I haven’t had a chance to try this combination.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    It is very portable since I am studying overseas and I need to travel back and forth from my country to the UK. So portability is the most important for me, and IEM will be the better choice compare to headphones.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I have great enthusiasm towards head-fi but the price has been limiting my capability to own more iem. I have been saving money for my entire university life just to get my first CIEM. If I have won the oBravo, I could save a lot time to get a DAC and desktop AMP. But of course, I may not even able to afford the tax when it is shipped to me, so may be just a dream for me.

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Noah DeKok

    What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with

    I would use them at home with my Ibasso DX200 Titanium, at work on my RME ADI-2 DAC and maybe on the go with my Radsone ES100. I have a few other options I would try and I like to experiment to see what combo sounds the best!

    Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    Both the Radsone and RME Eq well and my Ibasso sounds awesome as is. All my gear gets a lot of use. I love listening to and discovering new music. At work, listening is like a mini vacation in between meetings. At home I usually listen to music before bed, which is my favorite way to unwind after a crazy day

    Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    Deserve is a strong word for $10k IEMs 🙂
    I would be incredibly appreciative if I won, would use them often and promise to give away a few pieces of gear not in use to pay it forward!

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Thomas Lee

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?
    I will be using this IEM with my PC (equipped with a EVGA NU Audio Card), my phone, and my Onkyo TX 5.1 AV Receiver that is hooked up to my sound system, record player, and CD/DVD player. I will likely purchase a DAP though if I win a high-end IEM like this to get the most out of it.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    Currently, I have a 2.1 sound system with Mission 760i speakers and Dayton SUB-1000. It is hooked up to my Onkyo TX 5.1 AV Receiver, which has further connections to a Audio Technica record player and old Samsung CD/DVD player. It’s not the most high end system, but I really enjoyed putting it together. On my PC, I have a EVGA NU Audio Card (result of a partnership with Audio Note) to cover my gaming audio/PC multimedia audio needs as I much preferred the ADC unit on the EVGA NU Audio versus the Mayflower ARC. Some items were carefully weighed as the best price to performance option. Others were the most I could afford at the time. I guess I love my setup because it’s the product of my own work, money, and research. I connect to my gear because it’s a reflection of my growth as an audio lover as I expand and replace my equipment. So in a way, my setup represents me and where I am at in terms of progress. From the memories of when I started with two ratty speakers from a panasonic stereo system I got at a garage sale; To the dreams of owning some high end NHTs in a 7.2 system with walls of IEMs and headphones to choose from.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I think I deserve to win (as much as anyone can deserve to win a giveaway) because I would appreciate what an amazing IEM the oBravo Ra C Cu is and treat it as the pinnacle of my audio gear collection. The jump in audio quality from my current gear is something that will be impossible not to notice. And the more I listen to it, the more I’ll learn and understand what good audio is supposed to sound like. Having high-end audio gear like the Ra C Cu can only expand and improve my listening palette, making me hungrier for better and comparable audio equipment all around. Also, headphones leave a terrible and noticeable dent in my hair so I exclusively use IEMs for portable listening. So these IEMs will get plently of love and use from me on a daily basis. 🙂

  • Reply September 13, 2019

    Stephan Kreinbucher

    I would use it with my Calyx M DAP. The calyx m has so many flaws but still there is yet a new player to join the market which can compete with it.

    I would love to hear such an expensive iem, especially how it compares to my beloved SpiralEars SE6.

    Thanks for the nice giveaways and best of luck to all 🙂

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Pete King

    Love to use these puppies with my modded Chord Mojo Kai, and the Alo CDM with Hiby R3 and R6 models (and W5 sometimes).

    Love my setup because I know it’s better than everyone elses (Pffft… typical audiophile!). Allows me to escape all the other rubbish that everyone worries about (Brexit blah blah).
    Maybe I deserve to win because my only Pair of IEMS, the QDC Anole VX you convinced me to buy (Thanks!) got pinched and I simply can’t afford to buy anything else that’s up to my standards (Go big or go home!).

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Adrian Eka

    When I get Obravo Ra C Cu, I will use it with player Astell&Kern SP2000 and sony DMP-Z1

    because this setup so natural and clear,and will be perfect if using top of the line obravo

    and this is my reason will end game cause I have it all.

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    petter wahlgren

    I will use Obravo with Chord Mojo, I really love the sound of the Mojo. The Mojo let me escape into music and time just fly away. This would be end game for me.

