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EarSonics Grace

French EarSonics has just announced a new flagship universal IEM – the Grace. I’ve had the chance to give it a good spin, let’s see how it performs.

Disclaimer: EarSonics supplied the Grace for the purpose of this review. It does not have to be returned. EarSonics is not a site advertiser and in no way affiliated with Headfonia. Many thanks for the generosity and opportunity.

About EarSonics:

EarSonics is a French manufacturer of In Ear Monitors and hearing protection devices. Their main clientele has been professional musicians for a while, but recently they have aimed their focus also on consumer monitors.

Established in 2005, Franck Lopez (EarSonics’ CEO), has sought out to find better solutions for the existing monitoring for musicians. Being one himself, he knew the field by hand. After some trial and error, he finally came up with his first creation. A year has passed and he started selling his own IEM to others. It was an immediate success and he decided to create a more mainstream sounding model for the masses – the SM3.

In 2012 Franck has launched the world’s first six driver IEM. The S-EM6 was fully hand-made. Only four years later EarSonics has released their nine-driver flagship, which was intended to bring out every fine detail of the recording.

EarSonics Grace

EarSonics Grace

Fast forward to this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. Earsonic has introduced its latest universal flagship monitor – the Grace.
It comes as no surprise when looking at their Artist roaster, that most of them are from France. EarSonics works with people like Charlotte Gainsburg, Carla Bruni, C2C, David Guetta, Wax Tailor, Gotan Project or Elvis Costello.

About Grace:

Grace is EarSonics’ first universal ten-driver monitor. According to my knowledge it is based on the EM10, which Lieven reviewed earlier this year.

From what I can see it is a three-way passive crossover design with dual lows, quad mids and quad highs. The Grace uses EarSonics proprietary balanced armature drivers and is rated at 119 dB per Milliwatt. With an impedance of 26.6 Ohms it comes in as moderately sensitive. It doesn’t pick up hissing from any of my sources. It’s frequency response is stated from 10 Hertz to 20 Kilohertz.

Each pair of them is hand finished in France by one of EarSonics’ technicians. They even let you know who assembled them, as there is a card telling you in the packaging.

You can buy a pair directly from EarSonics or one of their regional partners for 2000 Euros.

EarSonics Grace

EarSonics Grace


I received a pre-production sample of the Grace, so my packaging was not the one paying customers get when they order them. I was told that there was a slight change on the outer packaging only though.
Grace comes in a luxurious looking and big packaging. My sample had a two-coloured outer sleeve, which has been changed to an all-black one with the word Grace in the bottom right corner.
Under this sleeve, you will find a flip open box. Both monitors will look at you through two circle windows. You will also face a message in French from EarSonics’ founder:

D’avoid choisi un produit EarSonics.
Vous entrez aujourd’hui dans le monde professional du son.
Comme de nombreux artistes vous nous avez fait confiance, et nous espérons que votre casque vous apportera autant de plaisir que nous avons eu à le créer.
Très bonne écoute…
Franck Lopez

For those who don’t speak French, this means:

Thank you…
For choosing an EarSonics product.
You’re entering today the world of professional sound.
Like the numerous artists you have given us confidence, and we wish that your monitors deliver you the same pleasure we had building them.
Have a very good listen…
Franck Lopez

EarSonics Grace

EarSonics Grace

EarSonics has never shocked their customers with a galaxy full of ear-tips or accessories, so it’s no surprise that this time they also did not include a big selection of tips. There are only two pairs each silicone, double-flanges and Comply foam tips. Personally, I think this is not sufficient for a product of this price. The pairs are only S and L size, as far as I can tell. For me, the large Comply tips worked well, but you will be left out if you’re a size in between, which is a bummer.

You will also get a 6.35 mm adapter, a cleaning tool and a semi-soft carrying case. Attached to the monitors is a Plastics One cable, terminated to a 3.5 mm stereo plug. You will also get a manual and warranty card.

I think it everyone involved would profit from a bigger selection of accessories, especially ear-tips, here.

More about Grace on the next page.

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