What is the best IEM / Inear?

Before going to the new poll, let’s quickly discuss the winner of last week’s poll on “The best headphone“.

The results are are in, and the winner is the Sennheiser HD800(S) which received 18.66% of the votes. You can find out all about the HD 800 S here:

Review: Sennheiser HD800S – The New Kid In town

The top 3 answers at this time are:


This week we’re trying to find out what your all-time best IEM is, no matter the price. Make sure to first check the list, to see if your (new) choice isn’t there already. There’s no need to add the same IEM 3 times.


What is your all-time favourite IEM / Inear

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  • Reply October 17, 2020


    LCD-4 ( Audeze ) .. everything about it is hard to beat .. an unmistakable likable sound signature.

  • Reply October 18, 2020


    Hello, I am not sure what you’re trying to find out here. The results will be heavily skewed towards popular headphones, as no one can rate a headphone they never heard. Also, by “best”, assume you mean “personal favorite”? Cheers.

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