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Zulfananto Herdyawan

    Because i can’t afford high-end audio player or dac/amp yet, i’m still using my beloved S8 and lenovo gaming laptop. Not the best out ther but still a setup i really love.

    My main setup for now is my S8 and laptop paired with MSR7 and RHA T20. I really love MSR7’s mid and treble for classical and vocal music, and the warm sound of T20 for allrounder. A pretty perfect setup for my vast genre of musics.

    I don’t deserve to win this Obravo because there are a lot of other audiophiles here with better setup and more delicate ears, but i sure love to win so i can listen to music on completely another level.

    And also good luck for everyone here !!!

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Jonathan Jeraul M. Libante

    1. Ibasso dx160 – itching to drop the bomb since my x3ii is dying
    2. Simple setup (it04 + fiio x3ii- happy wallet, happy ears)
    3. I have what it takes to be contented for a longer period of time. End game is what Im chasing.

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Mario Acevedo

    1. What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?
    A. I will be using one of two DAPs the Questyle QP2R or the Shanling M5s, more so the questyle.

    2. Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    B. I enjoy a flat/balanced sound for a majority of my listening using the QP2R mostly with the Solaris and for needed warmth I switch to the M5s

    3. Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    A. Any IEM deserves to be used and I will use the Ra C Cu till the warranty wears out.

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Krairerk Wannapin

    A1: The top of the line is deserve for oBravo Ra C Cu is Astell&Kern SP2000 only

    A2: I’m really love SP2000 connect with my a12t, SP2000 give me a big sound stage, clear & clean sound ,deep bass rumble texture and quality of bass is superb. Mid is lean than cu version. It’s the key point why I should SS version

    A3: all o iem in the market deserve to listening for. oBravo is on my radar, this will be the perfect point to start with

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Kirilo Pavlenko

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with.
    Well, for now what i have – AQ Dragonflq black 1.5 and in near future i will try my best to buy something better.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    I’m new to this audio hobby/philia and for now what i have is Audiotechnica m40x and AQ dragonfly black 1.5. I start with small steps to feel every new component. For now this setup is missing better headphones.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I deserve them as every body else and like everybody who is commented here – i want to feel what is really high end sounds like. And that (maybe) will be will be the end for the endless searching for better headphones/iem’s.

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Anthony Serrato

    I spent too much time listening to my gear and not my music so I did my best to simplify down to one, somewhat simple rig. A fiio m6 as a digital source to a ray samuels Predator.

    I like the Predator because it’s simple to use, has great battery life, and a dark organic tone that never lacks detail. It truly moves me when I listen to music.

    Honestly, I don’t think I really deserve this IEM over anyone else.

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Sophia Wester

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with

    THX 789, and smsl su-8v2 and LG V20

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you.
    Well it measures well and provides a lot of power to power pretty much any headphone. It seems like the pretty iconic pair to my eyes.

    – Why you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu
    Well I never heard anything as high end as this, the best I heard are probably the SR-009 and LCD-4. I really would like to see what this can do in comparison.

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Alexandros Alexiadis

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    If I dare to use outside, my phone (poco f1)
    If I use it on my desktop the my lowly fiio alpen 2 (but if I win this I will probably upgrade…)

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    My setup is a sensible one due to budget constraints.
    I like it because it is a hassle free setup that did not require something special (my headset is a sennheiser 598sr so)

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?
    I honestly do not know.. Maybe the novelty of getting IEM’s that cost more than all my electronics equipment combined

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    SJ Ward

    (1) I will be using this IEM primarily with my ifi iDSD Micro DAC/AMP fed by a range of sources, including both hi-res audio download plus streaming (mainly Tidal) via my laptop and Android phone and 4000+ SACDs/CDs/Blu-Rays playing on several Sony Blu-ray/SACD/CD players.

    (2) I love my set-up because it is (a) reasonably accurate and musical, (b) very flexible (home office, office, on the road), and (c) great “bang-for-the buck” on a limited budget.

    (3) I would not presume to think that I “deserve” to win the oBravo Ra C Cu. But I would not be able to afford to purchase it if I do not win it. And I am confident that I would profoundly enjoy using it to listen to so much beautiful music. So I am grateful for your generosity in providing this opportunity and would be very grateful to win it. Thank you!

