Q ‘n A Saturday: HiFiMAN


HFN: One thing HiFiMAN always had to face were build quality and quality control issues, what are your plans to get better on those fronts?
FB: I don’t think there are build-quality issues, but vendor problems. We are doing limited quantity products for a niche market, there  are very few vendors like us: our orders are small and difficult. With our business growing, our product return rate is actually going down very much. This is because we can achieve better vendor with bigger size of the orders. We will do better and better in the future.

HFN: Your mid-level headphones have been incredibly popular, though recently you have only released one model in that price range, the Susandra. Are there more plans for future headphones in this segment or are you only focussing on real high end products?
FB: We will do better mid/low price product in the near future to have more people experience HiFiMAN products.



HFN: How do you personally see the market evolving over the next five years?
FB: It will really depend on how technology will grow this market. In other words, it will depend on how hard we are working on developing our new technology and products.

HFN: How do you think do the different markets differ from each other?
FB: Asia has a way bigger portable market than the West. We always sell more fullsized headphones in the West, and more in-ears/players in Asia. US market overall is more active than EU.

HFN: What is your biggest fear for HiFiMAN’s future?
FB: I am fearless. No pain, no gain.

HFN: If you were to completely redo one product of yours, which would it be and why?
FB: We never redo products. We only do new products when we got new ideas.

HFN: Do you have a personal favourite DAP, Headphone and Earphone?
FB: The next.

HFN: Do you have a two-channel HiFi system at home? If so, what are the products in the chain?
FB: Pacificmicrosonic DAC, HIFIMAN EF1000 amp, TAD CR1 speakers. Will build our own DAC and speakers in the near future.

HFN: It’s all about music. Do you agree?
FB: Yes. I was a music fan before I became an audio hobbyist. I had a 7,000 album collection in previous 25 years.

HFN: Are there any upcoming products you can tell us already about?
FB: Shangri-La JR. It is a 8k USD MSRP electrostatic headphone/amp combo. Will provide more info when it is available.

Thank you very much Dr. Fang Bian for taking the time and doing this interview with us! We’re looking forward to learning more about your upcoming products and wish you nothing but the best for HiFiMAN’s future.

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    should ask if they pay their chinese staff wages that’s comsumerate with what they are charging their consumers.

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