Ultrasone Edition 8

High end and portability doesn’t usually go together, but Ultrasone has made it happen with the Edition 8.

I’ve always associated high end with big oversized set ups that include masive amplifiers with separate power supplies. Multiple box source set ups. Thick interconnect cables with power conditioning system, and so on. You get the picture. Thus I was really surprised when I found that Ultrasone’s Edition 8 comes with a short 4′ long, 1/8″ terminated cable. Granted, it’s a dual entry cable that retains separate lines all the way to the termination, but still, the cable strongly hints that the Edition 8 is to be directly plugged to an Ipod.


I’ve also convinced myself that a high end headphone has to have a massive housing. The Sennheiser HD800, Sony R10, AKG K1000, Audio-Technica L3000 and numerous other high end headphones come in big sizes. When I finally have the Edition 8 in my hand, I had doubts about its performance. Not only is the Edition 8 fairly small when compared to other high end headphones, it also employs a closed housing design. From experience, we know that open design and large housing and driver size have a natural advantage for better sound quality. While some high end headphones like the R10 and the L3000 are closed design, they still have the advantage of a very large housing size. Grado’s HP1000 is another fine headphone, and though it’s actually smaller than the Edition 8 in housing size, it has an open design. The Edition 8 seems to break all the rules of high end headphone.


Build quality on the Edition 8 is top notch, utilizing all the best materials. I specially love the leather pads that create a superb isolation from outside noise. Finally you can have a high end headphone listening experience inside an aeroplane, and without the aid of active noise cancellation. Though grip is a little on the strong side, I don’t really find it objectionable, due to the superb leather pads. While the build and the accessories all strongly states “high end”, the final verdict would be in the sound quality.


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  • Reply February 11, 2010


    nice on the spot!!

    i agree that ultrasone needed more head time than other cans ive ever heard,, ultrasone is not the type of cans that you will fall in love at the first sight (listen)… 😀

    i hope that you give the ultrasone some time to burn in,, because in my experience,, ultrasone need at least 300hrs or so to sound good 😀

  • Reply February 12, 2010


    i also agree on this one..
    usually people try my pl750 for a few seconds and just put it down without any comment..
    if they do comment, the usual one is “nothing special”..
    you need to hear more n more to praise its quality..
    n you need very lengthy burn-in time ,a few hundred hours approximately 😉

  • Reply March 1, 2010


    great review man! i have the 8 with “The Predator” that i take everywhere… plugged to my X200 via USB/DAC .. or iPhone lineout… my portable sound system…

    i love listening everywhere with all kinds of music thrown @ it…

    Once again… awesome review… true to the 8..

  • Reply May 14, 2010


    I hope this Edition 8 are manufacture in the EU specially germany

    I would hate to pay that kind of money for something made in CHINA!

    • Reply May 14, 2010


      Interesting. I do wonder, where is the Edition 8 manufactured?

      • Reply July 4, 2010


        Edition 8 is hand made in Germany they mentioned it on their website.

        Also i think most or all of Ultrasone items are made in Taiwan hehe they specifically put that on their cans, at least i got the label on my Pro 750 and 900. To distiguish it self from Mainland China which are labelled "MADE IN CHINA" and different to "MADE IN TAIWAN" 😛

        • Reply July 5, 2010


          Thanks John for the information. 🙂

  • Reply April 28, 2011


    is this a good match for hifiman hm-801 or better with beyerdynamic t5p?

    • Reply April 28, 2011


      Should be good with the HM-801. Havent heard the T5p, but impressons hasnt been favorable.

  • Reply February 29, 2012

    Aaron Tan

    Hi Mike,

    Pretty old article but still a great read. Anyway, was wondering what you would recommend as a portable amp for the Ed8? Cheers.

  • Reply February 29, 2012

    Edward Cheung

    Have these and agree on the comment about these headphones creating good soundstage and ability to work with most genres. Now just need to get a good portable amp to really get them to shine!

  • Reply March 2, 2012


    Just wondering how if it compared to W3000ANV then. hehehe…
    Both closed, and tag at “premium” $1500 and $1200.

