Picture Sunday: Noble Audio Kaiser Encore

Disclaimer: The star in this weeks’ picture Sunday is the Noble Audio Kaiser Encore. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.

Linus is the one doing all of our latest Noble reviews even though Nathan and Berkhan have done a couple of Noble reviews as well:

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The monitor shown today is my personal set of Kaiser Encore, made by the Wizzard. It’s based on a series of pictures of rock formations near Page, Arizona in the US.

The Kaiser Encore has been reviewed by Linus for us on Headfonia and he nailed the review sound wise, so I won’t go into that again. You can find Linus’ Kaiser Encore review right here:

I first listened to the Katana and Encore in a universal shell and already back then I preferred the Kaiser Encore model. The custom version of the Encore sounds even better though and to me it has a near perfect combination of impact, detail, clarity and precision. The Encore delivers a high end, rich sound and the Kaiser Encore has to be be seen as one of the very best monitors on the market.

While they sound wise are worth every penny, you can of course discuss if you like the design or not. I personally find them unique and interesting and I especially love the inner side where all the colors seem to mix in each other. The unit, with its ten drivers, isn’t the smallest of size though and that does show in the picture series. With this quality of sound however, I don’t care one bit about them sticking a little out of my small ears.

The Noble Audio Kaiser Encore is a great monitor and ever since we reviewed it, it has been on our recommended CIEM buying list.


I can share with you already that several other models will be added to our recommendations list very soon. Just keep following us on Facebook, and you won’t miss anything.

Now I’m going back to my SP1000 & Kaiser Encore. Have a great Sunday!

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