Lotoo PAW S1 Winner

Lotoo PAW S1

Our giveaway has ended and we have chosen a winner! Is it you? Find out now!

Disclaimer: Lotoo graciously supplies one sample of the PAW S1 to be given away to one Headfonia reader. Please note, that import duties and taxes are to be paid by the winner.

About Lotoo:

Lotoo is not a new name to the audiophile community, as their previous products have already been popular.

Founded in 1999, Lotoo has focused primarily on professional audio recorders and has only tipped their toes into the audio player market 15 years after their start. They introduced the PAW Gold as their absolute reference player, and legend has it, that it was only made because the owner of the company was not satisfied with what the market had to offer.

The PAW Gold has quickly risen to become a wildly beloved product. It stood out from the market with its unique looks and software, which could be described as rudimentary. To this date, the PAW Gold is one of the top players in the field.

In 2015 Lotoo released the PAW 5000, a much cheaper DAP, that again proved popular. In late 2016 they have released the hyper compact PAW Pico, a DAP comparable to the iPod nano, as it featured no screen.

Lotoo has always shown good interest in keeping their products up to date by offering new firmware versions for their players throughout all the years. To me it’s also very positive that they kept the Paw Gold as their flagship, where other companies push new products in a two-year cycle, they have just slightly updated the original and kept going.

After four years, Lotoo has decided to give the crowd a new version of the PAW Gold. Updated with modern features and a new interface. However, the PAW Gold will still be available and has not reached EOL (End Of Life) status just yet.

Lotoo PAW S1

Lotoo PAW S1

Lotoo released a more affordable version of the PGT last year with the PAW 6000. Just a couple of weeks ago we checked out the PAW S1 for you. If you need some specs, go to the review and see what it does and how it performs.

Here’s a little teaser to water your mouth for the PAW S1:

Overall the PAW S1 comes with Lotoo’s neutral but natural house-sound. It adds some body to instruments and musicians, but also comes equipped with high skills in technical abilities. As a simple DAC/Amp dongle solution I think it absolutely wins. People who don’t see the benefit of a Digital Audio Player but still want a higher quality experience should certainly take the Lotoo PAW S1 on their shortlist. On top of the great sound you also get superb EQ/ATE pre-settings that fit your current situation and two gain settings should you need it to go to eleven. Just remember, that the quality of your music files really matter with the PAW S1. Say no to resampling.

The Winner

We have had over 250 entries for our PAW S1 Giveaway, but unfortunately only one sample to give out.
The winner was chosen at random from all contestants and he comes from Europe. Portugal to be precise.

The winner’s name?

You will find out on the Second page. Just click HERE or use the jumps below! Drum Roll……

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  • Reply August 14, 2020

    Luis André Ferreira

    Oh my god!! Can’t believe it!! It’s really true? 😀 Thank you so much Headfonia and thank you Lotoo!!
    I applied to all last 50K giveaway and today is my lucky day!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…!!!

  • Reply August 15, 2020


    I’ll be in touch soon!

    • Reply August 15, 2020

      Luís André Ferreira

      Thank you Lieven! Very much looking forward 🙂

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