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V33 Pro




The V33 Pro shares the same characteristics of the V33 in terms of that romantic sound, but adds some sauce here and there. You can imagine the Pro having more of evertying; bass, mids and treble.

First of all, it has a bigger bass with more quantity. Bass notes are bigger and the kick is harder with the Pro model. This is more suitable to EDM and popular music types. However, I think the quality and speed is not the same with the V33 model, which to me has a better performance despite its lower price.

Mids are a little bit more transparent and accentuated with the V33 Pro, sounding more in your face and apparent. So yes, mids are elevated with the V33 Pro but I don’t think that’s a good tuning choice, since both of these earphones have a narrow stage. Closer mids create an even more congested and small sound-stage with the Pro model. Sure, it’s resolution and transparency slightly better, but coherency and staging wise I liked the V33 more.

Treble is identical with the Pro model. However because of the lifted mid response, the treble tries hard to cry from behind. You can focus on the treble and hear the details, but it’s harder to do it than what it is with the Standard V33.

Shozy V33 Pro – 2

Overall the Pro has bigger bass, more mids and same treble. Yet, I found the V33 as the better performer simply because of its cohesiveness and control. When you crank the volume up, the V33 Pro struggles to give good control over the spectrum, and especially the upper mid and lower treble areas can sound a little bit aggressive with sibilance.

That’s why I always say that; an upgrade cable doesn’t necessarily betters the presentation. It’s all about the synergy. This doesn’t mean that you’ll not like the V33 Pro versus the V33. The Pro version has more dynamism and attack on the whole range, and it is better for popular music than the V33. But my opinion always goes with the more consistent, coherent and controlled audio gear. In this case, that is the V33 here.


Hibiki MK2

The V33 gives a leaner presentation in bass with a nicely controlled approach, whilst the Hibiki MK2 gives a bigger bass with more rumble. I think the mids have better tonality and authenticity with the V33 Pro. It also has a warmer signature overall. Treble is slightly better with the V33. Hibiki definitely wins in the stage dimensions though.

The V33 Pro has more bass than the normal V33, but I think the Hibiki Mk2 has better quality with a similar amount of bass. The V33 Pro once again gives a better tonality like the V33. Treble comparison is the same here.

Shozy V33 Pro

KZ ZS10 Pro

ZS10 Pro’s tonality is weaker than the both V33 versions, giving a tinny presentation in mids. Bass is a little stronger than the V33 on the ZS10 Pro, but the V33 Pro comes closer in that regard. All the other topics like stage dimensions, treble extension and overall resolution are similar.

Overall I would go with the V33 because of its organic and realistic tonality.


The AS10 is my favorite KZ model to this date. The AS10 has good tonality and coherency across the spectrum. But the V33 earphones have the advantage in the treble section because of their level of detail and articulation.

The AS10, like the V33 series, have a narrow sound-stage, which is a common trait among these entry-level IEMs and earphones. So no surprise here.

Overall it’s a tough choice. The V33 series have a better design and build to me. But the AS10 is a great performer for the price as well. But comparing it with the V33 it has a bit higher price tag. And when you take the V33’s tonality performance and cohesiveness, I can recommend it versus the AS10 since it also has a better build quality.


Shozy always offer great value with their products and this “vinyl” V33 series once again proves that point. These earphones have a very nice and elegant design, good build quality and a very comfortable fit. They also have a heart-warming sound with that vinyl touch in their presentation.

With its 49$ price, the V33 is an excellent earphone with a very coherent, slightly warm and organic presentation. Also, it has the same aluminum parts with the Pro model in the cable. The y-split, the neck slider and the 3.5mm jack are exactly the same with the V33 Pro. The only addition with the Pro is the SPC cable, which I don’t think matches very well with the presentation.

So I decide to put the Standard V33 to our Best Universal IEMs List. Congratulations  to Shozy. Once again they have a very good earphone to offer here with a nice price tag.

Once again, I wish you a healthy and joyful 2020!

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