Review: iBasso IT04 – A Big Step

iBasso IT04

We are finally looking at the iBasso’s flagship In Ear Monitor, the iBasso IT04, and it surely is a great step forward for the brand.


Disclaimer: The iBasso IT04 was sent to me by the company itself for this review and iBasso is not affiliated with Headfonia in any way. The official price for the IT04 is 499$. I did not receive the consumer box so I can’t comment on the package content. The Sony WM1A Walkman is the source used for sound evaluation. 


When iBasso came out with the IT03 it was an encouraging entrance to the market. Since then, their IEM business has been quite influential. The IT03 was great and impressive for a “first effort” from the company. Unfortunately we couldn’t review that one before because of some shipping problems, but we managed to get the IT04.

Before we go with it, I would like to remind you again how good their budget model is. I reviewed the entry level IT01 here. Obviously I was impressed from that little IEM, and we put it into our recommended list right after.

The IT04

iBasso wanted to elevate things with this model. It’s not easy for a company to prove themselves in this crazy IEM market, but in my opinion iBasso is one of those brands which is capable of such a challenge. With this latest flagship they managed to improve every aspect after the IT03, and I’ll go into the details very shortly.

iBasso IT04

iBasso IT04

Configuration-wise the iBasso IT04 has one more BA driver inside compared to the predecessor. It is intended to achieve a more “true” sound signature, together with a very nice cable which is called CB12s. That cable goes for 110$ if you buy it separately. So when you consider the obviously improved sound, one more Knowles BA Driver, the fit and build with a better cable in the  package, then I think the price increase over the IT03 is not unreasonable.


The iBasso IT04 looks like a universally shaped custom monitor. The shell material is acrylic and it’s very very smooth overall. The sample I received has a blue/gray faceplate design with the carbon fiber look. The other choice you have are silver face plates, but the base color is always black. I liked this version as it looks more complete and one piece, but that’s just a preference.

The earphones have MMCX connectors and nozzle filters. The custom-like shape is as generic as possible so that it can fit all types of ear shapes out there. As you might be able to spot in the pictures, there is a little vent in the shell for the dynamic driver.


The IEM feels like one piece and it ticks all the boxes regarding build quality. The nozzles are seamlessly brought together with the shells. The filters on the tips of the nozzles are quite sturdy and they should hold on there for a long time. Careful with the earwax thing though, clean them up every once in a while.

iBasso IT04

iBasso IT04

The face plates don’t have any apparent joints with the shells, so the IEM looks pretty much unibody. Therefore I should say they’re closed perfectly. The MMCX connectors are quite tight, which is a problem when you try to remove the cable at first, but that’s a good thing for long term reliability.


It is a perfect fit for a universal. That’s all I can say. I feel very very comfortable with it. As a guy who almost uses his CIEMs all the time, I really appreciate this kind of a shell design to achieve a great fit. Of course I can’t be sure for everyone but I don’t think you’ll have a problem plugging these into your ears.

Once you find the right tips, it’s very comfortable and they isolate very well. I love isolation. I don’t want to hear anything but my music when I’m in a noisy environment. Actually I did not expect it to isolate very good since it’s a hybrid monitor. As you know hybrid monitors don’t block outside noise very well with their air vents for dynamic drivers. But the iBasso IT04 fits your ears outstandingly, so you have a very nice isolation level.

Fit was one of the strong suits of the previous model, the IT03. But the IT04 fits even better then its predecessor, so I should congratulate the iBasso team for coming up with this kind of a design.

CB12s Cable

Before going on with the sound quality, I should talk about the cable that comes with the IT04. As I mentioned you can buy this one as a separate accessory if you have a monitor which utilizes MMCX sockets. It’s a cable made of both copper and silver wires which have high purity grades. The ergonomics are very nice as it’s very lightweight and flexible overall. And the fact that it doesn’t have memory wires is very cool as well. The braiding is quite good but a little loose. I don’t think it’s going to be an issue though, just don’t use it like a cheap item and store it in the carrying case.

iBasso IT04

iBasso IT04

The plug is 2.5mm so it’s a balanced cable. Actually the only difference with the regular CB12 is the 3.5mm adapter supplied. It costs 20$ more with it, hence the 110$ price. Cables are a very important topic with IEMs, so it’s very nice to see iBasso including a very ergonomic, premium type of IEM cable in the package.

The review continues on PAGE 2 with sound impressions

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  • Reply November 1, 2018


    Damnit, I got both the Noble Savanna and the Acoustune Hs1551, but not the It04. Seems like the It04 is better than both of my favorite iem that i own.

    • Reply November 1, 2018


      Both are very good IEMs. You don’t have to jump to the IT04. The differences are not big. But the IT04 is by far the best fitting earphone of the three.

  • Reply November 2, 2018

    John Churn

    Thank you for such informative review. Thumbs up to you Sir.
    Now have to delay my purchase & wait for FH7. What a joy. ^^

    • Reply November 2, 2018


      You’re welcome.

      We’re also curious about it.

  • Reply November 5, 2018


    Feeling previlliged to read this insightful and incredibly detailed review, ending a long wait. Thank you!
    I’m actually a bit torn right now between three choices for my next upgrade: IT04, GR10e, or NF-3U. All in a similar price range, making it very hard to chose from my desktop. Any thoughts would be highly appreciated.

    • Reply November 5, 2018


      Much thanks Roman.

      I never listened the other two so I can’t comment unfortunately.

      Could you find any direct comparisons anywhere?

      • Reply November 5, 2018


        Thanks Berkhan! Not really, I think you are the only site that has reviewed all those three 😉 but it seems by three different reviewers!!

        • Reply November 6, 2018


          Yeah, that’s not good 🙂

          Still you can compare them using those reviews I think, at least in terms of their sound characters.

  • Reply November 16, 2018


    Compared to the BGVP DM6 which is a better IEM with different kinds of Genre?

    • Reply November 21, 2018


      I’ve never heard the DM6.

  • Reply December 15, 2018


    how about Earsonics ES vs iBasso iT04?
    which one is better for allrounder mid range iem?

  • Reply December 15, 2018


    I know they are two different price ranges, but how do these compare to the RHA T20s?

    • Reply December 18, 2018


      No idea, I’ve never listened to the T20.

  • Reply February 20, 2019

    Chris Bell

    Would the Ibasso IT04 be a good pairing for the LG V30+ Phone with that Beautiful Quad Dac

  • Reply April 15, 2019


    Currently using IT01, pretty happy with it considering the price point, my biggest complaint is that male vocals sound a bit airy (if that’s the right term), would love to try IT04 as well.

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