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TinHifi TWS2000

Connection & Stability




The TinHifi TWS2000 features Bluetooth 5.0 and comes with a Realtek RTL8763BFP chipset that I am not really familiar with. At first I was skeptical about this but upon testing, I didn’t experience any audio drop-outs or connection instabilities. They even work through a couple walls. However, there is a minor delay on the Android YouTube app, as well as with some games. Nothing major though. As for the codec selection, the TWS2000 only supports SBC & AAC. I would want to see AptX HD or a similar high-quality codec for this pair but I believe they wanted to use the cost-efficient route to reach more customers and that is understandable. 

TinHifi TWS2000

TinHifi TWS2000

Functionality & Features

Let’s start with battery life. During my testing the earbuds lasted around 3.5 hours using the SBC codec via bluetooth 5.0. It’s not that great but ok. The battery case’s 650mAh battery holds around 3 extra charges despite the big form-factor so you’re only good for around 12-13 hours in total. There are many earphones in the market that can easily double this. One upside of the battery case is its ability to fast-charge. I can charge the IEMs in under 30 minutes using a 25w charger that came bundled with my phone.

The TWS2000 comes with some kind of UV light sterilization system. The case has 6 UV lights which operate at 0.5w each. Note that this is not a strong light density and it cannot kill viruses like COVID19. It could eliminate some bacteria, at best. It is a welcome addition but I would much prefer a bigger battery instead of this feature.

Moving on to the microphone quality. During my testing I found out that much like other TWS in-ears, the quality depends on the surrounding. If you’re in a crowded place, there is really no way to communicate with these. If you’re in a silent environment, the TWS2000’s microphone offers a sub-par performance. You also have the ability to accept & refuse calls, skip songs and summon the  assistant via the button on each face plate. The TWS2000 features the Nitinol diaphragm dynamic drivers. According to the Indiegogo page, the Nitinol diaphragm is a custom innovation that combines nickel and titanium to create the ultra-fast membrane response necessary for a clear and translucent sound. We’ll talk about sound in the next chapter. For now, let’s talk about the ability to use TWS2000 wired.

TinHifi TWS2000

TinHifi TWS2000

It’s not the first IEM you can use both wired and wireless. The TWS2000 housing has a MMCX socket for wired use. You can use any MMCX cable with the TWS2000 and manipulate the sound signature using cables or simply continue listening when you’re out of battery. I think that’s a genuinely good addition to any TWS design. The case also has a compartment where you can store slim MMCX cables. That compartment works as an organizer and can be removed individually. According to the Indiegogo page, the cable the TWS2000 is bundled with, is a 4-core OCC copper one. Ergonomically it is a very flexible cable and it feels great in hand. The sockets seem stiff and nicely built.

The color scheme suits the TWS2000. Please note that this pair does not feature any kind of water or dust resistance. If you ask me, I’m willing to trade this feature with the ability to use wired cables, any day. 

Sound Signature & More

The TinHifi TWS2000 has a not-so-common sound signature. It is on the bright side of the spectrum and it has overly energetic treble and sharp upper mids.

I had to decrease the volume by a good amount in order to control the treble. Because of this signature, it is a quite revealing earphone. The clarity and resolution is good for the price. The bass region however, is little overwhelmed by the treble and the upper mids.

TinHifi TWS2000

TinHifi TWS2000

The TWS2000 has a medium sized sound stage which is good for the asking price. The depth is not as good as the width. However, the layering and positioning could be better. There is no balance between the frequency regions and this hurts coherency by a good amount. The note thickness is not so great either and many of the instruments, especially brasses and woodwinds, sound thinner. The extension of the treble and clarity of the upper regions are good but may be on the harsher side if you’re sensitive to sibilance.

All-in-all you get a very trebly presentation and that sometimes can be fun I guess. If you’re someone who wants to hear things the way the artist meant it to be heard, there are other alternatives for you.

Wired Performance

Going wired certainly helps with a few things. First of all, the spark and bite of the treble softens a bit. Phew! The positioning and layering becomes a bit more definitive and that provides you with a more clear imaging compared to before. The balance is better and bass becomes much more prominent than before. Clarity is still great and the detail retrieval is really good for the price. I advise you to do your critical listening with the cable attached.

Last Words

It may be the perfect earphone for the treble-heads out there. For all the rest of you, the TWS2000 may sound a little sharper than what you’e used to. The design of TinHifi TWS2000 is certainly very interesting. The ability to use it both wireless and wired is amazing. The battery life is not so great but you get some degree of UV sterilization instead.

I believe that we in the future will see a more refined version of this IEM. These ideas are all great but the execution in this first model, did not exactly satisfy me. Sorry!

4.5/5 - (74 votes)


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  • Reply September 4, 2020


    I think your review is pretty spot-on, but this set definitely opens up after 100 hours or so. You should test it out, and see what you think. I am really impressed, especially for the money. Much more balanced sound than a lot of lower-cost IEMs. The sound sig on mine definitely changed for the better once they were more broken in.

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