TinHifi TWS2000 Review

TinHifi TWS2000

Today we look at the TinHifi TWS2000 IEM, which is selling for $79 USD.




Disclaimer: TinHifi kindly sent us the TWS2000 for this review, free of charge. I only covered the customs fees. All thoughts and experiences with the product are naturally my own. You can find out all about it here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tinhifi-t2000-dual-dynamic-hi-fi-wireless-wired

TinHifi quickly became a great budget option among Chi-Fi alternatives. Their T2 model blindsided the industry with a ridiculous price-point, 49 USD. After its success, TinHifi continued improving it, releasing T3 & T4. There are also plus versions of these, too. Now, they welcome us with the TWS2000 earphones which were first called the T2000. I first came in contact with it via their Indiegogo campaign. The campaign, at the time of this writing, has gathered a rather impressive 24,000 USD. The TWS2000 is an interesting earphone that can work both wired and wireless. It has bunch of features that we are going to take a look at. Let’s see how good it is, let’s dive in.

TinHifi TWS2000

TinHifi TWS2000

Specifications & Highlights

8mm & 9mm Nitinol Diaphragm Dynamic Drivers (5hz-18khz)

Fast Charging Support

650 mAh Battery

Realtek Low Latency BL 5.0 Chipset (SBC & AAC only)

16+21 Ohms

3-4 Hours of Playtime

6 UV Sterilization lights at 0.5w each

TinHifi TWS2000

TinHifi TWS2000

Packaging & Accessories

TinHifi provided a simple, plain grey package. There is no information or any specifications on the box itself. As for the accessories, you get:

  • 4 pairs of silicone tips,
  • a short usb-c cable,
  • a 4-core OCC audio cable,
  • a charging cable,
  • a charging case with UV-light,
  • a cable organizer
TinHifi TWS2000

TinHifi TWS2000

Design & Fit

Before starting off, the Indiegogo campaign page says that the shape of the TinHifi TWS2000 was based on many ear molds to make sure every curve perfectly matches with the contours of the ear. I, for example, did not feel any discomfort during my time with it. Though be careful if your ear concha area is small as the TWS2000 definitely isn’t a small earphone. It does not disappear like some of the orher TWS IEMs do. While you certainly feel these protruding earphones in your ears, they stay firmly in your ears though, and without discomfort. Some people may need some tip-rolling to get the best fit out of these.

As for the design, each side has an MMCX socket and a button on the face plate. It is designed with wired & wireless practicality in mind. The smooth, black paint finish feels good in hand. The glossy ring design on the face plates looks good too. Moving on to the case, let me start with a complaint. The hinges on my unit seems to be a little loose. I don’t know if this is the case (no pun intended) with all units or if it’s just on mine, but I have to share this. The general quality of the case is good for the price. The case compared to other TWS IEMs is big, but you are storing the cable and UV sterilization system in here.

TinHifi TWS2000

TinHifi TWS2000

The translucent plastic around the center lets you know about whether the UV lights are on or off and that looks really cool. The case has 2 buttons on it, one for the UV system, the other for checking the battery.  The case also has 5 LEDs on the top side, informing you about the UV system and battery status.

The magnets of the case work great and the removable cable organizer is a great addition to the bundle. We will talk more about the UV and battery system later.

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  • Reply September 4, 2020


    I think your review is pretty spot-on, but this set definitely opens up after 100 hours or so. You should test it out, and see what you think. I am really impressed, especially for the money. Much more balanced sound than a lot of lower-cost IEMs. The sound sig on mine definitely changed for the better once they were more broken in.

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