Picture Sunday – Ultimate Ears 18+ Pro

Disclaimer: The star of this weeks’ picture Sunday is the Ultimate Ears UE 18+ Pro. This post is a part of our Picture Sunday series.

A few weeks ago Ultimate Ears came out with some big news: new monitors, new drivers, a new cable and new connectors. We had known for longer but we of course weren’t allowed to say anything about it. The big advantage is that we now have a UE 18+ Pro with all these new features, ready for review, thanks to Fischer Amps!

The new cable was made in cooperation with Linum from Denmark (Estron) and its IPX-connectors strongly resemble the T2 connectors we all know already. The cable itself is a SuperBaX cable which we have also seen on Headfonia before.

You can find out all about he new cable and connector here: http://pro.ultimateears.com/superbax and here http://pro.ultimateears.com/ue-ipx-cables

Something new, besides the connector is the new chin slider which now has a locking mechanism


If you haven’t checked out our Linum cable reviews yet, you can do so here:

The first question a lot of people ask is: can I use my “old” Linum T2 cable with these new monitors and the answer is on UE’s website:

A: Yes, you may, but you will not get the water and sweat proof benefit by using older Linux Bax and SuperBax cables. We have made design changes to the cables with Estron.

The other big news was the use of a new True Tone Plus driver series for their monitors, which are an upgrade to the existing TT drivers.

We’ll get into more detail about the drivers and the sound soon in a full review ! For now, just enjoy the beautiful UE 18+ PRO with the unique Simon’s cat face plates.


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    Hi Lieven,
    When will the review be published. Really interested in these. Digging the Simon’s cat faceplates as well as the look simple and minimalistic.

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