Wayback Wednesday: How to make a Headphone cable

Disclaimer: This article about how to make a headphone cable is part of the Wayback Wednesday series.  Check out the other Wayback Wednesday articles HERE

Headphone cables. We all need them, we all want them to sound good AND they of course have to  look great. I myself use a lot of after market cables from boutique cables shops such as PlusSound, Effect Audio and Charleston, not only because they are extremely good sounding and look great but also because I have two very left hands and I would set the house on fire in seconds.

If you’re however gifted with a normal left and right hand and know how to handle a soldering iron, then you – in case you don’t have a cable budget, don’t really believe in cables or you feel like being creative – can make your own cables for very little money. Back in 2013 already (wow time sure does fly!) one of my writers wrote an elaborate article on how to make your own headphone cables. If you love getting your hands dirty and want to save some money but you don’t really know where to start, then this cable building guide is exactly what you need to get you started. This actually might be one of the only articles on the site that actually makes you save money in stead of spending it.



What gear is needed (wire  & solder)?

How does sleeving work?

What cable type should I use?

What connectors do I really need?

How can I braid cables like a pro?



All this and much more in a step by step guide, just one click away. Oh and do show us your finished cables in the comments.

Good luck!



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