Review: plusSound Exo GPS – Silver Sibling

plusSound Exo (Gold Plated Silver)

Disclaimer: The Gold Plated Silver Exo was provided by plusSound for this review. plusSound is not affiliated with Headfonia and not a site advertiser. Many thanks for the opportunity and generosity. My deepest apologies for the delay.

About plusSound

plusSound is an American company seated in Los Angeles that specialized in aftermarket cables but has also dipped their toes into the portable amplifier market. Last year plusSound has also launched their new universal IEM lineup. plusSound‘s latest product-introduction was of a series of Bluetooth IEM and headphone cables and a new triple copper wire, called Tri-Copper.
PlusSound has made its debut in early 2012 and has gained a lot of respect and interest for their outstanding products by the community.

Ordering from plusSound is pretty neat and easy. You can go to their website, select the type of cable you want and customize the materials, terminations and even the Y-splitter and chin-slider. As like most other cable-manufacturers plusSound also provides you the opportunity to color-code your left and right side connectors on top you can also decide what color the logo on the termination should be.
We have covered some of their cables already in the past. The Exo cable has been double awarded as best accessory and best cable last year!

About Exo series

The Exo series is plusSound’s family of cables consisting of four wires. You can have it in multiple different wire types, like gold-plated silver, tri-copper, t-metal or many other configurations. plusSound uses Type 6 Litz UP-OCC wires with a size of 26 AWG.

The cable in this review consists of four gold plated silver wires and is available for 599.99$
The current build time is eight weeks.

plusSound Exo (Gold Plated Silver)

plusSound Exo (Gold Plated Silver)


When you order a cable from plusSound you will get a magnetic cardboard box. It’s a rather subtle box and kept in dark colours. It also has been redesigned for this year and now features a cable-graphic on top of the box. If you pay close attention you will see that this printed cable even has the PS-logo in its connectors – neat. At the bottom you can find the instruction manual for the cable. feel it is rather difficult to read with black printing on an almost black background. Maybe plusSound will provide the manual card as before, I don’t know.
Also supplied in the packaging of course is your new cable, which is in a shrink wrapped plastic bag. Additionally to that you will be given an amplifier strap band. This probably is because of the Cloud Nine amplifier they also offer. Packaging overall is pretty standard for an aftermarket cable.

Build quality

I have always been a fan of the plusSound build quality. They are simple, elegant and very well built. The 2.5 Millimeter gold plated plug is covered with a black heat-shrink that has plusSound’s logo in gold colour on it. The heat-shrink is exactly placed on the plug. The braiding of my Exo cable is done very well, with near perfect symmetry. As most of my plusSound cables, this Exo also has a rose gold aluminium Y-split. The split is robust, elegant and surprisingly light-weight. It doesn’t pull down the cable with too much force or weight. The chin-slider is a black aluminium ring and does perform its job well.

After the Y-split the cable separates into two wires per channel. Now the wires are twisted around each other. The 2-pin connectors are made of metal and are again covered with black heat-shrink. Depending on your choice for each channel the inwards facing PS logo will be colored accordingly. Mine are both gold, which gets us to the point of how to connect them. If you’re not used to plusSound’s IEM cables, you might confuse the correct sides. The logo on the 2-pin barrels has to face inwards, there is a screw on the other side, which has to look away from you. plusSound’s cables don’t use any form of ear-hook per se. They simply use a little bit of heat-shrink after the connectors to give the wires a guide how to move. I love this solution as it gives best comfort.

The cable itself is flexible, very ergonomic and transmits absolutely no friction noise and doesn’t pick up any interference or electrical hum, if that’s what you’re concerned. It simply is perfect.

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    Albert Cheng

    Silver + Gold next?

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      There are currently no plans for it. Never say never though 😉

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    Chin Wei Lee

    Could you share some SQ thoughts between plussound
    GPH / GPS / Tri-copper / GPC? Especially their treble and bass / sub bass~~

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