Review: Mr. Speakers Aeon – Open and Closed!


Aeon Open


Well, this!  There is an Aeon Open!  Released a few months after the Aeon C, the Aeon O (also $799) entered the arena.  Will it live up to the Aeon closed?

I am not going to talk about the build, as it is identical to the Aeon C, which is to say: outstanding.  The only difference is obviously, the open-backed grills.  Comfort is also the same, so, everything great about the Aeon C, so far, carries over to the Aeon O.  The Aeon O does come with two more sets of dampening pads for tweaking the sound than did the closed model.  I will say that, again, I prefer the sound without adding the pads, but, as always, I never frown on giving people more options.

When compared with the Aeon C, the sound of the Aeon O definitely has its own unique character.  Let’s take a listen.


Efficiency: 95dB

Weight (without cable): 321gr Open

Impedance: 13 ohms

Sound – Aeon Open

This one is a little bit easier to talk about than the Aeon C, as it has some features that stick out a little bit more.  Once again, bass body and impact are quite good.  The Aeon C might dig a little bit deeper, but that is pretty normal.  For an open backed headphone, the Aeon O does a very fine job with bass.

With the upper bass and the lower midrange, the Aeon O starts to differentiate itself from its slightly older brother.  There is definitely a noticeable bump in this region, causing it to stick out.  That extra body gives the Aeon O a warmer feel than the more linear Aeon C.   This trend seems to follow the sound into the mid and upper midrange, as they feel a little more laid back.  Voices don’t sound quite as sharp or detailed here as they did on the Aeon C.   Treble, however, to my ears, sounds about the same here as it did on the Aeon C.

Being open-backed, the Aeon O does have a more open sound, and the soundstage feels wider.  Transient response and instrument separation, to my ears, are a little sharper on the Aeon C.  I will say that I also find the Aeon O to also play well with a wide selection of music.  Once you adjust to the different sound, it is really easy to drift away and disappear into your music.

That is the real beauty of the Aeon O.  It may read like I didn’t like the Aeon O very much, but that isn’t the case at all.  There is something warm and inviting about the sound of this headphone.  This last month has been a really intense one for me.  On the few occasions that I could find the time, I loved being able to sink into my favorite chair, let me favorite singers wash over me, and feel all of my troubles melt away, if only for a half hour.  While there are other open headphones, like the HE560, which I feel offer a sharper, more balanced technical performance, there is no denying the pleasure that can be derived from the Aeon O.  After all, what is this hobby about if not enjoying your music?


Well, there you have it: two new winners from Mr. Speakers.  Obviously, my heart belongs with the Aeon closed, but I can see others falling in love hard with the Aeon open.  Either way you go, you can’t go wrong with the Aeon.  I can’t wait to see what Mr. Speakers comes up with next!  Both the Aeon open and Aeon closed retail for $799, and can be bought here: .




  • Reply December 29, 2017



    Which one would you choose for classical and female jazz, open or closed?

    Regards, Karl

    • Reply December 30, 2017


      Classical is my genre of choice, and I definitely favor the balance of the closed. I would go the same with Jazz.

  • Reply December 29, 2017

    Tony crosby

    What are those great looking headphone stands?
    Kind regards tony c

    • Reply March 3, 2018


      I believe it’s the Audioquest Perch

  • Reply December 29, 2017



    Thank you for the reviews !

    I have the Oppo PM3 and want to keep it.
    I am looking for an open counterpart, with a little more treble than my Oppo, and definitively a wider soundstage.

    Regarding several reviews on the web (including yours), I am not hyped by the Aeon Open. Some people say that the soundstage is wider on the closed version than on the open version.

    So what are the competitors ? Focal Elear ? Focal Clear ? (I find the Focal very ugly).
    That’s why I’m craving for Hifiman Sundara reviews.

    Would you be able to compare these ones ?

    Best regards

    • Reply December 30, 2017


      The Elear, a wonderful headphone, has a dip in the lower treble, so that might not be the best choice. I have heard the Clear is better, but unfortunately, I will not be doing the review on that.

      Have you tried the HE560? That is an excellent open headphone with more treble than the Oppo.

      • Reply December 30, 2017


        I did not have the chance to test the HE560. But apparently, it’s not so different from the 400i, so the price is not justified.
        I made intensive research yesterday and maybe these two could compete : Hifiman Edition X v2 and Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon.
        For me around 800$ is the sweet spot, so the Clear and the Edition X are too expensive.
        That’s why I wait for the Sundara because it’s perhaps a 800$ open headphones killer.

        • Reply December 31, 2017


          I went yesterday to several hifi shops, to take the time to listen to these : Oppo PM1, Audeze Sine DX, LCD-2, LCD-X, Grado PS500e and RS2e.
          I was very surprised, the one that standed out of the crowd, despite not being called as neutral, was the RS2e. That was the only to make me wow.

          The PM1 has the same signature of my PM3, and is better of course.
          I don’t like (no to say hate) the Audezes shapes and boring sound.
          Not being able to name it I missed a little of this and that with the PS500e.

  • Reply December 29, 2017

    dale thorn

    I love an enthusiastic review, but even more I like an honest review, wherever the judgement falls. I get the distinct idea here that the Closed is a great headphone, especially given that the start of the review had the exact same impressions I got from the Mad Dog and Alpha Dog.

    • Reply December 30, 2017


      Thanks, Dale! If you get the chance to hear the Aeon closed, let me know if you concur.

  • Reply January 8, 2018



    Is Mojo too warm for Aeon Open?


  • Reply January 9, 2018

    Phillip Houseknecht

    This is kind of an off-beat question, but what headphone stand is the Aeon Flow Closed headphones hanging on? I think I want to get one. I love the sound of the closed version…I just haven’t been able to listen to the open version yet.

    -HK sends

  • Reply February 27, 2018

    John Hospod

    I’ve owned TOTL headphones (opened and closed) from all the major players (Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, Audeze, Mrspeakers, Sony, Audioquest, ZMF, Focal). The Mrspeakers Aeon Closed is now my go to for the most well rounded headphone I’ve ever heard. It’s versatility is unmatched and takes extremely well to EQ. The best imaging outside of a HD800. Deep and well textured bass. Full bodied vocals. Sweet and extended treble. Love it.

    • Reply February 28, 2018

      dale thorn

      That’s a great recommendation!

      • Reply March 1, 2018


        Oh, I see! MY recommendation wasn’t good enough for you, huh?

    • Reply March 1, 2018


      It really is something special!

  • Reply July 15, 2018



    I have heard the closed version yesterday with the Mojo and I am blowing away! The price/performance ratio is also out of this world!

    Not heard the open version yet. I have the impression that the sealed version has more advantages. No sound leaking, no background noise and I am very happy with the sound. I like clear voices and I would give up the bass area because I think it was already outstanding with the closed version.

    Do you think because of the open design the airflow with the open is better and the comfort of it or does it not matter?

    Thanks for the great review

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