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Genadi Gramatski

    My current setup is very simple – RPi3 whit DIY DAC (based on ESS9023) and DIY headphone amp (I’m an old full-sized cans man), all this is powered with linear PSUs. This isn’t the best setup out there, espacialy for such hi-end IEM, but giving me happy listening hours.
    Yes, my setup isn’t somheting special, but I did a lot of work on it, and thus I love it, and maybe this saves me from having to buy a lot of IEMs (in fact, I usually listen mainly through speakers).
    I have never had IEMs, but I’ll be very happy to try these oBravo Ra C Cu as I am really intrigued by how it will sound compared to my circumaural headphones. And maybe, if I win, I’ll have to buy a better setup or have to make a very serious upgrade to my RPi setup.

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Lee Boon Ray

    I will be using this wonderful IEM with my Chord Mojo while I find a set up that will do it justice.
    I love my setup because it brings joy to me, when I plug in my IEMs, I go off into my own world with the music swirling around me. When I use different IEMs, it brings out something different in the music – neither good nor bad, just different – and this difference lets me truly enjoy the experience.
    Do I really deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu, I do not know, will I be able to use it to it’s fullest potential and enjoy the music that can be reproduced by it. But I know that if I do win it, I will cherish it greatly and brag about it to the whole world to let them know that good music can be heard from the comforts of anywhere and not just live.

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Jose Solorzano

    Will use it with Topping NX4 DSD which I’m getting next week.
    Love the resolution and clarity of my current planar IEM
    Every one who decided to participate deserves to win.
    At my age music is one way to get closer to God

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Matt Bolger

    I plan to use this for my music recording sessions while using SONAR.
    I enjoy my setup right now because I have new Turntable, so I am now able to add live cuts/scratches to my tracks and blend on the fly if I’d like to.
    I think I’d deserve to win these, because aside from my time recording, I literally wear earbuds 90% of the time when I am awake. Whether it be recording/mixing music, or just casually listening to new albums or my favorite podcasts while on the go or at home relaxing. The product well definitely see non stop use from me! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Agravat Nirav

    – i’m going to use nobsound R2R dac + apex glacier amp combo
    – without music a day become lifeless and the gears combined with music gives enough motivation not only to livebut to live with joy
    – Because i will be the happiest person ever after getting this and will treat it like my soul 😁. Okay ! seriously, i don’t have an idea. May be i deserve that because i m an audio enthusiastic who lives in house that costs 5 times less than this IEMs.

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Riccardo Galla

    What could I say? A dream IEM. Good luck to everyone

  • Reply September 14, 2019

    Mark van Deun

    – What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?
    * I will be using an OPPO HA-2, a FiiO K3, a Objective O² amp, and I am gonna buy a FiiO K5 Pro soon. Might also use a FiiO BTR-3. All great, relatively affordable great.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    * I love my setup because at first place, it is relatively affordable (I don’t have a huge budget). Per price/feature/sound ratio, it is great value. It also is a fairly compact setup, witch is great, because I do not have much desk space. Lastly, I do enjoy the aesthetics of my setup. It is always nice to look at good looking/stylish audio gear.

    – Why you think you deserve to win the ”oBravo Ra C Cu”?
    * In all honesty, I don’t believe I ”deserve” to win any audio gear that costs $10.000. I am not saving puppy’s from a burning house, nor treating sick people at a hospital, nor am I inventing the next big breakthrough in the cure for cancer, nor am I helping old people cross the street, etc. People who do these kinds of things should win prizes like this, or even more. I would be very grateful if I win the ”oBravo Ra C Cu”. If I do (fingers crossed) I should give some of my other in-ears to my friends, or family. Not all off course. I am no philanthropist. I do wanna keep some for my self to take out of the house, because a $10.000 set of in-ears, if I win them (fingers crossed again), they will not leave my house. Also, do the ”oBravo Ra C Cu’s”, a $10.000 set of in-ears, belong in a budget setup like mine (see my first answer)? I think they would sound fantastic in it and they would be a great gateway for me to save-up for some higher end audio gear.

    So, this became more of an opposite answer, ”why I don’t really deserve this prize”, because I am not really sure why I definitely deserve win the ”oBravo Ra C Cu”. It is just a very overwhelming prize.

    Well, good luck everyone!

    Thanks for the fantastic 52 giveaway’s Headfonia team!

    Congrats to all the previous winners and to the future winner of the oBravo Ra C Cu!


  • Reply September 15, 2019

    Josh Lawson

    looks awesome

  • Reply September 15, 2019

    Jonathan West

    -What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with?

    LGV20 most of the time maybe couple other DAY’s here and there.

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    It’s musical. I can enjoy the music for what it is and not critique it for what it’s not.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    I deserve nothing in life, everything is earned. Winning the bRavo Ra C Cu would make me absurdly lucky for I’d never be able to experience something to that caliber otherwise.

