Ibasso IT00 Review

Disclaimer: The iBasso IT00 was sent to us free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion by iBasso. The retail price is $69 USD.

About iBasso

Well-known by audiophiles, iBasso is a Chinese brand of DAPs, amplifiers, and more recently IEMs. Like FiiO or Shanling, the brand offers some of the best DAP on the market, and, at the moment, I still praise all the work they did for the DX160.

After the DX220, DX160, and IT01S, which we previously reviewed, it’s time to take a look at their new IT00, their new entry-level IEM.

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The IT0X Series

Nowadays, iBasso produces four IEMs (including the IT00) . Here is a quick tour :


The iBasso IT01S is a dynamic driver IEM embedding one DLC (Diamond-like coating) driver, for better performances. Electroplated shell, removable nozzle for sound-tuning, and, of course, a 10mm DLC Coating, Carbon Nanotube diaphragm, for your audio pleasure.

Here is an excerpt of the full review:

“The iBasso IT01S are a great IEM. The design is suberb, the comfort is top-notch and the overall signature should suit every genre. Dynamics are outstanding and the DiNaTT Driver outperforms the direct competition in this regard, making them one of the most natural-sounding models of the moment.”


The iBasso IT03 was the first IEM from the brand. A hybrid model with two balanced drivers, matched to one dynamic driver, all embedded in a cool semi-custom shell.

It’s a hybrid model with one dynamic driver and two balanced drivers, all arranged with a 3-way crossover. The shell is made of acrylic and adopts the popular CIEM fit to ensure the best comfort for the user. We for some reason never officially reviewed it on Headfonia but I do own a pair and for the asking price, it’s pretty good.


The iBasso IT04 is the flagship model of the brand, with all the bells and whistles: triple balanced armature drivers + one dynamic driver.

iBasso IT04

iBasso IT04

Here is an excerpt of the full review by Berkhan:

“And moreover, it achieves to be the best IEM I’ve experienced for 500$. What does it mean? It means that it dethrones the Noble Savanna and takes its place in our recommendations. It fits better, sounds more versatile, and all around, and it has better bass. So replacing the Savanna with the IT04 is a no brainer for me”


The iBasso AM05 is special in the brand’s catalog. First of all, it did not carry the ITXX prefix, replaced by a new AMXX one. And, more importantly, it’s a fully balanced IEM, where all the other models are dynamic or hybrid ones.

And so, you get five Knowles drivers with a four-way crossover, all packed in a new translucent acrylic shell, marked with the model title: “All music”.

No review yet, but maybe one to come later, who knows? 


And now, iBasso is adding a new model to their line-up: the IT00. Smaller, cheaper but allegedly as good as the other IEMs of the brand.

ibasso it00 headfonia

But as usual, price isn’t always a good indicator for chi-fi, and we are glad to have them for review today. So let’s get to it.

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