Shozy Form 1.1 Review

Shozy Form 1.1

Today we’re reviewing the Shozy Form 1.1 for you. See how it performs for a tiny price of $75 USD.




Diclaimer: The Shozy Form 1.1 review sample was arranged directly with Shozy, but the supplier in this case is Linsoul. I covered the customs taxes only. The review reflects my sincere opinions as always.


Once upon a time, a hybrid IEM was something that could only be purchased by big pocket audiophiles. Well, not anymore. As the technology became cheaper, we started to see hybrid IEMs expanding in the market swiftly. The Shozy Form 1.1 is just another example of affordable hybrid IEM technology.

About Shozy

We have reviewed several Shozy products from different budget levels already. For the premium segment, Lieven reviewed their hybrid electrostat offering, the Pola39 as below:

Me? I reviewed a couple of Shozy products. Perhaps one of the most popular IEMs last year was their BG model, and it remains as one of our choices for the Best Universal IEMs.

In fact, almost all of their products have made it to our recommended list such as the Hibiki MK2, V33 and Pola39. Why? It’s simple. They offer great value for money. Shozy is quite sensitive about keeping the prices low. Even their premium Pola39 model is below the market average when you check out similar IEMs.

Based in Hong Kong, Shozy’s offerings stand out with distinctive design language. They offer very good build quality with their products at the same time. They also want to change and influence the market with very competitive price tags.

Shozy Form 1.1

About Form 1.1

The Shozy Form 1.1 is a universal hybrid IEM, consisting a Dynamic and a Balanced Armature driver together. Hence, the 1.1 name. The Dynamic driver here is a 9,2mm one with beryllium coating for good bass control. The difference here however is that the Dynamic Driver also covers a certain part of the mid-range (probably lower mid section). The Balanced Armature driver takes care of the rest; the upper mids and treble for that matter.

The IEM features a hand-made resin body, a metallic air vent, a fabric coated 2-pin copper cable and a nice sparkling “cosmic” design on the face-plate. The Form 1.1 to me is a very rounded and complete product for its asking price, and it ticks a lot of boxes for a budget IEM.

Design & Build Quality

When you take a first look at the 1.1, the design reminds you the Shozy BG IEM. However, it’s easy to spot that this is a smaller shell design with good ergonomics. Shozy certainly continues to bring good quality for lower budgets and I hope they keep to do so. Design-wise I think it is ahead of its rivals with a nice stock cable and a cosmic design language combined with black color.

Build quality is very good as well. The resin shell gives a very nice uni-body impression and seeing those metal nozzles again is a nice bonus. The BG model to be honest is a bit better in terms of robustness, but the 1.1 is definitely sturdy for the sub-100$ budget level.

Shozy Form 1.1

The cable on the other hand is top-notch and it actually is the best feature to me with the 1.1. It’s very flexible and has good tensile strength. It also is very comfortable and ergonomic. To me this cable is overqualified for the price even, and that tells you a thing or two about Shozy isn’t that? Keep in mind that the cable is quite microphonic though, which is a shame because it otherwise is awesome.


The Shozy BG had a semi-custom like design with a bigger size. The 1.1 is smaller, but it’s not that much shaped for a semi-custom look. However the IEM has a very friendly fit and good comfort overall. Once you find the correct tips for you, I don’t think you’ll ever have big problems.

The insertion however is not too deep and it results with a shallower fit than I would’ve liked. And the additional vent on the rear means that you’ll not have the best isolation. Yet, I found foam tips to complement the 1.1 nicely. So my choice in this case have been the foam tips, which I think makes the fit much better than silicones.

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