Picture Sunday: Noble – Wizard Perfection

The star of this week’s Picture Sunday is the Custom K10 by Noble. As you can see it’s a Wizard design. Check out other recent Picture Posts Here, and Here

Noble & the Wizard

All CIEM makers like Jomo Audio, CustomArt, Lime Ears, 64 Audio, Cosmic Ears, Rhines, and so many more make great looking custom inear monitors but Noble probably has the best looking monitors on the planet.

When you order a Noble custom monitor there’s an option to have them designed by the Wizard himself. The Wizard aka John Moulton is one of Noble’s co-owners and he simply can do amazing stuff with ciem designs. His work is so great I just have to feature them in this article series.

Dr. John Moulton is an audiologist by training and an audio enthusiast at heart. Dr. John has been working with custom in-ear monitors for nearly a decade now and is the President of Noble. Beyond presiding, John is also the creative and artistic force behind the brand. Together with Brannan Mason they both run Noble and they’re doing a great job.


The pictures featured in this article are a perfect example of their design brilliance, and they don’t only look good, they sound incredible too. The monitors in today’s post are actually new K10’s that are on their way to a friend of mine now and he absolutely wanted a Wizard design that cost him $400 extra.

A Wizard design clearly doesn’t come cheap but the K10 are TOTL monitors and most people will only buy a monitor like this once in their life time. Like my friend said: “I’m already spending this much on an inear, why not go all the way? I’m only doing this once.” I told him that was a dangerous statement to make, we’ll see who’s right in the end.


If you – like me – can’t have enough of Wizard’s designs, you can always head over to the Noble Facebook Page or lookbook and drool over his other creations. I find myself surfing to the Noble website more often lately, I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time before I order one too.

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    “I told him that was a dangerous statement to make, we’ll see who’s right in the end.” LoL 😀

    I think I’m with you on this one, that’s definitely a dangerous statement.

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