Picture Sunday – Final D8000

Final D8000

Disclaimer: The star of this weeks’ picture Sunday is the Final D8000. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.


Final, formerly known as Final Audio Design, is a Japanese premium headphone manufacturer, that has been flying under the radar for quite a while. I first came in touch with this brand three years ago, when I explored their Pandora Hope VI, which now is called Sonorous VI. The Sonorous is an unconventional hybrid, which cannot be seen that often in the full-sized headphone game. Sonically it has this unique refreshing tone over it. The Sonorous though is not the featured product in this very post today. Final has launched their first planar magnetic headphone back in May at High End in Munich. With it they have brought out something Final calls Air Film Damping System, which is said to relieve the planar drivers from their bass distortion at higher levels. I don’t know much about how it works, but would like to.

Final D8000

Final D8000

The D8000 very much is like all Final fullsized headphones, it shares the same headband and height adjustment system. The ear-cups glide up and down on metal sliders, so that they can be adjusted with highest precision to your ears. The earpads are softer and guarantee a comfortable wear, additionally they are also more open and airier than other designs. They are the reason for some good amounts of breathen in air. With a total weight of 523 grams it is already pretty heavy and that is why I wished for a different weight-suspension system, as it puts a lot of pressure on your head when you’re having longer listening sessions. Design-wise Final has opted for an industrial look, which falls in line with all other Final fullsized headphones. You can even call it the Final signature design if you will. Making it easy to spot them in a room filled with headphones.

Final D8000

Final D8000

The supplied cables suggest that it is also very suitable for portable audio gear, as both 6.35 mm and 3.5 mm terminated cables come packed with this headphone. Production units also seem to come with a Final headphone stand, which was not supplied with my press sample.

From the build quality point of view I do have to admit, that the D8000 leaves quite a bit to desire. The regular headband construction is great for headphones like the HD800, which is a lot lighter in comparison, and doesn’t put as much pressure on your skull in the end, but for a headphone with the weight of over half a kilo something different would’ve been more suitable in my opinion. Of course you’d lose the Final design then…

Final D8000

Final D8000

Straight out of my Hugo2 the D8000 is sonically outstanding. Impressive clarity up top and powerful and dynamic bass. Well bodied mids with excellent layering. It is pushing through a very organic and realistic sound with a big soundstage that stretches wide. Instrumental separation is very nice and so is rendering in depth. More will be said in the review, so keep your eyes on headfonia if you want to learn more about this potent new contender in the planar game!

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    Please, compare them with the Audeze LCD-4 in your review 🙂

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      Oh how I would love to, but neither do I have an LCD-4 nor do I know someone who has… Sorry

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