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In this section we will take a look at how the Matrix streamer stands up against its competition – namely the highly popular DMP-A6 from Eversolo. The most obvious difference from the outside is the missing headphone output of the Eversolo. The DMP-A6 is a pure streamer and for headphone users not an option. From a hardware perspective there’s also one key difference – the Eversolo offers support for M2 solid-state-drives, which is very cool in my opinion. Other than that the two offer pretty much the same features.

On a sound level these two are two different flavors.

The mini-i Pro 4 is a more energetic and dynamic sounding product than the DMP-A6, which in return is more balanced and brighter. Both have excellent values in resolution and transparency. The DMP-A6 does walk a few steps further into width, creating a sound-stage that’s wider than the Pro 4’s. On the other hand, the Matrix has better layering and depth.

Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 4

The most notable difference in tuning however lies within the midrange. The Matrix Audio streamer has a more organic and richer tuning, which gives the instruments and especially singers more body and flesh. The DMP-A6 has a lighter tuning here.

From top to bottom the Eversolo has a more neutral signature, which some might even find flat. The slightly boosted upper bass and lower mids of the mini-i Pro 4 give the Matrix a warmer sound in direct comparison.

The DMP-A6’s treble tuning has more glare and glimmer in it, making the high notes shine through with a brighter sound. The Matrix sounds a bit toned down in that regard.

Overall both products cater to different audiences. The Matrix offers a more enjoyable tuning which is better suited for long listening sessions.

Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 4


The Matrix is a wonderful product when it comes to versatility. It gives me a very wide selection of different sources and is easily handled. The MA Player app has been solid for me with a few exceptions. The mini-i Pro 4 has absolutely no problem with anything I throw at it and drives my headphones quite efficiently. The sound is the icing on the cake and that’s what really matters. Its dynamic and toe-tapping sound captured me over time and has made home office working a lot more fun.

The mini-i Pro 4 is a great all-in-one solution for anyone that’s looking for a solo source that covers all bases. With a wide array of digital and analogue inputs, as well as network capability and Roon Ready certification, the Matrix Audio mini-i Pro 4 is a highly competitive and feature rich offer. To our Recommended Buy list it goes!


– Great sound quality
– Price to Performance Ratio
– Build Quality
– Roon Ready
– Versatility


– App still has some bugs

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