Picture Sunday: Lotoo Paw Gold – Undisputed

Disclaimer: This week’s Picture Sunday features Lotoo Paw Gold, one of the greatest DAPs around. It belongs to a friend of mine and this post is not affiliated to anything. Check out latest Picture Sunday posts HERE.


When I think about all the DAPs that I had a chance to listen to, and think about which ones were the most special and unique, Lotoo Paw Gold immediately pops up in my mind. This is no doubt an amazing piece of work. There’s nothing flashy here except the gold plated power button, navigation and volume controls. Nothing is intended to be as a part of a show, everything that has placed in this device is for nothing but pure sound quality. No nonsense.

I listened Lotoo Paw Gold many times and no matter how much time I had with it, it never fails to amaze me. It’s been around more than 2 years in the market but my opinion is, it’s still not yet beaten in terms of resolution. It’s just fantastically transparent. It’s the pinnacle of getting rid of the veils an reaching the music. It has something special in it’s sleeves and when you pair it with a high end IEM that can disclose the qualities of this DAP,  you feel like you’ve reached the top of the mountain.

A big battery, SD Card slot, duralumin alloy, sapphire glass screen, intuitive buttons, fast UI, Parametric Equalizer are the highlights apart form SQ.


I heard that Lotoo will release a renewed version next year so be ready. I have no doubt they will come up with a professional device again, just focused on sound. Although there are many choices and preferences in terms of features of a DAP, sound is what matters in the end. So from that standpoint, Lotoo Paw Gold is still one of the best.

4.4/5 - (27 votes)

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  • Reply October 27, 2017


    I have been also impressed few weeks ago by the lotoo compared to more recent DAP from Sony and Astell&Kern.
    I am hesitating as there might be a renewed version coming.
    Any news about the this renewed version?

    • Reply October 27, 2017


      No news yet. Follow its thread on Head Fi.

  • Reply December 26, 2017


    I just got a LPG and compared to my Fiio x5 first gen and my Shure SE846 I find it just slightly better. Like 20-30%. Improves in space/air around the instruments, resolution/complexity of timbre, and that’s it! Am I missing something? Is there something one needs to do to achieve this amazingness everyone is talking about??

    • Reply December 26, 2017


      Experience your LPG more. You’ll eventually hear that it’s much much better. Don’t be hasty about conclusions yet. That’s all I can suggest.

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