PMG Audio Apx Review

Today we review the new TOTL PMG Audio Apx IEM, priced at €6.000 Euro.


Disclaimer: The Audio Apx was sent to us free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion. 

PMG Audio

PMG Audio is a new premium brand created by Piotr Granicki, who is also the founder and CEO of Custom Art. Custom Art has been offering high-quality and reasonably priced C-IEMs and IEMs in the audiophile domain since its inception in May 2012. The brand has grown over the years, and Piotr’s new venture is set to continue this legacy. You can have a look at our Custom-Art reviews here.

Piotr has decided to embark on a new venture with the establishment of PMG (Piotr Marek Granicki) Audio, a luxurious and high-end brand. The aim is to produce exclusive and unique audio products with a touch of eccentricity.

With over a decade of hands-on experience in tuning and building IEMs, we promise to deliver the best sound we can achieve.

I’m informed that PMG Audio will also expand regarding premium cables. New premium IEMs will come in the future for sure, but to start things off, PMG created the most sophisticated and premium IEM they can offer. 


In the realm of audio technology, finding the perfect balance between form, function, and innovation can be a challenging endeavour. However, PMG Audio seems to have an answer with their latest offering – the PMG Audio Apx. Packed with cutting-edge features and boasting an impressive design, the Apx promises to deliver an unparalleled audio experience to discerning consumers.

The new PMG Audio Apx is simply Piotr’s ultimate IEM. He poured all of his experience and craft that he gathered over the years into this creation. So from an engineering perspective, the Apx is created with a cost-no-object mentality, with no limitations. 

This new flagship utilizes all of the technologies that Custom Art has obtained over the years. With 11 drivers on each side, it combines;

  • FIBAE – Flat Impedance Balanced Armature Earphone
  • GSO – Geometrical Sound Outlet
  • PSO – Pressure Optimizing Design
  • UPS – Ultra Planar Speakers

The driver configuration is a complex and highly advanced system. It utilizes a combination of a Rectangular Planar Speaker and a 10mm PEEK diaphragm Dynamic Driver to handle low frequencies. Additionally, 8 Balanced Armatures have been custom-designed to support lower-midrange, midrange, upper-midrange, and high frequencies.

A small round planar speaker has been incorporated to deliver extended and natural-sounding highs to complete the system. All of these drivers are combined with a 7-way passive crossover network. 

PMG Audio states that the drivers inside the Apx are custom-built to meet their specific requirements. As there are only 25 sets available worldwide, this is undoubtedly a unique product. Now, let’s take a closer look at the IEM’s performance and overall experience/package.


The brand new Apx comes in a dark wooden box with the name of the brand embossed on it. Upon opening the box, you’ll find a large carrying case with a zipper that’s perfect for storing and packing your monitors neatly. Another metal case with the brand name is provided for a more compact solution.

Other than those, the box provides a certificate of authenticity and a note card, signed by Piotr himself. The IEM is inside the blue zipper case, with the cable and the ear tips, along with three different cable adapters with different terminations.

Overall the packaging is very high quality, and especially the wooden box is a premium and effective design. However, the unboxing experience could’ve been better for a product that has a premium price tag. For instance, the zippered case is effectively the same case that comes with Custom Art IEMs, so it doesn’t help brand differentiation. Another aspect is the ear tips, as PMG could’ve collaborated with premium ear tip providers such as SpinFit or Azla. 

With all that being said, I’m informed that ordering cases and other accessories with extremely limited quantities isn’t possible and that PMG could not obtain MOQ (minimum order quantity) requirements for this particular model. So of course some of the package elements are shared products with Custom Art IEMs. 

Regardless, the experience was quite good and I simply loved the wooden box. 

Design & Build Quality

One glance at the PMG Audio Apx, and it’s clear that meticulous attention has been paid to its design. Sleek lines, premium materials, and a minimalist aesthetic come together to create a visually stunning product that seamlessly integrates into any environment. Whether placed on a desk, shelf or carried on the go, the Apx exudes sophistication and style.

The Apx is a special unit and for that, it has a special build and design. The face plate area is the most striking feature, as it incorporates real amber, which looks fabulous in real life when there’s good light. That should be very attractive for jewelry enthusiasts from an aesthetics standpoint and look very natural/organic.

The rest of the shell has a golden gradient design which is fully hand-painted and combines perfectly with the amber faceplates. The overall build quality is excellent, with well-made canals and a soft, rounded chassis. The face plate closing is flawless, and there are no visible imperfections.

In terms of the cable, the Apx has a cable that has a silver-copper alloy with a graphene core. The colour scheme matches the design smoothly, but for aesthetics, a more assertive-looking cable could be chosen. The look of the cable, although having a matching colour, is a bit ordinary and simple. The sound quality you get from it is very good, for that I’m sure the wires are very high quality and that only makes sense, but still, it is a bit underwhelming.

Regarding usability and ergonomics, the cable is very flexible, lightweight, and easy to work with. Therefore, attaching a thick 8-wire cable could compromise the fit and overall user experience. I understand the reasoning behind this.

Piotr has informed me that the new PMG brand will soon venture into the world of high-performing cables. That’s why they decided not to collaborate with another brand.

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