Shozy V33 & V33 Pro Review

With the first review of 2020, we present you the Shozy V33 & V33 Pro together. The prices are $49 and $75 respectively.




Disclaimer: The Shozy V33 and V33 Pro samples were sent to me free of charge, directly from Shozy for this review.

About Shozy

Shozy is a personal audio brand from Hong Kong. They were mostly producing portable DACs/Amplifiers together with Digital Audio Players, but they recently jumped in to the IEM market as well.

I already reviewed their Hibiki and the Hibiki MK2, which are popular models in their price range. The MK2 version even made it to our Best Universal IEM Recommendations page.

I also reviewed the Shozy BG last year, and it also made its way to our Best Universal IEM Recommendations, solidifying the brand’s success for low-cost IEM solutions.

There are other new models such as the Pentacle, and the Pola series which contain electrostatic technology inside. You can check out Lieven’s review of the new Pola39 below.

Shozy’s offerings stand out with distinctive design language, especially their audio players. They offer very good build quality with their products at the same time. They also want to change the market somehow, with very competitive price tags.

About V33 Series

These two are also an answer to the entry-level market from Shozy, and they contain a different, rather romantic approach. Shozy decided to go with a vinyl concept with these earphones, and you can clearly see that from the package to the actual sound signature.

Shozy V33 Pro – 3

This series utilizes a machined stainless steel housing and a single dynamic driver setup with a 10 mm diameter. Shozy also boast about their new acoustic filters and dampeners that are imported from South Korea for these earphones.

The model designation is made from “Vinyl 33”, which is a vinyl speed indication. representing 33 1/3 circles per minute. The difference between the Standard and the Pro versions is the cable only. The Pro model comes with a more professional SPC cable.


The design language of the V33 Series is very sleek and simple with a very elegant look. The steel housings look classy and quite appealing for the mainstream market in my opinion, and the face plates finish the design in a complementary fashion. Speaking of the face-plates, they’re also influenced by vinyls and there’s “33 1/3” markings in the middle, completing the design with the Shozy logo.

This is not the first time I see an old-fashioned, rather romantic design language from a brand. Yet, Shozy’s vinyl theme is something unique, very elegant and creative in my opinion.

Shozy V33 Pro – 3

Build Quality

I expected the earphones to be a little heavier when I saw the steel housing design but they’re pretty light in the hand. However there’s still a certain weight in them, preventing a cheap feeling overall. Maybe a full steel design including the face-plate would’ve been even more premium. But the vinyl design is still very nice and elegant if you ask me.

The nozzles are solid and nicely blended with the whole design, featuring an aluminum mesh to filter the earwax. Make sure to keep that one clean for a healthy long-term usage. The cable for the Pro version feels very high quality including the y-split and neck slider, which are also either steel or aluminum. The standard version has a plastic coated cable, but it has the same high quality jack, y-split and slider.

All in all the build quality is very good, especially considering the price. Shozy have always been good in this regard though, offering high quality with reasonable prices.


You wear these earphones straight, so it’s not like In Ear Monitors that we usually review. I personally don’t prefer this method because I’m pretty much used to IEMs, but I admit that these are very comfortable and low-profile.

Shozy V33 Pro – 3

I liked this fit for the mainstream user. You can take a nap with these or use them while reading books and magazines. It sits flush enough to stay in your ears when you move around, but it’s also comfortable and easy in the ear. The shape of the earphone is suitable for all kinds of ears.

Don’t expect great isolation with the V33 series though. The nozzles are short and you don’t have much noise blockage here. You can try some foam ear-tips if you have them though. That would help to have a better noise isolation but still, this is a straight-worn earphone. So the priority here is general usage and comfort.

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