    Btw, how’s the performance of Edition 8 if paired with The Continental?

    • Reply March 2, 2012


      The Edition 8 is fast paced with very impactful bass. It’s a strong, toe-tapping headphone, with the usual V-shaped signature of the Ultrasones. 

      The W3000ANV, I’ve never listened to it, but based on the usual closed Audio Technica ful size signature, it should be a more relaxed headphone with a more spacious feel.

      Sorry never tried the Edition 8 with the Continental. 

  • Reply March 7, 2012

    Rudolfs Verdins

    Greetings, Mike!
    I wonder whether you have tried Edition 8 with Tera Player?
    I’ll have my chance, I just cannot wait…

    • Reply March 8, 2012


      Hi Rudolfs,
      Sorry but I don’t have the Edition 8 around at the moment. 🙁

      • Reply March 9, 2012

        Rudolfs Verdins

        Oh, I’m sorry – I red your review only recently, and I did not pay atention to the year when it was done.
        Just to say that I am using the Edition 8 Ltd # 545 as my main headphones for the second month now, and I am quite impressed. I use them mainly with Sansa Fuse, but I’m afraid this DAP does not do them justice, therefore I opted for Tera Player (according to the latest message from Charles, he is currently making it for me).

        • Reply March 9, 2012


          Alright, Rudolfs. Looking forward to hearing your impression with it.

        • Reply March 9, 2012


          By the way I deleted some of the comments you made on the other article since they were not in English. Nothing against foreign language, but I just feel that most people would benefit from comments posted in English. Hope you understand 😉

          • Reply March 12, 2012

            Rudolfs Verdins

            A compatriot wrote to me in Latvian, so I replied. No problem whatsoever (apart from the inevitable side effect of making me less willing to contribute to your site – but I have no doubts that you are  experienced enough to have anticipated that ;-).

  • Reply December 7, 2012



    Mike how do these compare to the beyerdynamic T5p, better, on the same level or just a different type of sound?

    I want a high end portable can that works well with modern music, remastered classic rock and pairs well with the HM801.

    • Reply January 30, 2013

      Rudolfs Verdins

      Can only comment in the context of Tera Player as source.
      Ed 8 and T5P both are keepers. Ed 8 is very good with [relatively] modern music, exceptionally good with classic rock, and good with remastered classic rock.
      However,T5P beats Ed 8 for classical and jazz.
      All in all Ed 8 sees more use – it is effortlessly involving, just fun, while T5P is more demanding, and can even be fatiguing at times.

      • Reply January 31, 2013


        Thanks Rudolfs for sharing.

  • Reply September 9, 2017



    First at all thank you very much for all your very interesting reviews.
    Do you think the Mojo is a good match with my Ultrasone Edition 8 ?
    If not, do you have a another suggestion ? I use a Galaxy S7.
    Best regards.

  • Reply March 31, 2019


    Ultrasone Edition 8 Ruthenium incorporates stunning attention to detail in every aspect of headphone design, the outer ear cups are covered in Ruthenium. This precious metal is known for its brilliant metallic sheen and durable properties. The outer ear cups are emblazoned with a decorative clasp of noble metal.The interior ear cups of Edition 8 Ruthenium headphones and the headband are covered in very soft genuine black Ethiopian sheepskin leather. This is the finest leather available and provides the finest isolation of any leather.The metal headband of Edition 8 typifies latest scientific knowledge in headband design and development. This unique progression of headband design made by Ultrasone is highly developed and technical precision work; specifically engineered for the Edition 8 series. The headband is also covered with the very soft genuine black Ethiopian sheepskin leather.The Ultrasone Edition 8 are the best headphones I’ve ever used with my iPod and iPad. When I first got these through B&H Photo Video, I couldn’t get them off my head. I listened for hours and hours every day, enjoying my music and movies more than ever.The Ultrasone Edition 8 sound absolutely fantastic, and they can play loudly directly from an iPod or iPad without using any amplifiers. They isolate from surrounding noise, and don’t leak sound to disturb others.

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