Hidizs MS2 Review

Hidizs MS2


The MS2 sounds fairly warm, musical, and engaging. Hidizs aimed for a killer price to performance ratio as usual and seems like they nailed it with the MS2.

Hidizs has managed to tune the MS2 as a good all-rounder. So what makes it a good all-rounder then? The MS2 has a slightly boosted bass response with a slightly recessed midrange combined with an exciting yet smooth treble reproduction. This light V-ish tuning allows it to play nice with many genres. The technical capability of the MS2 punches above its price bracket as well, it has good detail retrieval and imaging capability for its price and it managed to impress me. The MS2 is not a strict V-shape earphone because it shows fairly good balance across the spectrum. The frequency ranges do not shadow each other or try to override each other, even during complex passages where there are multiple instruments on the stage. Hidizs has done a good job with this IEM. Let’s try to dissect the sound and take a closer look.


The MS2 has an engaging yet controlled bass with good texture and impact. It is airy as well, thanks to the large-diameter dynamic driver. I thought it would feel sluggish but the MS2 surprised me in a good way, proving that it can deliver a tight and rounded bass. Just don’t expect a bass-head satisfying amount from it, it is slightly boosted and slightly colored, in a good way. It is fun and engaging to listen to and complements the rest of the signature nicely. The midbass feels thick enough to provide good bass authority but manages to stay well within the dedicated range.

Hidizs MS2


It has a musical, slightly colored midrange. The positioning of the mids is slightly recessed compared to the rest of the spectrum but it is nothing major. My theory is Hidizs aimed for a more airy headroom with their midrange positioning decision and they succeeded. The midrange feels breathy and vocals show a good amount of detail. The note-weight is moderate, instruments have adequate body and luckily they do not feel thin or digital. Hidizs traded some of the thickness for airiness and I think it was a good call because you can easily find V-shape earphones in this price bracket but there are only a few good earphones that offer a more Hifi-esque reproduction. The upper midrange shows excellent control as well, the range has adequate energy and stays exciting no matter the genre. I did not hear any sibilance during my time with the IEM. The MS2 feels coherent across the spectrum, despite being a budget-tier hybrid.


The treble reproduction of the MS2 is very good for its price, perhaps even one of the best sub-hundred treble out there. It feels airy, precise, and exciting while having good control. It does not feel sharp or bright like so many Chi-Fi sub-hundred IEMs. The detail-retrieval is excellent and the decay feels accurate and natural with good definition. The successful treble reproduction contributes to the airy presentation of the MS2. It also boosts the perceived clarity and resolution of the IEM. Overall, I really like the way Hidizs tuned the MS2. They did a great job considering that it costs less than a hundred bucks but punches way higher performance-wise.

Technical Performance

This section covers the technical capability of the IEM. Let’s start with the soundstage. The MS2 has a stage that can be labeled ”wide”. Thanks to its breathy presentation and slightly recessed midrange, it creates an airy scene where the instruments are positioned with ample space between them. The depth of the stage is not as exciting as the width. The separation is very good for the price and the layering is good. Due to the fact that the MS2 has exciting lows and energetic highs, it sounds dynamic and engaging. The PRaT is good as well and performs above its price tag. It can handle congestion when paired with an equally capable source. Overall, the MS2 offers a good experience for the price from a technical standpoint.

Hidizs MS2

Source & Ear Tips Selection

The main source used during the review was the SMSL SU-8s & the SH-8s stack. It has a balanced signature and neutral tonality and pairing it with the MS2 resulted in a very clean and detailed presentation. It scales very well with higher-end sources. I’ve also paired the MS2 with the 99 USD E1DA DAC and the result was satisfactory. The E1DA has a balanced signature with good PRaT capability. It is a budget-oriented USB DAC and it pairs well with the MS2. The E1DA’s energetic upper midrange increased the extension and definition of the MS2’s upper-mid reproduction and lower treble definition.

The MS2 is not really picky when it comes to sources and it is quite easy to drive thanks to its low impedance. You don’t need a fancy DAP or expensive DACs & AMPs for it although it will most certainly take advantage of those if you already have a couple on hand. Let’s talk about tips. Hidizs included 6 pairs of silicone tips. They come in two shape variations. First 3 pair features a circular shape whereas the other 3 features a shorter and slightly wider shape. I couldn’t get a proper fit with the latter so I won’t be able to compare them but I did try Ortofon tips and JVC’s Spiral Dots with the MS2. JVC’s offering slightly increased the bass rumble and treble response, whereas Ortofons ground down some of the top-end energy, and that resulted in a warmer presentation. The included tips (not the short variation) were the most balanced ones for my ears. 

Last Words

Hidizs has managed to create a capable monitor that punches above its price tag. The MS2 sounds great looks good and comes with a rich package. It is a good all-rounder thanks to the smooth yet detailed presentation. It sounds coherent, clean, and airy. It also features a wide stage with great instrument separation. If you are new to this hobby and on the lookout for a capable IEM that won’t set you back financially, this is it. Though beware, it will be hard to find an upgrade after this one, you may need to double the price tag to get something significantly better.

Hidizs MS2

Specifications & Technical Data

Model: MS2
BA Driver: Knowles RAD-33518-P183
Dynamic Driver: 10.2mm, Dual Voice Coils & Dual Voice Chambers(Hidizs Newly Developed Macromolecule Composite Diaphragm V2.0 Version)
Appearance: German Eco-friendly Resin Body, Gold-plated Sound Nozzle
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz
Sensitivity: 112dB
Impedance: 18Ω
Cable: Mixed Braiding of Quad-Core Wires(High Purity Silver Wires×2 & OFC Wires×2), 1.2m in Length
Earphone Connector: Detachable 0.78mm 2pin Gold-plated Socket
Plug: 3.5mm Gold-plated Plug
Weight: Approx. 10g (excl.earphone cable)

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  • Reply July 13, 2021


    which one is better, HZsound Heart Mirror & Hidizs MS2 ??
    esp, in term of :

    treble (high & mid freq) area?

    technicallities , like : micro details retrieval, resolution, separation instruments?

    which is closest to good 3d imaging can make holographic shape ?

    thank you very much…

    • Reply August 11, 2021


      Hello Muel,

      I’m sorry, I haven’t heard the HZsound Heart Mirror.

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