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In this blog entry, we look back at last week’s Headphone Camp in Germany. Picture Galore!


Disclaimer: Headfonia is not related to or the camp in any way. It’s just a very cool initiative in Europe.



As you might have seen on our Social Media channels, we visited the first Headphone camp at the new location in Heidelberg, Germany. It’s a 4 hour drive from the HFN HQ all the way to Heidelberg, but it’s well worth the trip. People even flew in to be there, that’s how cool it is.

Headphone Shop

The Headphone Camp is an initiative from, one of the major shops in Europe when it comes to personal audio. The brands they sell include: Astell & Kern, Campfire Audio, Meze Audio, Zeitgeist, Tailormade, Abyss, ZMF, Raal Requisite, Focal, Stax, Grado, Audeze, T+A, Spirit Torino, JH Audio, Final Audio, Noble Audio, 64 Audio, Fir Audio, Paltauf, Feliks Audio, Sivga, Sendy, Dan Clark Audio, Copland, Waversa … and many more.

That are a lot of popular and highly interesting brands all together in one place. So if you’re serious about personal audio and you’re in the market for one of these brand’s units, it’s well worth the trip to the shop to audition the gear.

According to Thomas Halbgewachs – the owner of the shop – the new location is a true head-fi’ers pleasure dome. Not only do you have almost 150 m2 dedicated only to headphones, in-ears & electronics but you can also experience a world-class selection of audiophile gear and visit a headphone cinema – powered by the incredible software.

You can also visit the world’s first headphone museum, featuring lots of ready-to-play gems from the last century, and check out lots of collectibles from legendary bands a. No other place is like the

You can visit the headphone pleasure dome in Heidelberg by appointment, or meet other head-fi’ers and people from the industry at one of the headphone camps. And that’s exactly what we did.

Headphone Museum

In the museum you can find the following gear, all in perfect condition and working order.

Nathaniel Baldwin (1915-20) – Beyer DT48 (ca. 1948) – Koss SP/3 (1958) – AKG K50 (1959) – Sennheiser HD414 (1968) – Sennheiser HD424 (1970) – Beyer DT204 (1973) – Pioneer SE700 (1974) – Yamaha HP-1 (1975) – Stax SR-3 (1968) – Stax Sigma (1977) – Sennheiser Unipolar 2000/02 – Koss ESP6 (1968) – Jecklin Float PS2 (ca. 1978) – AKG K1000 – Sennheiser HD540 Ref Gold – AKG K240 Sextett Cardan (1975) – Beyer DT440 (1976) – Beyer DT990 (1985) – Beyer DT100 (1965) – Sony MDR-3L2 – Sony MDR-MDR-4L1S – Koss Porta Pro – Stax SR-001 (1st gen) – Apple Earbuds (1st gen) – Bragi The Dash (1st gen) – Nakamichi Dragon – Sony CDP-101 – Sony Walkman TPS L2 – Sony Walkman II (1st gen) – Sony Discman D50 – Sony MD Walkman MZ-1 – Rio Diamond PMP300 – iPod 1st (2001) – Astell & Kern AK100.

Next to this extensive list you can also admire some real impressive collectors items, as you can see in the show report.

Headphone Camp

So what is this camp all about? At the camp, the who’s who of headphones, in-ears, and everything that goes with them is waiting for you, including some world premiers. this time I spotted (and listened to) the brand new AK SP3000, the DCA Expanse and the Meze 109 Pro. For some reason I missed the Astell&Kern and Empire Ears IEM collab. Sorry for that.

Next to listening to all the gear and combining it with your and all the available sources at the venue, you can talk with other guests, national and international audio journalists and business insiders. also provides you with little treats as well as some outstanding wines, craft beers, whisky, and rums… and an awesome 1947 Wurlitzer jukebox.

Let’s get this Picture report started! Click here to go to the next page and discover around +60 pictures of the gear and event.

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