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When it comes to Bluetooth stability, the Little White’s QCC5144 chipset does not disappoint. Having experienced this stable chipset across various devices, I can vouch for its reliability. Over a month of using the Little White, I encountered only a few minor issues with the LHDC codec. The occasional intermittent interruptions, particularly in crowded areas like the subway, could likely be resolved with a firmware update. However, the AptX HD proved to be exceptionally stable.

I used the LHDC codec primarily through my Android phone due to OS limitations. When I paired the device with my 14 Pro Max phone, it automatically opted for the AAC codec, delivering a consistently stable performance. The range is also commendable; I could leave my phone in one room and roam freely around my 150m² house without any connection issues.

Moondrop Link App & DSP

The Moondrop Link app, available on both Android and iOS platforms, offers a range of controls for the Moondrop Little White. This includes managing the device’s internal DSP and updating its firmware. The app features a variety of EQ presets within the DSP settings, with 90% of them optimized for Moondrop’s earphones such as A8, Kato, etc. However, it’s worth noting that the app currently lacks a section where users can create a custom profile by adjusting the PMEQ or DSP settings. Despite this, the app still provides a valuable tool to keep Little White up-to-date with the latest firmware.

Mic Quality

Turning our attention to the microphone quality, Moondrop has opted for two ENC (Environment Noise Cancelling) microphones. I conducted tests in crowded locations and the results were commendable. The recipient was able to hear me clearly, with minimal background chatter intruding on the conversation. Overall call quality is decent and sufficient for most non-professional use.

Little White – Performance

The Moondrop Little White performs quite well in terms of sound and performance. It features a colorless signature that is clean and clear, without any elevation on any region. The sound quality is very good for the price, it is adequately detailed with a balanced signature. The bass is rich and deep without being overpowering, providing a solid foundation for the overall sound. The mids are clear and well-defined, allowing vocals and instruments to shine through with impressive clarity.

The treble is crisp and bright, adding a sparkling finish to the sound without any hint of harshness. The CS43131 DAC chipset ensures a clean, distortion-free sound that is faithful to the original recording. The technical capability is nearly on par with Moondrop’s famous wired DAC AMP, the Dawn. I found the amplitude levels sufficient for most IEMs. The Monarch MK3 gets loud and it is not the easiest IEM to drive as it is a tribrid. For a wireless DAC/AMP, the Little White offers a competitive sound for its price tag. 

Last Words

Moondrop has hit the sweet spot of price and performance with this cable neckband adapter. It’s a well made, well tuned wireless solution to liberate your IEMs. The Little White reflects the IEM you pair it with, leaving you with your favourite signature without any coloration or saturation. Which is ideally what we audiophiles would expect.

With its 8-10h battery life, you have more than enough power for busy days outside. Whether you’re listening to music, watching videos, or making calls, the Little White delivers a stable high-quality audio experience. I definitely recommend taking a look at it if you are in the market for a competitive neckband DAC/AMP.


+ Great sound

+ Great technical capability

+ Decent battery

+ Price


– Limited color options

– Lacklustre app


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