Hidizs MS2 Review

Hidizs MS2

Today we take a look at the $89 USD Hidizs MS2 Hybrid IEMs.


Disclaimer: Hidizs sent us the Mermaid MS2 Hybrid IEM for this review, free of charge. I only covered the customs fees & taxes. All thoughts and experiences with the product are naturally my own. You can find more about it HERE.


Hidizs was founded in 2009. In the years it was founded, the portable equipment industry was just getting popular and spreading around the world. Tamson, the founder of Hidizs, was not satisfied with the players and products of that time, so he formed an R&D team to design better players and products to offer superior value over the competition.

They have been quite successful in this regard and have succeeded in offering many good products to the audiophile market. Over the years, they have increased their product range and started to design Hi-Fi grade earphones, DACs, AMPs, in short, everything that is portable. If you want to read more about the Hidizs origin and philosophy, click HERE

Hidizs MS2

The Mermaid Series

Hidizs has built 3 earphones before the Mermaid series. Hidizs states that it took more than 5 months to design and optimize the sound and the structure. They combined big diaphragm dynamic drivers with balanced armatures to get the best out of both worlds with the MS2 and MS4. Hidizs’ budget offering, MS1, features Hidizs’ newly developed 10.2mm polymer bio-diaphragm dynamic driver and aims for a balanced but engaging sound signature.

The MS4 features Knowles 33518 high-frequency driver unit, Knowles hybrid 30017 mid-frequency dual-driver unit, and lastly, Hidizs’ 10.2mm dynamic driver. The MS2 is the latest addition to the series and we will be reviewing it to find out its pros and cons. The MS2 features Hidizs’s newly developed 10.2mm large dynamic driver with dual voice coils and dual voice chambers. Hidizs combines this dynamic driver with a Knowles BA, 33518 to get the best treble performance. The dynamic driver is in charge of low and midrange. Additionally, the MS2 ships with a high-purity 4-braid hybrid (silver and copper) cable. Hidizs used AVX Tantalum capacitors to further enhance the sound quality of the MS2. Let’s dig in deeper.

Hidizs MS2

Packaging & Accessories

The MS2 comes in a small, square, cardboard box. The box sports some kind of glittery rainbow effect, much like the faceplate of the IEMs. The specifications and technical data of the product can be found on the back of the box. Hidizs also put the Hi-Res and Knowles logos at the right bottom corner of the top cover.

The package content is impressive for an 89 USD IEM. The MS2 comes with a gorgeous hybrid cable, featuring 4 braid config with high purity silver and ofc copper wires. The rose gold Y-splitter and the 3.5mm plug with black accents complement the hybrid cable very well. Hidizs included 6 pairs of silicone tips to offer good comfort and they did not forget about the carrying case either. The case is made of plastic but has a brushed aluminum top cover and it feels durable in hand. The accessories are made of good quality material and do not feel cheap. The MS2 provides a very good experience, especially in this price bracket.

Design & Fit

The MS2 has a quite flashy design. It features a phosphorescent, glittery faceplate. The MS2’s shell comes in 5 different colors. It is available in red, green, black, violet and blue. The shell material of the MS2 is resin and it is transparent. You can see the internals and the drivers inside. The nozzle is metal and it utilizes a wide-bore design. It is easy to find aftermarket ear tips to customize the sound. The shell feels plasticky although that is normal considering that it is a budget-oriented product.

The faceplate looks nice, especially under direct light sources. It disperses light in a way that you see rainbow-colored prisms inside the faceplate. Apart from the aesthetics of the product let’s talk about the fit and comfort. My experience has been quite positive with the MS2. I often forgot that I was wearing it as it is quite light and comfortable. The earphone sits snugly inside my ear’s concha, without any discomfort and irritation. The ear hooks of the chic-looking cable are soft and do not itch. The MS2 utilizes the 0.78mm 2-pin connector so you’ll have no problem finding replacement cables if you ever need them. The chassis is light and has quite a bit of empty space inside, therefore, the isolation is not as good as filled-shell IEMs. 


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  • Reply July 13, 2021


    which one is better, HZsound Heart Mirror & Hidizs MS2 ??
    esp, in term of :

    treble (high & mid freq) area?

    technicallities , like : micro details retrieval, resolution, separation instruments?

    which is closest to good 3d imaging can make holographic shape ?

    thank you very much…

    • Reply August 11, 2021


      Hello Muel,

      I’m sorry, I haven’t heard the HZsound Heart Mirror.

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