Picture Sunday: LEAR LCM-Turbo


Disclaimer: The LEAR LCM-Turbo was sent me from LEAR in exchange for a review. The base price for the Turbo is 220$ for custom, excluding other expenses with design options. It also goes around 160$ for universal. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday Series.


LEAR is a brand from Hong Kong that makes beautiful custom and universal in ears since 2008. Before the LEAR LCM-Turbo, we reviewed 2 of their products; the LCM – BD4.2 and NatroSound. Here are the links to Nathan’s reviews on them:

I on the other hand, received one of their newest creations; the Turbo, which contains 2 dynamic drivers in each shell. LEAR has lots of knowledge in terms of dynamic drivers and they like to use them in their models. The BD4.2 already was very unique with its bold configuration; 2 Dynamics paired with 4BAs. That’s not often the case, is it?


Now LEAR’s mixing things up with dynamic drivers even more with the upcoming BAMDAS 5 – an incredible 5 Dynamic Driver configuration for each piece. Don’t be surprised if we review that one as well.

What makes this one special is the price though. As far as my market knowledge goes, this model should be the cheapest custom monitor available today. BUT, that shouldn’t give you some prejudice in a world with ridiculous price levels. This CIEM is no easy prey. I will of course talk about that in detail in the review but if you ever consider entering the CIEM world with a very affordable model, it’s probably going to be hard to find a better option than this.



LEAR makes impressive designs and provides really nice options to its customers in terms of looks. I decided to go for the “snake skin” face plates with brand and model names, together with my name on the left ear piece. Tatco is a nice guy and very communicative at the same time. He even let me choose a favorite font from a database and then perfectly applied it.

Sound wise this monitor without a doubt is a success. Nice natural bass, very good timbre and overall effortless sound with a great staging performance. This without dispute is a “natural tone” IEM. Generally the tonality side of things are not very well with below 300$ IEMs, but the Turbo sounds very organic and natural with producing true tones with good body and thickness. Of course it has its weaknesses too, which are expected from the price.

This Turbo is a great job from Tatco and I hope I can reflect that in my upcoming review. Soon!

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