Review: BrainWavz HOOKA – The All Metal Headphone Hanger

Disclaimer: Brainwavz sent us the Hooka free of charge, Brainwavz is no website advertiser

For a long time I’ve been wanting to write more about headphone stands and I’m thinking of the Woo stands, Klutz DesignRooms and Sievekings of this  world. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to write about all these yet.


I’m a big fan of those nice wooden headphone stands and I use a whole bunch of them in my office. In the living room I have a nice Klutz Design Cancan that I like very much.



Everyone probably knows Brainwavz. We’ve reviewed a couple of their IEMs here on Headfonia and the tiny M2 is still one of my favorite universal fit IEMs. Brainwavz on a very regular basis brings out new budget IEMs but we simply don’t have the time to cover all of their products on the main site.

Just last week I received one of their press communication about this new headphone stand, and well, I immediately liked it. It’s not at all like the headphone stands I mentioned in the earlier paragraphs (even though Brainwavz has one), but it’s small and very handy. Meet the Hooka.  (bold is Brainwavz copywriting)



Actually the Hooka isn’t a headphone stand, it’s a headphone hanger. A compact, multi purpose hanger, made from die-cast aluminum and designed to fit most headphones of any weight. A solid construction means the Hooka won’t loose shape and form whilst holding even the heaviest of headphones. The specially designed seat on the Hooka can accommodate both small and large headbands, whilst the raised tip will stop headphones falling off. 

What I like most about the Hooka is the fact that it’s small (I can use it at work in my other office where may dayjob is) and it doesn’t hurt the headband. The carrying plate of the Hooka is curved and has no sharp edges anywhere, something a whole lot of other “hanger designs” didn’t take into account. I like to make sure my headphones sat in the best possible shape, so only the best “hanger” is good enough for me.


Solid and dependable, the Hooka attaches to a surface using 3M VHB™, a strong double-sided acrylic foam tape that can hold the heaviest of loads. The Hooka’s simple design and durability makes it a handy solution for your headphone storage needs. And that’s exactly what it is: the Hooka is strong (die-cast aluminum), small, sticks like Tec7 , it makes sure your headphone doesn’t fall and it doesn’t damage it in any way. Could you ask for anything more for only $17.95USD?

Quick and Easy

No, the Hooka isn’t the most sexy looking headphone stand on earth but it does the job in a good and safe way. I myself have glued it against my desk so the cups don’t touch the side of my closet or anything. It’s easy to put my headphones on when I go out to lunch or have a meetingt. It also makes my desk look a whole lot cleaner. Win! Except for the name. Maybe.



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  • Reply June 3, 2016


    Be aware. These headphone hangers seemed exactly like what I was looking for so I decided to order two. I also ordered two of the IEM hard shell cases they offer on their web site. I spent $50. My order arrived a week later missing the headphone hangers. When I contacted them to let them know they forgot to include them I was told that they were sure they shipped them because it said so on the packing slip. I am no dummy. They were not in the package. It has been two weeks of back and forth and I have now had to open a dispute with my credit card company to get my money back. This is a terrible company to do business with and I wanted to let everyone know how these guys treat customers. Buyer beware.

  • Reply June 3, 2016


    I ordered one from Amazon U.S. – $15.95 USD. Hopefully they will ship by other than the postal service, but anyway it’s good that Amazon has the full line of Brainwavz gear. I’ve had 2 of their headphones and 2 sets of earpads for other headphones, and their value is pretty good.

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