Review: Dita Audio – Twins: Fealty and Fidelity

Dita Audio Twins


Dita Audio has been making a few waves since their conception in 2013. Their most recent products is a pair of twin IEMs, Fealty and Fidelity. Do they impress?

Disclaimer: Dita Audio provided the Twins for this review. They do not have to be returned. Dita Audio is not affiliated with Headfonia and not a site advertiser. Many thanks for the generosity and opportunity to review the Twins.

About Dita Audio:

Dita Audio is a Singapore based manufacturer of In Ear Monitors. They specialize in making single dynamic driver earphones and have partnered with a very reputable company from the HiFi scene for their cables. Dita Audio has been around for five years already, their former flagship – the Dream, has been available for a strictly limited run and is discontinued already. The newest additions to their lineup can be seen as the spiritual successors of the Dream.

Previously we looked at their other offerings, the Answer and the Truth.

Dita Audio’s philosophy is simple. They strive for perfection, without using any sound-compromising materials while aiming for beauty in their designs.

Dita Audio Twins

Dita Audio Twins

About the Twins:

The Twins (Fealty and Fidelity)are of course a pair of sibling monitors. The internal drivers are almost identical for that matter. While playing around with coating for their dynamic driver, Dita has found two ideal sounds for their latest products. That’s why they couldn’t just release a single product.

Both IEMs share the same housing, yet differ in appearance. The Fealty comes in shiny silver and the Fidelity sports a dark-brown coffee-esque look.

Both Fidelity and Fealty have the exact same technical specifications. Their frequency range goes from 18 Hertz to 25 Kilo-Hertz. They measure 95dB sensitivity at one Kilo-Hertz frequency, and with the 16 Ohms impedance that makes them a moderate to drive earphone. I generally tend to like my dynamic drivers driven with good power, as to me they seem to improve sonically.

The Twins can be yours for 1300$ each, you can either get them directly from Dita or from your regional distributor. Best is to check Dita’s website for a list of retail partners.

Dita Audio Twins

Dita Audio Twins


Fealty and Fidelity are both provided with the same accessories. Again, they only differ on the outside. While Fealty comes in a matte white cardboard box, Fidelity will available in a matte black one. If you take off the upper part of the package, you will find a message from Dita Audio’s co-founders Desmond and Danny, welcoming you to the Dita experience.

Underneath that you will find your new toys, carefully placed in a hardened foam packaging. The cable is wrapped up and stored on the back-side of this layer. Under this you will be finding the final parts of the accessory list. You get an owner’s manual, a warranty card, a total of five different Final Audio Type E silicone tips, a separate 2.5mm awesome plug (to be screwed on to the Fat cable), a Dita branded flight adapter and a soft leather carrying pouch.

Supplied with the Twins is one of the nicest ideas for a cable. If you also have multiple different sources with different outputs, you will be happy to know that the Dita IEMs come with an interchangeable plug-system. At the end of the Fat cable you will find a similar screw-design as it is used by Jerry Harvey on his monitors. The 3.5mm stereo plug can be easily swapped for a different termination.

Dita Audio Twins

Dita Audio Twins

When I first saw this introduced with the Dream, I was very excited as this is an outstanding system. On top, the cable itself is manufactured by HiFi cable mastermind Van Den Hul. If you are a bit 2-channel savvy, you sure have come across this name in the past. This company makes some of the finest analogue cables on the market. Especially their tonearm cables enjoy high reputation.

Overall the supplied accessories are great, I’m only missing a selection of foam tips, as many customers (me included) to like them for added isolation and comfort.

If you’re a bit like me, and you also don’t like to see packaging that is overloaded with plastic, you’ll be happy with the Ditas, as they have zero parts of plastic in there as far as I can tell. Everything is stored in folded paper envelopes and cases. Neat!

More about the Twins on the second Page!

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