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This is Berkhan’s second review on Headfonia, he wrote about the 64Ears Adel a few weeks ago. The UM Maverick was on loan from a friend and UM wasn’t contacted about this review in any way. I myself reviewed the custom UM Maestro a few months ago and it still is one of my very best ciems.


This time you’ll read my impressions about one of UM’s Japan exclusive models, the Maverick.

These specially tuned models are made for Japan and as far as I know, they’re particularly tuned for Anime types of music. You have to order these from Japan. In reality, Maverick is a differently tuned Merlin, just like the Mason, which is retuned and shaped from the Mentor. So they’re not amazingly different from the international models but they have slightly different configurations.

Maverick has an interesting configuration. Which is: 2 High Armatures – 1 Mid Armature – 2 Low (1 Armature + 1 Dynamic)

I’ve never listened to such a hybrid IEM before, so it was a unique experiment for me. As you can see, the interesting part lies within the drivers that work for low frequencies but more on that shortly. The Maverick is somewhat different from the IEM’s that we’re accustomed to, so I’ll try to explain that as much as I can. 


The Maverick’s design is mostly pure, elegant, sleek and aesthetic. Moreover, you can clearly feel the build quality when you use it. It’s not amazing like a metal or some other elements that certain companies use but it still looks and feels beautiful.

The nozzle is well built and there are 4 bores in it if you look carefully. The carrying case is also robust and stylish. It’s all metal and the IEM’s fit neatly inside. I really liked the sleek case, because sometimes I face questions like “is that a cosmetic material?” for my case which belongs to Angie’s. This one looks more serious and elegant than my shiny red JH Angie case. Jealousy is real I suppose.

The package has many things covered. It has the silicon and foam tips, 4 pairs for each, which is quite rich. As usual there’s a cleaning tool and you also get a cleaning wipe, an airplane adapter and a ¼ jack converter.


I don’t think one can’t be satisfied with the package, build or design in any way. UM usually has good reputation with these type of things anyway. So there’s no need to talk about the package excessively. 


These kind of universal’s are always susceptible to fit problems. Therefore, I don’t think these will fit every type of ear easily, especially small ears. In addition, as I mentioned above, the Maverick has 1 dynamic driver each side which makes it a little bigger. Bigger than Noble universal’s or the Miracle universal for instance. So people with small ears can face some trouble.

Fortunately, they have a convenient shape on the inner part of the earpieces, so they tightly seal and I didn’t face problems with these. For comparison; despite being smaller, K10’s were much worse for me because of the short nozzles. The length of the nozzles are just right with the Maverick in my opinion. Especially with the foam tips that are supplied the fit is really good and isolation is also excellent. The shells are smooth and rounded so there are no sharp points to make you uncomfortable.

The cable is the one we’re used to from Westone and Earsonics etc. It’s a classic: light, convenient and comfortable. Memory wire is also not surprising, just like I expected.

So in spite of being a large IEM, the fit is excellent with Maverick in my case.


The Maverick is not an easy IEM to describe. First of all I have to say it’s definitely not a balanced or a reference type of sound andI’ll try to explain where the imbalance lies.


The Maverick is transparent, a little bright, revealing, detailed and somewhat a close sounding IEM. It has a different presentation and it’s important to give yourself some time to get familiar with it. You have to get used to the presentation and that usually takes about a week. Thankfully, my friend gave me unlimited time with these to write accurate sound impressions.


As usual, I’m going to start with the lows. I think the Maverick goes for more subbass rather than midbass. Midbass is a little trimmed down, which gives it a relaxed feeling helping the IEM to sound roomy. As a result the midbass is satisfying: it’s not too deficient, it’s just that the Maverick can go very deep so the midbass is a little shaded. In addition, if the Maverick gave too much midbass, it would become too muddy and too intimate, so I’m glad it gives an open and roomy feeling with low frequencies.

You would think that given the 1 BA + 1 Dynamic driver setup for lows, the Maverick is a bass monster but that is not the case. In fact, because of the little laid back midbass and the situation with treble which I’m going to describe, you can even feel that the Maverick is somewhat a thinner IEM with certain recordings.

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A keen audiophile and hobby photographer, Berkhan is after absolute perfection. Whether it is a full-frame camera or a custom in-ear, his standpoint persists. He tries to keep his photography enthusiasm at the same level as audio. Sometimes photography wins, sometimes his love for music takes over and he puts that camera aside. Simplistic expressions of sound in his reviews are the way to go for him. He enjoys a fine single malt along with his favourite Jazz recordings.


  • Reply August 16, 2016


    Great review. I hope you change the “FİT” section to “FIT”. There is no “İ” in English you know. 🙂

    • Reply August 16, 2016


      I think Lieven missed it somehow. I’m gonna tell him to fix it.

    • Reply August 16, 2016


      Done. Nitpicker :p

  • Reply August 16, 2016

    Barun C

    I’m not terribly excited when I look at UMMC’s description of the highs & head stage, coupled with the fact that it costs so much & yet it has lacking mid bass.

    How is the sub bass performance and is there any noticeable hiss with low end DAPs or phones?

    • Reply August 16, 2016


      Mid bass actually depends on the source. And also, because it can go really deep, the subbass outshines midbass a little. I don’t think it has a lacking midbass.

      Subbass performance is great IMO. This is probably the best IEM I’ve experienced in terms of lows.

      No, there’s no noticable hiss.

  • Reply August 17, 2016


    Excellent review! Now I was in doubt between Maverick and JH Angie. xD
    I own a JH5 and I wanted a sound with a similar sound signature….

    • Reply August 17, 2016


      How does the JH5 sound?

      • Reply August 17, 2016


        The JH5 has warmer mids, deep bass and treble not strident.

        • Reply August 17, 2016

          Berkhan Akçay

          You can be happy with the Angie then.

          • Reply August 17, 2016


            Thanks for the answer! ^^
            Another thing, why you do not use the system comment Disqus on your website? I think much more practice and many websites use.

            • Reply August 17, 2016

              Berkhan Akçay

              I just joined Headfonia so I don’t have the information about this. But I recall it was Disqus back then. Lieven can give info here.

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