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Effect Audio Eros II


So what benefits do you get with the Eros II sound-wise? As I said in the intro, I certainly believe that aftermarket cables make a difference one way or another. But it shouldn’t always be a positive difference. Some cables work well with your specific monitors and some don’t. I’ll try to explain the Eros II and then you will know what type of a sound you could have.

The Effect Audio Eros II is a cable that presents a technical approach to the sound. With the two reference custom IEMs that I tried it with, it provided me a better transparency and midbass quality with very nice dynamism, compared to their stock cables. These are the shining traits of the Eros II to me. Let me explain in more detail with my usual breakdown.


With particularly the M-Fidelity SA50 , the bass became tighter and a little more punchy when I paired the monitor with the Eros II. This is a very nice CIEM to monitor the changes, since it’s very transparent and unforgiving. The cable does not give too much of bass quantity though. The midbass area is lifted slightly so it’s a good option if you seek a little more midbass body but quantity is still not dominating like some fully copper cables. For the SA50 it played out very well.

The midbass is more pronounced and definitive, but again this trait doesn’t disrupt the monitor’s overall presentation. Especially with jazz songs like John Coltrane’s, it’s very nice to hear those contrabass notes. Overall you get good body and good extension down low as well.

Effect Audio Eros II

Effect Audio Eros II


Mids become closer with the Eros II, sounding cleaner and crisper overall. The instruments play more closely when you compare it to the stock cable and you also get a slight boost in warmth which is always welcomed by me. Mid resolution gets better at the same time, allowing you to hear the elements clearer. These are not big differences, but they’re there and that’s the point of having an upgrade cable like this one.


In the upper treble area there’s slightly more resolution and extension which is a good thing if you want a little better treble performance from your monitor. This area of the spectrum is just like the mids; slightly better resolution and transparency. I especially liked the performance of the cable with the Pears SH-3 in this particular area.

Technical Points

The presentation broadly becomes tighter with the Effect Audio Eros II and everything plays like a foot closer in the stage. So the dimensions become slightly smaller, which can be good or bad depending on your monitors and sound preference. The trade off is there, but in exchange you get a more dynamic sound with better resolution and transparency in particular. The feeling is more studio-like instead of a concert hall.

But if your monitors already have a nice soundstage with good width, I don’t think the difference in the stage feeling would be a concern. And when you think about what you get in exchange, it’s not a bad deal anyway. The transparency and dynamism are the outstanding features of the Eros II and these traits are very important in a monitor. You also get more extension on both ends of the spectrum.

Effect Audio Eros II

Effect Audio Eros II


I really like the Eros II simply because it’s not a cable that changes one particular area in terms of quantity or presentation. It stays true to the sound but improves technical aspects like resolution, transparency, dynamism and texture. You get closer to the true recording, and you also see your monitor’s capabilities.

And since the price is not on the level of flagship cables which come from space, you can actually argue that this is one of the best cables you can get on the market. It’s a great option if you want a better technical performance from your IEMs. Not to mention the great flexibility and build quality, as well as the ergonomics.

I certainly recommend the Eros II and it just entered our Accessories Recommendations with it’s relatively affordable price and great performance.



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  • Reply June 3, 2020


    How do the highs compare between the two? I have EE Nemesis which have really harsh highs, and am looking a way to tame them. Nemesis comes with Ares II, would Eros II have less aggravating highs?

    • Reply June 4, 2020


      I’m not sure about that. Try to look at the Brise Audio STR7-Ref, if you have that kind of a budget. It controls the peaks like no other cable I’ve experienced.

      • Reply June 4, 2020


        Ouch, that’s quite a price for a cable, I think I’ll pass on that one 🙂 But thanks for the feedback!

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