Picture Sunday – FiiO FA7

FiiO FA7

Today on Picture Sunday we take an initial look at the FiiO FA7 in ear monitor from the Chinese brand.


Disclaimer: This is a Picture Sunday post where we take a first look at our samples to give you a fresh look. Check out other recent Picture Sunday posts HERE.


FiiO has come a long way in the IEM department in the recent past. We love the products they release to the market with reasonable price levels, I myself reviewed several FiiO products including the IEMs like the F9, F9 Pro, FH1, F1 & F3 and the FH5. There are some weaknesses in all of them, but the sure thing is they do a lot of things good as well. Most importantly, they come at a good price.

Now the FiiO FA7 is in my hands and I’m impressed so far. This IEM has a 3D printed shell which ensures a consistent production with digital modelling. The material for the shell is Germany-imported resin . We recently also saw that with the  Hyla Audio IEMs. The result is a very high quality chassis with one extra benefit: a healthy contact with the skin. This solution prevents bacteria breeding around your ears. The resin is also very durable, and it’s promised to retain the crystal clear, transparent look in the long run.

FiiO FA7

FiiO FA7

First Impressions

The FiiO FA7 fits perfectly, much better than the FH5 which was quite good in its own terms. You have a wide selection of tips in the package too. Looks-wise this again is an improvement in my opinion as it oozes class and elegance with that cool face plate. You can also see the internals of the IEM and they look marvelously clear. I think this is a fantastic work from our Chinese fellows.

The FA7 has 4 BA drivers inside, unlike their latest hybrid offerings. The sound I think is a classic BA sound with great body and warmth, which gives the IEM a nice foundation to do a lot of things correctly. However the warmth that it possesses can give you a little too much body at times. This of course is quite related to your sources as well, but the certain thing is that the FA7 gives a very warm and consistent sound.

FiiO keeps improving on all aspects. The FA7 is the hard evidence to back that up. Build quality, fit and sound, all improved at once. In the past, they couldn’t be mentioned when it came to high quality sound in a high quality package. Yet now, we can seriously consider FiiO as a contender in the Mid-Fi segment.

FiiO FA7

FiiO FA7

That’s it for now. The full Fiio FA7 review will be posted in two weeks time.

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