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We had over 3000 people entering the giveaway which means the giveaway was an enormous success! The bad news is we had over 500 cheaters and fake entries in the database, all those entries were deleted. Then there were people that didn’t follow the three simple rules so they couldn’t win. It gave me a lot of work in the end but still I’m very happy with how this giveaway turned out.

It’s no surprise really as the Beyerdynamic DT770 headphone is a classic headphone and with its awesome price-quality ratio it is loved and used by a whole lot of people all over the world. Like I said it also is our most recommended headphone on!

The review of the Beyerdynamic DT770 AE can be found here:

The DT770 LE is extremely easy to listen to, it’s very non fatiguing and you can use it for multiple hour listening sessions without any discomfort. This DT770 is very detailed and very clear sounding. There’s nothing offensive with its sound. Bass goes deep and can be punchy when needed but is sometimes a tad loose. The mids are very nice as well, they don’t sound like the typical Beyer mids, sounding fuller and more upfront. Treble extension is pretty good but you won’t get any of the hot treble you would think you would get, it’s very inoffensive. The sound stage is wider and especially deeper and more 3 dimensional as you would expect it to be as well. It is very balanced and fast! Overall that makes is a very easy to listen to, musical closed headphone. “Smooth and effortless”


And the winner is…..

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