Review: PEARS UT-125 – Tuning Pleasure


Today we have a different kind of review for you; the PEARS UT-125 IEM tuning device. Let’s take a look at this interesting box and see what it offers.


Disclaimer: P-EAR-S sent me their UT-125 tuning device on loan. Once the review is finished, I will send it back to Switzerland. The brand is not affiliated with Headfonia. 


This review is quite different than most reviews of Headfonia. Normally we review In Ear Monitors, Headphones, Digital Audio Players and so forth. However today I present you the PEARS UT-125, a nice tuning box from the Swiss company.

You might ask the question; why? Well, because we think it’s a great option to tune your Custom IEM to your liking and having a fully customized process from start to finish. There are some other brands that do the same thing, but P-EAR-S is the first of them to offer their device for a review.

About P-EAR-S

Personal Ear Systems, shortened as “PEARS”, is a custom in ear manufacturer from Ins, Switzerland. They’re the “First Swiss Made Custom Monitors Brand”, as stated in their website. The core team forms with two people; Samuel Harsch and Stephane Rochat.

Samuel was working full time at a Swiss hearing aid company from 2005 to 2013, and decided to go his own way after that. Yet he still helps the company part time.

Stephane is an Electronics Engineer and he also started working for the same company in 2011 and he’s still involved with them as well. But in PEARS, he handles the sales & marketing and helps Samuel with electronic & acoustic engineering.


One of the great CIEMs that sits in our Best Custom IEM List is non other than the PEARS SH-3. When we discovered the brand, I did not expect that kind of a sound with tremendous quality. SH-3 have shocked me in every way, and it often is my daily driver for portable music. I strongly recommend you to check that review if you’re after a reference IEM.

After enlightening about this Swiss brand, I started become a little more curious about their abilities to create nice solutions for portable sound. Their electronic and acoustic engineering seems to be great and I think they can be a good rival to many High End IEM brands soon.

I’m in contact with them from time to time, and in one of our conversations they offered me to take a look at their new tuning device. So I said why not.



About UT-125

The PEARS UT-125 is a compact and stylish tuning device for Pears’ customers. The UT name stands for “you tune” and the 125 for 125 possible sound combinations (5x5x5). The device is allowing the customers of PEARS to create their very own sound when purchasing from them.

This is not a device which would be sent to the customers. But the device would be ready to use in PEARS’ own lab in Switzerland, and also at their dealers/distributors. The size of the box is around 14 cm x 19 cm and the outer case is made from Swiss wood, like the carrying case they offer with CIEMs.



How It Works

The device has 3 sound knobs obviously, and there are 5 different settings in each of them. The difference between each step is around 3dB. When a customer turns a knob, it does not work like an equalizer. Instead, every turn changes the configuration of the drivers inside the demo IEM.

Speaking of it, the demo IEM comes with a specialized cable for this operation. So you can’t tune any IEM you bring, you instead will be given a special demo IEM. This demo will have the same configuration with your model, which you’re going to have. Once your own customized configuration is noted, your CIEM will be built according to your tuning.

The review continues on PAGE 2 with features and user experience.

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