  • Reply September 15, 2019

    Phillip Wang

    – What audio gear will you be using with this super high end IEM?

    For on the go I’ll be using it with my Onkyo DPX1A and Shanling M0.

    – Why do you love your current setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you.

    I like having the android platform on my Onkyo DAP for the various apps base apps that I use to listen to music. For the M0, it would be the size for traveling.

    – Why do you think you deserve to win oBravo Ra C Cu?

    I don’t know if I deserve such a high end IEM, but definitely will value the opportunity if I was given a chance to win such a high end item.

  • Reply September 15, 2019

    Daryl B Becker

    1. I have the fiio q1 mk2 for portable my at home setup is a grace sdac-b and the liquid spark. I’m waiting for the thx aaa 889 from monolith that is coming out in a couple months.
    2 I just love music and sound it has helped me get through some crazy stuff I’ve had to live through and deal with.
    3. I don’t know if i deserve to win but I’ve never heard anything this high-end and honestly I’ve never won anything like this so i figured i’d enter because worst case scenario I lose.

  • Reply September 15, 2019

    Soumya Shanker

    What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with – I will be using it with my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and my analog synthesizers!

    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    My gear allows me to be creative and also listen to great music with the respect it deserves

    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    I have never really had a pair of great IEMs. I have used really good over the ear headphones, but not iems.

  • Reply September 15, 2019

    Hansel Ng

    1: I will be using it with the Hiby R6 portable player

    2: I am currently using it with an etymotic ER4XR – I have grown up with Etys (ER4S) and they feel like a part of my childhood

    3: I’m a regular Headfonia reader!

  • Reply September 15, 2019

    Jaeko Joseph Wong

    1. I’ll be using it with my trusty sony zx2
    2. Music and coffee is a part of my daily routine.
    3. Well, this thing will keep the music flowing and the coffee brewing. Thanks Headfonia.

  • Reply September 15, 2019

    Josh Meyer

    I don’t even know why I try sometimes.

  • Reply September 15, 2019


    Hey everyone .. its ankit here from India .. here goes my answers:
    1. I am a portable guy ..into family business so try to listen to music when I am in a cab ..or early morning exercise.. so for me it’s a dap … currently I have ibasso dx220 with amp 8 and dethonray dtr1 so I get to win this giveaway I would be using it with this daps .

    2. When I was a teen my friend use to had this apple ipod in college classes .. and I use to try to get hold of them for few hours ..as I was a music lover from childhood.. so it must be sounding crazy but music does connect me to my childhood ..although I am not so old ..i am just 31 but yes it connects me to early 2000 days .. well at this point of time my setups consist of ibasso dx220 and dethonray dtr1 and a little bear amp just to add that tube warmness when I am in that mood.. as far as my iems are concerned .. I have jh audio Roxanne siren series which I use for rock music … I have shozy pola 39 which I use for jazz music .which I like a lot .. I have obravo cupid .. which I use it for edm…and shozy neo bg last not the least I use this iems for castual listening as they are so small and fit my ears perfectly .so guess every gear is special to me .. ve monks.. to jh audio roxxane to shozy pola 39 because I guess it was never about the price but the sound which comes out of this beautiful iems

    Second part is what this iems connect me to .so I guess my iems simply connects me to innermyself ,..to my childhood days ..where we had no tensions no grudges .. just plain happiness ..so it helps me to me become 18 again .. and also helps me to relive me of my daily business issues ..literally when I heard dethonray dtr1 tears came out of my eyes… same goes for shozy pola 39 and obravo cupid my god such is a power of music.

    Well I deserve to win a obravo cupid .. to make me believe that yes I have a bit of luck on my side ..gosh I tried so hard like others to win a giveaway..but I didn’t win till now..may be god had saved the best for me .. on a more serious note.. I am actually a strict portable iem guy..due to my daily business trips and works..although I would love to hear a desktop setup someday ..may be by the end of this year. so being a portable iem guy this iem is especial want to hear what does a 10000 usd iem sound like .. although I believe price can never be equal to sound in this hobby …would never ever sell this iem … and I really mean it .. so not trying to make any money out of it .. winning this giveaway will make me more close to music …will make people how 10000 usd iem sound like will try to make people hear this iem .. will make them understand what music is all about.. and yes I have tried this with my dethonray dtr1 ..and guess what the person offered me to have coffee .. and cookies ..he is like u cant go just like that .. and make people happy is such a awesome feeling isn’t …!! So first I would never ever sell this iem ..second I am a portable iem guy and I love iems … thirdly I like music and open to genre of music .. but jazz holds a special place in my life.. and fourth to make me believe that dreams do come true it came true when I aspired to have a apple ipod in my childhood days when I cant afford one but now I have dx220 and dethonray dtr1 .. so dreams do come true

