Kinera Nanna Review

Kinera Nanna

Today we present to you the $899 USD priced Kinera Nanna Universal IEM.


Disclaimer: The Kinera Nanna was provided to us by HifiGo. You can purchase the Nanna here.

The Electrostatic Driver Trend

Each day, we see new hybrid IEMs with electrostatic (EST) drivers in the market and I admit, the new driver technology has brought a breath of fresh air for treble reproduction. However, the real question for us remains; are all the IEMs with EST drivers good enough? The answer to that question would be a no for me. But the Kinera Nanna can make a difference.

About Kinera

Kinera operates in China under Yutai Electronics, which was established in 2010. This electronics company has the determination to develop a new generation of high – tech products for the consumer market.

Our goal is to bring the most valuable earphones to the market.

I have written two Kinera reviews before, and those were of the Idun and Odin respectively. Kinera loves to give the model names after mythology, and this one is no exception. Nanna is a goddess associated with the god Baldr in Norse mythology.

When I was writing the ODIN review there wasn’t a dedicated website for Kinera, but now you can access their fully established site here. You can also go to their Facebook page to get information.

Kinera Nanna

About Kinera Nanna

Nanna is a tri-hybrid IEM with one 7 mm Dynamic Driver, one Balanced Armature Driver, and two Electrostatic Drivers. The setup is very promising, and it’s nice to see a somewhat cheaper flagship around, compared to some other IEMs that cost twice or three times the price.

Also, the Nanna comes with a pure copper cable which is introduced with this model. Looks like Kinera will use this cable for future models as well.

Build, Design and Fit

The Kinera Nanna is a very nice-looking IEM with a gorgeous yet elegant design. The shell has brown, red, and blue-ish colors flowing around on the faceplate, and the rest is black/navy blue with a semi-transparent look. The whole body is in a semi-custom shape with a mono-block impression. There’s a small vent on the backside for the dynamic driver.

The IEM has a three-bore design and the tips hold nicely on the nozzles which are provided by Final Audio. However, I suggest you be careful because of the nozzle structure. These tips are excellent for a rigid and secure fit. Despite the configuration, the Nanna is surprisingly small and that helps to get a very comfortable fit. The package provides a lot of tips to choose from and I’m sure you will find the best pair for your ears.

The build quality is satisfying and quite impressive with a seamless transition and an integrated nozzle structure. There’s nothing to worry about here. Excellent work.

The cable is pure copper wire with great softness and non-existent microphonics. The ergonomics of the cable is excellent as well. The connectors sit in slightly recessed socket areas and they’re secure. I liked the cable and I’m planning to try and use it with some other IEMs in my possession.

Kinera Nanna


The Kinera Nanna arrives in a quite generous package with a hexagonal shape as before. The box looks like a fine Swiss chocolate package at first sight. To me, the box and its content are more than satisfying for an IEM with this price tag. A “thank you” card which is written by the founder of the brand welcomes you when you open the box.

Kinera collaborates with Final Audio to give its customers a good experience in terms of fit. Type E series of Final Audio tips are chosen to be supplied in the package. The Final Audio’s “all-time best fit” solution includes an optimum shape to reduce the feeling of the force inside the ear canals. Silicon rigidity is also at the optimum level to provide a tight seal.

The carrying case is a black leather one and its very practical to use. It nicely completes this premium package content for securely protecting your IEMs. Very elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

The review continues on PAGE 2 with packaging and sound performance.

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  • Reply July 16, 2020

    Phong Ngo

    Really keen to hear the Nanna now. Sounds like Kinera have really implemented the EST drivers well. Have you heard the Empire Ears Valkyrie?

    • Reply July 16, 2020


      Yes, I’ve heard it in CanJam.

      • Reply October 4, 2020


        Wow what a reply 🙂

        • Reply October 7, 2020


          It’s a reply to the question. He didn’t ask for impressions or comparisons. 😉

  • Reply July 16, 2021


    I’ve got this coming on a product tour review in a few weeks, can’t wait to try it with my M8!

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