Review: FAudio Symphony – Hidden Treasure

FAudio Symphony

Custom Build Choices (Personalization):

When designing a new CIEM a crucially important and helpful tool is a good Designer. Unfortunately FAudio does not provide one on their website, they are still using a simple picture example list of all available options.

You get a total of twelve translucent, six solid and twelve special shell colors, including galaxy designs and glitter options. For the face plate you’re looking at 30 different options, which include wood, watch parts, carbon fibre and other special designs. All in all, that’s a very good selection of choices.

Some of the special options come with upcharges, depending on which you want. The range goes from ~30$ (gold shell inlays) to ~130$ (special designs) up to ~890$ for a custom wood shell.

FAudio Symphony

FAudio Symphony

During my design phase, I have sent them a picture of another set which I like a lot, trying to see if they can come close to it. While they have not exactly hit the nail on the head with it, I still like the outcome.

My pair has a red and blue wave design, which often reminds me of the color combination of the Spiderman suit or the jerseys of the FC Barcelona.

For the ease of use, I hope FAudio will offer a graphic design tool for their customers in future, as it helps a lot during the decision making.


The CIEM comes in a nicely small packaging, which holds quite a number of contents. You will get a very sturdy and robust round metal case, a nice box labeled „Accessory“. In this magnetically closing paper box you will find a cleaning cloth, a warranty card, two alcohol wipes, a 6.35mm adapter and a cleaning tool.

FAudio Symphony

FAudio Symphony

The metal case beholds your new monitors, attached to which is a silver plated copper Litz cable, which might look familiar to those who have bought products from Campfire Audio in the past. That’s because FAudio is actually using the same wires as them.

You will also get a small transport bag and a velcro cable binder with the monitors. Personally I find the supplied package to be absolutely spot on as there is nothing really missing. The metal case is particularly nice, as it offers superb protection for the monitors.

Build Quality:

Since FAudio has a history as a reshell company, it comes as no surprise that their craftsmanship is near perfect. I could only detect one small blemish in it, which is a burst bubble in the shell. Other than that there’s nothing to complain about.

My pair fits nicely and comfortably in my ears, with no excessive pressure points in my canals. There is no glue or lacquer residue to be found anywhere and the finish of my Symphony is just perfect.

FAudio Symphony

FAudio Symphony

The face plates are closed with precision and without any sharp corners anywhere. The 2-pin sockets are perfectly aligned and flushed for the cable-rollers out there.

The nozzles of my sample end slightly before the second bend, and you can see the three sound bores ending a tiny bit recessed. Cleaning the Symphony is rather easy with the provided accessories, and I recommend to do it on a daily basis to keep your monitors at their top performance. I also put mine in a hearing aid dry-box every once in a while, to kill all bacteria on the in and outside.

The next page is all about Sound.


A daytime code monkey with a passion for audio and his kids, Linus tends to look at gear with a technical approach, trying to understand why certain things sound the way they do. When there is no music around, Linus goes the extra mile and annoys the hell out of his colleagues with low level beatboxing.


    • Reply January 1, 2019

      Wills Chiu

      Hi Linus happy new year.
      How will you compare this and a12t?

      • Reply January 1, 2019


        Hi Wills,
        thanks for your comment.
        Happy New year to you too, hope it will be a great sounding 2019 for you.

        The A12t is a more potent technical monitor that has higher resolution and better layering. The 12t punches harder with more drive. Symphony is smoother and fuller. The 12t’s treble is brighter and faster, while the Symphony’s is softer. Stage wise the A12t wins on both width and depth. Both monitors are excellent values in my book.

    • Reply January 7, 2019

      Ivan Parshenkov

      HUM is 2-BA for 1700?? Jesus

    • Reply May 14, 2019


      I head the universal symphony at fujiya spring event they were far the best IEM I heard in 2019

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