    I would like to end that it what I have written is from heart so may the best person wins.. no matter if I don’t win.. I also like to thank headfonia to come out of such a awesome giveaway.. till then my advise to all the audiophiles… just enjoy music .. doesn’t matter u have ve monks ..or obravo .. take care of your ears.. work hard ..so that u can atleast afford gears .. which can make you hear the kind of sound you like .

  • Reply September 15, 2019

    Sumeet Mandale

    For my portable setup I use lg g7 connected to ifi idsd micro black, planning to upgrade to dx220
    I love my setup because its highly versatile and can drive all my headphones including Hd650 and He560 with ease.
    Don’t know how to judge if I deserve them, but would be super ecstatic to own the epitome of iems.

  • Reply September 15, 2019

    Prabhdeep Singh

    What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with
    – Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?
    – Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    I’ll be using it with my iFi DAC/AMP on it’s sensitive IEM settings and I’m looking to buy THX 789 too soon. I’m connected to my gear for all the memories I had of the amazing first experiences with each one of them. I sell the gear I don’t like or listen to anymore and only have the stuff that I have cause nothing else replaces it for me. I’m a person who goes for best bang for the buck and thus have bought most stuff cause it offers me considerable amount of better expereience than anything I already have. I do this cause I’m no rich guy and have to use my money very carefully cause that is probably the only gear I’ll have in that category for a long time. The evolution of my gear reminds me of my journey towards a better sounding experience and knowledge and I’ll never forget that. I don’t know if I can be called the most deserving or not, but I miss the experience of getting blown away due to the saturated market of the best bang for the buck gear and I proabably won’t be able to afford such an expensive product.

  • Reply September 15, 2019


    I would love to win this IEM so that I could have something great to get me through a personal situation that will be leaving me hospitalized for the better part of a year with no music other than what I bring with me. I would be using it with my Sony WM1A that was gifted to me for just this occasion, and I’m hoping to possibly complete a portable setup for myself. Music gets some people through their hardest and darkest times. This will definitely be one of mine. Good luck to everyone, and here’s hoping.

  • Reply September 15, 2019

    Thijs Olgers

    I will be using the RME ADI 2 DAC in combination with a THX 789 amp, depending on how much power it requires I will either plug them in the THX or just run them off the RME 3.5mm IEM port. The versatility of this combination is so great since the IEM port on the RME ADI is so clean and if you want to run headphones over a balanced connection than that is also possible through the THX amp.
    Also the RME has so many settings you can tweak, it’s insane really.
    My wife saved up the money for me secretly so I could buy this gear in the first place, I first ran it with my HD589.
    This quickly changed to the HD6xx when my wife got me those as well.
    I would really love to win these since everytime my wife and I safe up for a new pair of headphones for me, something always comes in between and the saved up money goes there instead, I mean it’s better if it does go to something we really need or have fixed, but I still want to buy a new pair in the end. 😀

  • Reply September 15, 2019


    > What audio gear you will be using this super high end IEM with ?

    I’ll probably use it with my Topping NX4 DSD or my Audioengine D3, depending on if I’m using my phone or my MacBook. I tend to be on the move quite often due to the nature of my work so I’ll be sticking with a portable setup for the time being but i do plan to upgrade at some point. I’ll definitely get some better gear if I do win 🙂

    > Why you love your setup so much / Why does your gear connect to you?

    I love the D3 due to its ability to power higher impedance headphones despite its small size. I also like that it’s doesn’t add any coloration to the sound as I prefer a neutral sound with some IEMs. I love the NX4 because of the great build quality and the power it packs, its a great little portable DAC/Amp combo that rivals some non-portable setups, moreover the fact that I can charge it and use it at the same time through different ports is awesome 🙂

    The D3 was the first DAC/Amp that I was able to afford, and I bought it to use with my HD 58X from Massdrop. I’m still using the D3, although I now have HD650s but this sometimes reminds me of simpler times when I was discovering so many new aspects of the audiophile hobby and new genres of music with my first setup. I have great memories with the D3 🙂

    > Why do you think you deserve to win the oBravo Ra C Cu?

    Everyone deserves an equal chance to win, so why not me too? 🙂

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