Picture Sunday – Empire Ears Legend X

Empire Ears Legend X

Disclaimer: The star of this weeks’ picture Sunday is the Legend X by Empire Ears. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.


It’s been less than twelve hours since I received my Legend X. It was one hell of a ride to get here. The discussion with Empire Ears about a review of their new lineup started in September last year. I’ve been told many times that the new lines have been pushed back due to difficulties with the drivers, and now that I know more about these drivers, I see why.

Empire Ears exclusively incorporates proprietary drivers in their new models. There’s the Weapon IX dynamic plus BA drivers for their X-line and all the different proprietary balanced armature drivers for their EP line. The Weapon IX drivers have been designed from scratch. They use a very interesting dual firing concept that can be found in two-channel hifi. Proprietary things take time, that’s for sure. That definitely was one reason why the new models have been in development for a little over two years.

Empire Ears Legend X

Empire Ears Legend X

But not only did Empire Ears bring out new drivers, no, they also implemented a new and advanced crossover design they call synX. This is put into all new models in all ranges. Same goes for their new Anti Resonance Compound (A.R.C.) damping they apply to all shells (internal and external) and BA drivers. I’ll go over these new technologies in more detail in the full length review.

Now, my Legend X. This is my first Empire Ears product, it won’t be the last though. As I already pulled the trigger on a Zeus XIV as well. The Legend X is the follow up to the EarWerkz Legend. I am sure you know, EarWerkz is the father-company of Empire Ears. A few years back, Jack Vang was head of that company and made a great success out of it. We have reviewed the Legend R back then, and Lieven sure loved it. At the summit of EarWerkz’s business they merged with Jack’s father’s company. Dean has been the lead-designer and engineer for a long time and he is the main man behind all of Empire’s products.

Empire Ears Legend X

Empire Ears Legend X

As said, I have only just received my Legend X. There were a few little set-backs that have caused this monitor to not arrive sooner.

Very early impressions are fantastic. Powerful, fast, wide and smooth with loads of energy. I’ve been told that the Legend X greatly benefits from a big load of burn in time. I am really eager to hear how it sounds after running through some cycles for a few days. From what I can already tell, the Legend X seems like a very competent monitor in the flagship field.

Empire Ears Legend X

Empire Ears Legend X

The upcoming full length review will hopefully also contain comparisons to the other two flagships of Empire’s current lineup – the Phantom and the Zeus XIV. There will also be dedicated reviews of these models. Empire has seen so many orders for their new lineup that they couldn’t include a universal Phantom yet, as they are fighting a tough battle to get the orders out to all their customers. Let’s hope all goes well and these two co-flagships will make it in time for the Legend X review!


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