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On this page you’ll find our recommendations of this moment for all the accessories you need. This is an ever evolving list.

Linum BaX (Cable)


Starts at $117

The Linum cables are the most comfortable cables on the planet when it comes to IEM Cables. Once you’re used the the light weight and excellent sound on the go, it’ll be tough going back to another cable.

Roon Labs LLC – Roon (Software)


Starts at $119

Only on very rare occasions we write about playback software, but Roon was something that we couldn’t leave untouched. It is the most fluid, informative and impressive software out there. It makes setting up new devices a piece of cake and offers an incredible selection of features, like Parametric EQ, Speaker Correction or Crossfeed, just to name a few. It combines your locally stored content with your TIDAL account and your DropBox, creating the biggest selection of audio ever. It comes with a 14-day trial and once you have used it you will know that you have been missing it the entire time.

SieveKing Omega (Headphone stand)

If you’re in to full sized headphones you can’t take yourself serious without owning the Sieveking Omega headphone stand. It’s one of the best and prettiest stands out there.

Starts at $132

plusSound – X (IEM Gold-plated copper cable)


Starts at $349.99

The X-series iem cable offers outstanding flexibility, comfort and build quality. The cable itself is made of ultra-pure OCC Type 6 Litz and features multiple proprietary damping cores for vibration reduction, consistent conductivity and a better overall feel and ergonomics. On top you get a great sounding cable with striking transparency, meatier lows and softer highs. Rather than colouring the sound too much, X concentrates on creating a smoother overall tune but leaves other critical aspects of the spectrum untouched.

plusSound – Exo (IEM T-Metal cable)


Starts at $449.99

The T-Metal Exo iem cable is made in an unconventional material mix of three different conductor materials: silver, gold-plated silver and gold-plated copper. All of which have their key-sound-signatures. The build quality is excellent. It again is a very flexible and unmicrofonic cable. What I was really suprised with though is the Y-split. When I first saw it I feared it will be too heavy to use the cable comfortably. Nothing could be more wrong. Though it is big in size it is also lightweight, even with the additional metal chin-slider. Sound-wise the T-Metal is a natural cable, with excellent top and bottom end extension. The level of layering and details of it are outstanding, especially for its price-point.

Effect Audio – Leonidas (IEM cable)


Starts at $799

The Leonidas cable is one of Lieven’s and Linus’ favorite IEM cables. If you’re looking for a great sounding musical cable that does everything really well, then the Leonidas is the one for you. It’s the poor man’s Horus 😉

plusSound – X16 (Headphone cable)


Starts at $799

The X16 is their TOTL headphone cable and I can only confirm this after months of extensive testing. It makes every headphone sound as good as it gets: detail, clarity, precision, sound stage and layering simply are really good. It’s beautiful but it’s not the most comfortable cable.

Labkable – Samurai III (IEM cable)


Starts at $899

Hong Kong based cable manufacturer labkable has a very broad selection of different audio cables for in-ears as well as for full sized headphones. Their Samurai III cable is seated in their Master Series and consists of 98% silver, 1.5% gold and .5% platinum. A very rare mix of materials. It offers great flexibility and a low-profile look. Sound-wise it offers impressive details and high resolution, with added mid-body for a lusher and fuller experience.

PWAudio 1960s


Starts at $1000 (4-wire at $2000)

PWaudio has created two wonderful sounding copper cables with a unique design structure. Their sound improvements are indisputably there for me. The two-wire quickly became one of my favourite cables and has been mainly attached to my Kaiser Encore because it elevates this already incredible in ear monitor to new levels. The four-wire has found its best friend in the Kaiser 10, though I wish I could use it with another monitor of mine – JH Audio’s Layla. The transparency of PWaudio’s four-wire flagship is unrivaled and the way it portrays even the finest details is outstanding. The two-wired version adds a touch of warmth to my reference and brighter tuned monitors and gives them a nice organic sound.

Effect Audio – Horus (IEM cable)


Starts at $1499

One of the finest cables I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. It matches up perfectly with all IEMs, and the detail, clarity and precision that comes with the cable is incredible. It’s very expensive but it is the best cable in my inventory.



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