First Look Sunday: Dope Audio Dope Pure

Dope Audio Dope Pure

In this first look episode we check out the Dope Pure by Dope Audio. A planar magnetic IEM retailing for 679€.

Disclaimer: This is a first look at the new Dope Pure by Dope Audio. It only reflects our first impressions and a full review of the Pure will come in the following weeks.



About Dope Audio:

I don’t blame you if you never heard of Dope Audio, because prior to them reaching out I haven’t either.

Dope Audio is a very young Russian company that makes just one product for now. The Dope Pure. The people behind this product have a very long history of making planar-magnetic headphones.

After spending years and years in the RnD field, Maxim has chosen to create his own planarmagnetic In Ear Monitor. But he chose to make them in a different way.

About Dope Pure:

The Dope Pure is a fully closed, 3D printed, 9mm planar-magnetic monitor that features a rear chamber design, similar to loudspeakers. In addition to the rear chamber the Pure also features a twisted horn sound-guide to bring the music to your ears. So in short, Maxim and his team made use of room acoustics to shape the sound of the Pure to their goal.

Just like most planar headphones and IEMs, the Dope Pure is quite tricky to drive. It features an impedance of 21 Ohms and a sensitivity of just 96 decibels. So make sure you have adequate equipment to use the Pure with. Each Dope Pure has a 3D printed and hand lacquered shell.


The build quality of the Pure is lacking in my opinion. It doesn’t have any protective mesh on the nozzle but rather is almost fully open. There only is a small piece of foam on the inside protecting the driver from debris falling in. The shells also could feel more premium for the price, but given that it’s 3D printed it only makes sense that these aren’t made out of aluminium.

Sound Impressions:

These initial impressions are based on extended listens with the Lotoo PAW Gold, PAW Gold Touch and the Chord Hugo2 mostly. I have used more gear in the time since I have the Dope Pure, but the most ear-time went to the above three.

The Dope Pure features one of the very best and darkest backgrounds I have experienced in any IEM yet. That includes monitors costing 3000 USD and more. The Pure has a relatively neutral and balanced signature, but it has a spiky treble response, that can sound sharp. The Dope is a technically very potent monitor, with wonderful imaging, separation and rendering.


Bass sounds nicely linear with superb texture, mids are smooth and organic. Treble as mentioned before can sound harsh and splashy. The stage shows good measurements in depth and width, but it cannot compete with other higher end monitors.

I won’t go into too much detail now, as the full review of the Pure will come in due course. So keep your eyes on this site to find out everything about Dope Audio and their first product!

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