SPL Phonitor, Auditor, and Lavry DA11 Unboxing


The good folks at Chandracom, the Indonesian distributor for SPL and Lavry, sent us a few packages today, fresh stuff from the factory, including the Black version of the popular SPL Phonitor. While we are working hard to write a review of these fine machines, along with a ton other headphones that’s waiting to be reviewed, for now we’ll just share some photographs.


From top to bottom: Lavry DA11, SPL Auditor, SPL Phonitor.


The Lavry peeking from inside the box.


Let’s hope this one stays here permanently. I hooked up the Lavry to the MacPro today, using the optical toslink, and sending the balanced analog signal out to the Grace. The combination with the Edition8 that I’m doing a review on, is superb. The Lavry’s DAC is more transparent and has better imaging than the Grace’s. But then the amplifier section of the Grace is richer and more musical sounding. The two boxes retail for $3000, and with the Edition8, that’s a $4,500 system. The sound is awesome, of course.


The Lavry DA11 takes XLR, optical, RCA, and USB digital input. I’ve only tested the optical today. Analog signal out is only via XLR connection. A space saving design? Or designed purely for professional applications?


These XLR to RCA adaptors were included with the Lavry so the non-professional crowd won’t get left out.


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