Picture Sunday: Aune ‘s sub-300$ balanced X7s

The star of this weeks’s Picture Sunday is Aune’s X7s balanced desktop amplifier. Check out our other Picture Posts Here, and Here.

Aune’s dressed the B1 in bold, 1979 Disney. The X7s looks and feels 2000s. It is solid, generally easy to use, and unified to a modern home aesthetic. I’ll be looking at it in greater detail this week, complete with measurements, hiss commentary, and more. For the moment, I hope you’ll be content with a few, general comments.

As part of the X series, it stacks with the X5s player, and the X1S DSD DAC, and looks pretty in the process. Interface-wise, I’m a bit disappointed that its input is limited to single-ended RCAs, which have become an increasingly rare commodity in my household, and one that breaks down faster than XLRs.

The X7s looks good on a desk and in a HiFi rig. In a few days, we’ll see how it performs.

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